She Sold Her Birthday To A Brand?? | Take The #Last10Posts Challenge

2014 October 22

3 Reasons I took an introspective look around this blogging space I call my GoodNCrazy home.


Hey blogger I dare you to take the #last10posts challenge. Would YOU sell your Birthday?

  1. Last month I attended a blogging conference in Atlanta called TypeA Parent Conference.
  2. Recently 2 articles were published specifically ranting about or affecting bloggers.
  3. My new gig working with Acorn Influence—an awesome new Blogger Network!


These 3 things might not seem like an earth shattering triple threat.
But combined they caused a landslide of internal examination.

What am I currently doing as a blogger?

What am I trying to accomplish?

Why do I write?

Can I even remember the answers to those questions anymore? (Can YOU?)

I took a microscope to the last 10 posts I’d written at that point.
And while I was impressed with the creative ways I was able to weave a story around a brand, an app, a product and even an experience… I was UNimpressed with the lack of ME in those 10 posts.


My Take-Aways from TypeA Parent Conference:

While at #TypeACon one of the ongoing themes I kept hearing over and over was as bloggers we need to realize our worth. Meaning we need to demand appropriate compensation and act like the professionals we say we are.

But there was a second theme I heard LOUDER and CLEARER and it went something like this: … make sure YOU are really WRITING.

If 8 (or more?) of the last 10 posts on your site are sponsored or brand involved; be it testing a free product or sharing a comped ‘experience’ then you are diluting your voice to the point where there is no ‘you’ left anymore. My last 10 posts screamed blogger for hire. I would so much rather my posts scream WRITER, with small chance of quality sponsored content for hire.

Where’s the real YOU? (Where’s the real me… I wondered?)


The Brave New Blogging World…

An article ripping bloggers into commercialized, sold-out shreds went viral in my circles about the same week I returned from TypeA. It was a wakeup call to bloggers everywhere. And I REALLY HATED IT. Partly because I could see myself in every sentence. And I didn’t like what I saw.

But I also hated it because it generalized and belittled bloggers (female bloggers especially) and I hated it because so many people I know well, nodded their heads and AGREED with it.

Oh yes, they said. “I know bloggers just like that.”

And… “THOSE bloggers should know better.”

“THOSE bloggers just don’t get it.”

Well guess what?
Look through the comments on that article.
The people commenting: ARE THOSE BLOGGERS. Because we all need to take a look at the last 10 posts on our own sites. When did you last write a blog post for yourself?

When did you JUST WRITE?

A second article I read on the same day wasn’t tearing down bloggers so much as it was a different kind of wake up call. Warning both brands and bloggers alike that we’re all in a brave new world of disclosure and FCC rules and we need to have a transparent attitude when it comes to brand involvement.

Once again, it made me think about what I’m doing not just in my writing here on my GoodNCrazy home turf, but in my social media shares as well.

Because that Dunkin Donuts media event last month?
Yeah. FREE HOT COCOA. In case it wasn’t clear
. is the New Blogger Network on the Block

Take a quick look at this video Acorn recently created (I might have a couple bloggy cameos…)


Acorn – An Influence Company

I routinely comb through new-to-me blogs searching for the specific type of storytelling partners we want to include in sponsored posts on our paid campaigns.

And guess what folks?
There are a lot of bloggers out there who are selling Every. Single. Blog post.

One even sold her Birthday!

We need to start ‘paying ourselves first’ as I heard one TypeACon speaker say.


 I Dare You to Take the ‘#Last10Posts’ Challenge.

mouse and keyboard

How many of your last 10 posts are sponsored in any way including:
free product, free experience(s) or paid content?

If that number is more than 5 or 8 or even ALL 10…

YOU are worth more.

Write more often for you and less –yet BETTER sponsored content.
I’m definitely NOT suggesting we stop trying to make money on our blogs.Oh NO. We DESERVE to get paid.
But we deserve to pay ourselves in good writing even more.

I know for myself thinking this way has meant increasing my personal website’s pageviews and even better, increasing the interaction with the people I most want to connect with, JUST SINCE RETURNING from TypeA!
I am committed to accepting only one sponsored post per week.
So that post better be worth it, eh?!

I’d like to be able to say I see myself as a valuable writer.
So valuable I wouldn’t sell my Birthday Post to a brand.
Let’s all try to be storytellers first. Brand Ambassadors second.

This past week I had an email ‘take a look at your last 10 posts’ conversation with my bloggy friend Kelly of And apparently she was inspired to write this post: Rainy with a chance of Flowers.


Here’s what Kelly had to say:

“I have been thinking long and hard about an email that I received. In it it asked a simple question:

“Are you still WRITING?”

Has my voice become diluted trying to satisfy work commitments over the reason I started blogging in the first place- to have a place to tell a story? I searched through my archives and noticed that I haven’t really written for me lately. Let me clarify- I have written recipe posts and told tales here and there of travels, but the last time I let the muse out was in May. I wrote a quick post wishing all a Happy Mother’s Day. That was MAY.”

That word diluted is really bothering me too.
Is it bothering you?

Please share what you do with the #Last10Posts Challenge!


A Western Carolina Weekend | Band, Grandparents & Clingmans Dome!

2014 October 20

How was YOUR weekend? Ours was packed!

And it’s just the beginning of Marching Band Season.
nafo marching band competition at Western Carolina "A Hero Among Us"

This weekend was the Western Carolina University “Tournament of Champions”.
And we invited the grandparents to join us for a GoodNCrazy weekend in the Great Smokey Mountains.

goodncrazy carissa rogers with parents

Please take a close look at my Dad’s hat… it was my birthday gift to him.
(Hint: My mom’s name is Virginia… come ON! That’s FUNNY!)

I’m pleased to report the NAFO Marching Band out of Fort Mill, SC claimed 2nd Place overall out of 23 bands. It was a long day —both sunny and hot during the day and DANG cold by the end of the night!

nafo marching band competition at Western Carolina "A Hero Among Us"

This year’s theme is based on ‘Superman’ —called “A Hero Among Us”.
The shield on their uniforms and red capes give it away.


nafo marching band competition at Western Carolina "A Hero Among Us"

My kid plays the clarinet. Good luck finding her!!


nafo marching band competition at Western Carolina "A Hero Among Us"

In this photo (just before their show starts) she is the 3rd one back on the 30 yard line. And that’s it. I can’t find her once the show starts and they put on their Shakos (weird hats). The kids are all wearing suit coats over their uniforms… dressed as Clark Kent at first. It’s such a fabulously entertaining show this year!

Clingmans Dome on the North Carolina/Tennessee Border

We opted to stay an extra day over in the extreme Western part of NC and drove over into the Great Smokey Mountains national park to see Clingmans Dome. The vistas while driving up to the Dome were insanely amazing. Trust me. DON’T be the driver… cuz you’ll want to see all THAT BLUENESS and not focus on the road.

goodncrazy photography carissa rogers at Clingmans Dome Great Smokey Mountains Appalachian mountains on NC/TENN border western carolina

It’s like a water color painting. And harder to photograph than you would think?

goodncrazy kids at Clingmans Dome Great Smokey Mountains Appalachian mountains on NC/TENN border western carolinaThe blue ‘smokey’ mist is really hard to describe. These 2 photos are taken from the parking lot of Clingmans Dome.

There is a man-made lookout structure about a half mile of a STEEP hike after the parking lot. But it was COLD up there! And windy in mid-October.

They said about 50 mph at the top.

Yeah. We chickened out.

We’ll go next year in the summer time!

But the blue skies were heavenly in a literal sense.

This high up (about 6,600 feet) only evergreens were around. But the drive to the top was perfect timing for fall color. Not as vivid of colors as Oregon but gorgeous all the same. goodncrazy photography carissa rogers at Clingmans Dome Great Smokey Mountains Appalachian mountains on NC/TENN border western carolinaThe drive and parking lot were free.

But parking was kind of tight. There are parking spaces as you first drive in on the left facing back down the mountain. I suggest flipping around quick and parking there and don’t try to go into the parking lot at all!



There are 10-15 pull out spots along the route and this was one of my favorite ones in the below images. Framed by the trees and capturing a sunburst along with the blue blue blue skies. Now I know why they call them The Smokey Mountains… The mist in the far off mountain peaks is hard to capture in a camera. Trust me. WORTH seeing with your eyeballs.


goodncrazy photography carissa rogers at Clingmans Dome Great Smokey Mountains Appalachian mountains on NC/TENN border western carolina


goodncrazy photography carissa rogers at Clingmans Dome Great Smokey Mountains Appalachian mountains on NC/TENN border western carolina


goodncrazy photography carissa rogers at Clingmans Dome Great Smokey Mountains Appalachian mountains on NC/TENN border western carolina

#OscarOctober Report

Poor Oscar was feeling so left out. He stayed home with his foster family (the ones who cared for him before he became our GoodNCrazy dog). My parents seemed to fall in love with him as much as we have.

#OctoberOscar goodncrazy dog carissa rogers

He’s coming along with the housetraining. About 90% there.
He’s playful and still naps a lot. And he’s learning new things every day.
He’s so happy when anyone comes home. And so far not a barky puppy.

Taming Manual Mode In Your DSLR Camera

2014 October 13

Are you ready to take the Manual Mode Holy Grail leap of faith when it comes to DSLR Cameras?

About a year ago a giant lightbulb went off in my brain and shooting in Manual mode with my Nikon D5000 SLR finally made sense. I owned my camera for more than 4 years at that point. I’m not sure how to explain my camera epiphany, but here’s how it worked for me over the years.

DSLR learn to shoot in manual mode tips goodncrazy.comTIP: Start out in Semi-Manual Mode ‘A’ for Aperture Priority


Definitely start shooting in ‘A’ for aperture priority for a while—which mainly means YOU are adjusting the opening of the lens or how much light gets in—while the camera’s brain adjusts the shutter speed for you; it will attempt to create the best lighting situation.

Try this.

While in A, open the lens as much as possible. On my camera that means the little circle is all the way yellow, scrolling my wheel adjuster to the left. And depending on your lens the F-Stop number will be at its lowest point… around 3 or 4 probably in a kit lens. F-Stop number is the Aperture .

NOTE: Aperture will stay the same unless YOU change it while in A Priority.

Now close your flash if open, and force the lighting to be controlled only by these 2 things—

APERTURE: lens opening—you control


SHUTTER SPEED: how fast the snap of the lens opens and closes—the camera will control

Set your camera to “wide open” Aperture between 3 or 4 on a kit lens. Lower on other lenses. Then move around your shooting area… point the camera at a corner with low light, directly at a window with shaded light and straight into a bright area. Notice what the OTHER number does when you move the camera around the room or area? The other number is the Shutter Speed.

Shutter Speed is Written in a Pesky Fraction

Indoors my camera will change shutter speed in a dim corner from 1/5 (a fifth of second) to 1/400 (400th of a second) over near a window.

Because… MATH.

You have to wrap your head around the fact that 1/5 is a LONG time for the shutter to be open. A 5th of a second is a LONG time in shutter speed land—therefore a LOT of light coming in. Where 400th or even 1600th of a second is a much SHORTER time in shutter speed—and much less light.

what does aperture and shutter speed look like on a manual slr camera


At some point just memorize (and experiment until you grasp what your camera is doing) that turning the dial all the way to the left (on my Nikon—the thumb wheel) is opening the lens-aperture all the way. Then if I point my camera into a bright area… the camera brain will adjust the shutter speed to be really short in order to get a ‘natural’ looking image despite the bright light. OR if I now point towards a dark indoor corner it will attempt to lengthen the time the shutter is open in order to have enough light for a decent photo.

But sometimes that LONG shutter time is too long for you to hold the camera still. I cannot shoot a good picture without a lot of blur at anything longer than 1/10. That means a 10th of a second. If I see the denominator (bottom) fraction number go lower than a 10: like 1/5 or ½ or even 1” that means a 5th or half or a full second of exposure. You need a tripod at that point and who has time… ?

your 2 year old just walked away!

Spending time experimenting in Aperture Priority for a while is the best tip I got years ago. And it took YEARS before the ‘Manual’ lightbulb went off for me. So don’t stress if it takes time to make the switch to fully manual.

And remember if I’m in a hurry to get a shot I switch all the way back to Auto (HORROR!).
But getting the shot is totally worth it when I know I can tweak it in Lightroom later!

If I haven’t lost you yet… I’ll try to explain my Aha Manual SLR Moment.

how to take photos in manual mode dinosaur window back lighting reflection on table manual tips for SLR camera goodncrazy-2

If I had left this in A-mode the camera would have adjusted the shutter speed to brighten the dinosaur but washed out the light from the window. I LOVED the reflection on the table next to the sillouette of the dino bones!


When shooting in ‘A’ mode you have control over how big the lens opening is. But you are happily letting the camera decide how fast to snap open and close the lens. I found that I liked images that were shot around the F-Stop 2.5 range with my 50mm lens. But sometimes I wanted just a little bit longer exposure giving me extra light for fun photos facing straight into windows for example.

I needed to take control of BOTH the Aperture and the Shutter Speed for the photo above.

So I moved to M for Manual and Ignored Everything except the Two Numbers we’ve been Talking About:

Aperture or F-Stop & Shutter Speed
I basically set my aperture as low as my lens will allow or somewhere in the 2.5-3.5 range. And then the only thing I adjust is the shutter speed. If I am outside and it is brighter then I move the fraction number (shutter) over to the right using my thumb wheel (faster speed=less light). If I am in a darker area I inch the fraction number back to the left (slower speed=more light). And take a bunch of photos at the same Aperture, testing the lighting by adjusting just the shutter speed.

If I STILL don’t get the lighting the way I want (and later afternoons are easier to test this out btw) then I move the Aperture or F-Stop (the yellow eyeball on my screen) up or down a few clicks and test more shots by varying just the shutter speed.


Maybe it’s really bright outside: I would set the F-Stop around more like 5 or 6 and leave it there for a minute. ONLY adjusting the fraction number (shutter) again to the right to decrease the exposure and to the left to increase exposure by allowing the shutter to stay open or closed a ‘fraction’ of a second longer. Move the F-Stop (aperture) more or less open and keep testing the shutter speed until you LOVE the lighting of your shot!

If it’s darker or shady outside: I bring the F-Stop down under 3 or as low as my lens will go (wide open) and adjust the shutter speed to a slower fraction. But not lower than 1/10th. If I can’t get the shot with that speed I probably need to reframe and try again. Or see what auto does and move on.

NOTE: In Manual mode on my NIKON I have to press a button at the same time while moving the thumb wheel to adjust the aperture. You will need to look up how to adjust aperture on your camera while in manual mode.

SHAZAAM! All of a Sudden My Outdoor Images were POPPING.

using your camera's manual settings people watching 5K race

While waiting for the cross country race to begin I played around with the lighting and the depth of field (low F-Stop gives more blur and bokeh in the background). Look at how the orange pops and the flashes of light on the people and the divider sparkle in Manual mode.


Almost no post editing was needed. I even switched over to ONLY shooting in Camera Raw to give my editing software even more control over the colors and lighting. I suggest you try out Lightroom if you are thinking about camera raw though, because the files are hard to deal with otherwise.

Shooting in manual mode became fun instead of a messy challenge that got me nowhere but frustrated. Indoors still gives me the most grief when trying to shoot a manual mode shot. If it’s dark I know I’m not going to get that ‘pop’ of a shot. But if it’s kind of dark with a backlit area like a window behind the subject, that’s when manual mode can be a lot of fun.

Experiment with Manual Mode and let me know if the lightbulb goes off for you too!?

how to use manual mode DSLR cameraKentucky Farmhouse Light goodncrazy photography

This is one of the first set of photos I took with my new willingness to experiment in Manual Mode. The light from the windows was making anything I took in Auto impossible. But a low F-stop 2.2 and a quick shutter speed 1/500 created my new favorite shot. I call this ‘butter light’.


Solar Flare Tip for Sunbursts:

Remember the magic number of 22. F-Stop 22 is the sunburst effect number. I have no idea why. It means the lens opening is REALLY tiny. Almost as small as it will go? But if you set the aperture to 22 and point your camera into the sun (don’t hurt your eyes of course!) watch the magic happen! Now adjust the shutter speed up or down and keep taking more shots.

The shot below was actually quite dark before I boosted the exposure in Lightroom and brought the highlights way down to emphasize the points of the sunburst. I also boosted the blue color of the sky. I would love to see your sunburst photos! Share them with me on Twitter or Instagram I’m @CarissaRogers, tag me I want to see!


how to use your camera's manual settings Solar Flare over lake sunburst f-stop 22


Reduce The Slip Sliding With RugPadCorner Review

2014 October 8
Reduce The Slip Sliding With RugPadCorner Review

We have the perfect rug storm: teenagers dashing through the house, manic puppy ripping & uprooting chairs (not-to-mention flinging rugs) and that weird magnetic pull of the living room rug-on-carpet inching and bunching and sliding the rugs away from where they are meant to stay put!


Please Hold My Calls | Because… PUPPY!!

2014 October 7
Please Hold My Calls | Because... PUPPY!!

Please meet the newest GoodNCrazy family member.

His name is Oscar. Or the DogFormerlyKnown as Dexter. #OscarOctober


Grocery Mistakes | PLEASE! Why Don’t They Label The Weird Food!

2014 October 6
Grocery Mistakes | PLEASE! Why Don’t They Label The Weird Food!

You know that one time when you bring home hotdogs and realize they are fat-free!!
Just what exactly do you think are in hot dogs if there is NO FAT in them?

Don’t answer that question.


#ParentFail Raising Strong Daughters

2014 October 2
#ParentFail Raising Strong Daughters

If my daughter can’t speak up for herself in a relatively safe situation because she doesn’t feel that she can upset the authority in the room, then I have Failed as a Mother.


Before & After Using Lightroom To Ignite Your Photos

2014 September 30
Before & After Using Lightroom To Ignite Your Photos

Lightroom saves my bacon when I’m editing photos.
Especially photos I really love but DANG how did I screw them up so badly?


When You Become The Crazy Book Pushing Woman Liane Moriarty Wrote A New Book People!!

2014 September 29
When You Become The Crazy Book Pushing Woman  Liane Moriarty Wrote A New Book People!!

HELLO! Liane Moriarty has a new book out ! She WHAT?? Hold on. Stop the world for a second. Big Little Lies.


It Only Took 14 Months For My Daughters To Move With The Rest Of The Family

2014 September 25
It Only Took 14 Months For My Daughters To Move With The Rest Of The Family

And thanks to the magic and mystery of modern day social media – Snapchat!, Facetime!, iMessage! — my daughters really never left KTown. Not for months.


How I Became An Accidental Cheerleader For Diesel? Why Am I Not Driving One Already?

2014 September 24
How I Became An Accidental Cheerleader For Diesel? Why Am I Not Driving One Already?

I had WAY more Diesel questions than the poor VW folks knew what to do with. I made them promise to hook me up with a Diesel nerd. And They Did! I say that with the utmost respect of course.


Magic Broiled Or Grilled 4 Ingredient Salmon Recipe

2014 September 15
Magic Broiled Or Grilled 4 Ingredient Salmon Recipe

Are you ready for the 4 ingredients? They’re secretly divine and I’m trying to come up with other ways to use this magical flavor combination… let me know if you have ideas for me?


Book Gift Ideas For Tweens | A GoodNCrazy List

2014 September 12
Book Gift Ideas For Tweens | A GoodNCrazy List

A Holiday List of REAL Book Ideas Perfect for the crafty Tweens (and Teens) in Your Life-because Craft Books and DIY Books just plain SUCK as eBooks!

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