Magic Broiled Or Grilled 4 Ingredient Salmon Recipe

2014 September 15

I don’t cook a lot of fish…

Best Salmon Recipe Grilled or Broiled 4 ingredients!Okay…

I don’t cook fish at all.

Except This. Every once in a while I get brave and buy Salmon (usually at Costco). I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to picking out and buying fish.

I eat my seafood in RESTAURANTS.
And yes most often I order Salmon because: YUM.

This recipe is simple and as long as you get good Salmon (I’m no help there… ask the fishmonger or whatever?). Besides the salmon… there are only 4 ingredients in this dish. And so far I’ve never screwed it up.

This was the first time I tried it on the grill though and I think we need a grill basket or something because the tin foil was hard to maneuver and be sure everything cooked through. So if you have something to better grill with go for it. Otherwise stick to the broil method.

Are you ready for the 4 ingredients? They’re secretly divine and I’m trying to come up with other ways to use this magical flavor combination… let me know if you have ideas for me?

Magic 4 Ingredients:

  • Pineapple Chunks or Tidbits (fresh or canned)—drained
  • 1 Jalapeño Deseeded and Chopped Teeny Tiny—I swear, the slight ‘bite’ is what makes this meal magical
  • 2 Tablespoons Real Maple Syrup—don’t cheap out, Mrs. Butterworth isn’t interested in this recipe
  • 2 Tablespoons Grainy Mustard—the kind rich people pass through limousine windows

Rinse your Salmon Fillet, really any size works or multiple pieces as well. Look for any tiny bones and remove, if you can’t remove with your fingers use tweezers even.

Magic 4 ingredient salmon grill or broil from

  • Foil line a baking pan, square or rectangle to fit size of your fish. And place the salmon in the dish.
  • Preheat the broiler on your oven or set the grill to high.
  • If you want, sprinkle the salmon with salt and pepper at this point (but I’m still calling it a 4 ingredient dish).
  • Combine the maple syrup and the mustard in a small saucepan on medium-high. Stir until the mixture is slightly bubbly. Then pour over the fish. Sprinkle with the jalapeño and pineapple chunks.
  • Broil under the broiler for 5-7 minutes—I often cook slightly longer or even remove thinner sections of the fish and replace the thicker portions to cook longer. I hate under-done fish. EW!

If you grill the fish, find a way to flip it over (I used another piece of tinfoil) to make sure it is done all the way through.

That’s IT. I know. EASY right?
Serve over rice. Find a vegetable. AMEN.

There really is something magical about the flavor combination of Maple—Mustard—Pineapple—Jalepeno!

What should we try it on next? Baked potato? Ham Fried Rice? A Tex-Mexy Type of Salad?

Book Gift Ideas For Tweens | A GoodNCrazy List

2014 September 12

When my kids were younger… I used to have Birthday and Christmas shopping complete by the end of October.


Holiday Gift Guide Tween and Teen Book Ideas from GoodNCrazy.comI’m serious.

With 2 birthdays close to the Holidays, it nearly did me in unless I planned way in advance and STUCK to my plan!


That was all before they hit the tween and now teen stages and I can’t keep up no matter how much I plan out our pre-Holiday attack. I still make lists and I try to get as much of the chaos and crazy out of the way as early as I can. But I admit it. Amazon is my friend. I gave in and purchased Amazon Prime a couple years ago and with 2 day shipping; I never looked back.

I’m a big fan of Kindle books and bought my girls 7 Inch Tablets mainly as eReaders over the past 2 Christmases. (Great gift ideas BTW.) Don’t tell them, but once they read their digital book, I often read it as well because we share the same Kindle account. Divergence anyone?

Shhh but I AM SOOO asking Santa for a new Kindle Fire HDX for myself this year…

Now…. Digital books are great when they are novels and stories…

But Craft Books and DIY Books just plain SUCK as eBooks!

A Holiday List of REAL Book Ideas Perfect for the Tweens (and Teens) in Your Life

{Note: Amazon Links included, all are Prime Eligible = Free Shipping}



From Richela Fabian Morgan: Tape It & Make It and… Tape It & Make MORE


duct tape it and make it craft book gift idea for tweens

The main thing I like about these books (and according to Ms. Morgan’s website a third one is due out this month!) is that they are perfect for a wide range of ages and for both girls and boys. My little boy is totally into projects exactly like this. And he’s kind of excited about using some of the ideas in the book as gifts for his sisters and friends this year!

The projects are well thought out with plenty of pictures and clear instructions.

GIFT TIP: Buy a bunch of fun Duct Tape colors and designs and create a basket gift with one or more of these books. If you are giving it as a gift for a friend’s birthday you could include other craft supplies and make it a whole themed package. They even make glow in the dark tapes!

Book Prices: $10.99 and $12.10



Minecraft: Redstone Handbook and Minecraft: Essential Handbook by Scholastic

mincraft essential handbook and redstone handbook book gift ideas for tweens

Don’t tell my son but these two books will be in his stocking this year!

If you don’t have a Minecraft addicted kid, I’m guessing you know someone who is. And the thing I find the most strange about Minecraft is that the kids are equally willing to WATCH other people play the game as they are to play it themselves. How weird is that?

I know girls who are equally in love with all things Minecraft as well as boys of ages 3 and 4 on up. It’s like the great leveler. Kids of all ages can sit in the back of my mini-van and talk ‘Minecraft’ for 30 minutes and not have the game anywhere near them. They just ‘GET’ it. Someone told me Minecraft is like LEGOs for an older generation. SO TRUE.

These two handbooks I’m told (we don’t own them yet) are a great gift for the Minecraft Obsessed.

GIFT TIP: The game itself is Under $25 to purchase and load on your computer. Give both the full game and these two books to a new Minecraft Lover.

The Books Cost: $7.19 each.



A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up Gorgeous by Carmindy Bowyer (Star of What Not to Wear)

A girls guide to growing up gorgeous gift idea for tween girl

This book is for the girls in your life. It’s a perfect gift for Tweens and younger Teens. It is a positive ‘Get Pretty’ kind of book. But Carmindy spends the first few chapters encouraging girls to “Appreciate-Not Appreci-Hate the Skin You’re In” and that goes for hair, eyes, nose and body too!

I was the kid who basically never wore any make-up and I barely wear mascara now. Pretty much a new teen’s nightmare of a mom!

GIFT TIP: I would give this to a tween girl with a gift certificate to visit a local cosmetics store or beauty bar at a Mall Store. A great combo gift, then go get a milkshake together after the makeover!

Book Price: $14.40



101 Kids Activities… that are the bestest, FUNNEST EVER! By Holly Homer & Rachel Miller

101 kids activities gift book idea for tweens

I saved the best for last. Partly because I’m VERY impressed with this crafty good-for-young-kids book. It’s packed with fabulous photos and nearly 100 ideas! But also because the authors are BLOGGERS. And I know Holly from WAYYYY back when we were baby Dinosaurs in the blog-o-sphere.

Holly and Rachel now co-write the fabulous website:, if you don’t buy the book (and you should) then at least check out their website for great kid activities and ideas!

This book is a great gift for PARENTS of younger kids who want to create fun crafts and activities.
And my 10 year old boy has tested several suggestions as well. There’s a large range of fun here!

The real reason I suggest it in this list as a gift idea for Tweens and Teens is that it’s the perfect gift for the teen babysitter in your life. My 13 year old often creates a small basket-full of goodies and things to do when she sits for friends. {Including fingernail polish and hair clips as well as a few craft supplies.}

The more messy activities won’t work for a short babysitting gig, but there are a bunch of fun ideas like building bridges, having an airplane race and our favorite: creating a Catapult out of craft sticks (tongue depressors).

GIFT TIP: Create a crafty gift set with this book and include a bunch of the items suggested in the book. Craft Sticks, art supplies, rubber bands, pom-poms etc… You’ll be the kids’ Hero!

Book Price: $12.64



Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. Some of the books listed were offered to me to review and share my honest opinion. But please note: I am VERY picky about the items I accept to review and I only share the things I REALLY like. Believe me, I get a LOT of emails about a LOT of ‘STUFF’ and I ignore most of it. Cuz who has time for crap?

Also: Amazon is not a sponsor but I AM a big fan.

Teen Friendly Entertainment After Dark In Myrtle Beach

2014 September 11

2 Reviews: Dragons Lair Fantasy Mini Golf & Medieval Times Dinner Show

There are a dozen theater options while staying in Myrtle Beach. And several of them include dinner. Since my husband is a theater geek I figured… –Perfect way to save money, combine entertainment AND dinner at the same time! On the way in to Myrtle Beach there are gigantic gaudy billboards quite literally screaming at you to be sure to try out the newest Dinner Show: Pirates Voyage Dinner Attraction.

Portions of our events we covered by the The Myrtle Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Loud billboards not withstanding; I already had my heart set on seeing a Medieval Times Dinner Show. We had come close to seeing this type of show in California before and dangit this time I was going to see what a Jousting Tournament is like!

Medieval Times Myrtle Beach

At first glance I have to say I was shocked at the prices. $50.95 for adults and $25.95 for kids 12 and under (lap children 3 and under are free). For a family of 5 that’s going on $250 for a night’s entertainment and dinner. We can easily spend $60-70+ on a dinner meal out for the whole clan leaving under $200 for the entertainment portion. How much would we agree to spend on theater/entertainment our whole family (teens and 10 year old) enjoys? Probably more than that.

At second glance and after more than 2 hours of truly impressive Horsemanship and a very fun night, I think the pricing was fair. {See my note about dessert below.}

They encourage you to get to the venue early, more than an hour early, to get your group’s photo taken with a cast member of the show (which you can purchase later) and then of course to please purchase souvenirs in the giant gift shop and waiting area. I would encourage you to get there more realistically 20 minutes early and enjoy the medieval tchotchkes and décor for less time. It will be crowded in the waiting area.

IMAG1930We were given a color as we walked in the doors which indicated both our dining section and our Knight for the night. Black and White were our colors and with great joy (maybe a little too much joy?) we realized our Knight was a Justin Timberlake Look-a-Like!

Just how fun is that?
We were very happy to cheer for JT… er… Sir Black and White.

Medieval Meal… (finger-licken good??)

The meal was hearty in a very real sense…I’m talkin’: there were no forks, people! I kept waiting for someone to tell me it was a joke and that the forks were on the way… any minute now. Forks please! But alas my fair lady… No.

We ate our giant half piece of roasted chicken with our fingers!

Same for the BBQ Rib (one large rib with a crazy amount of meat on it BTW) and a small but tasty half baked potato. The tomato soup came in a rustic bowl type of cup so drinking it was easy but it was a watery version and I’m pretty sure my kids didn’t care for it. Later, dessert was sadly a heated frozen apple puff pastry. Overall a filling and yummy meal, but I did expect something more amazing for dessert.

Sodas were offered and refilled often and alcohol was served for an extra price.

There was a storyline running through the whole show but I gotta admit, it was all sort of lost on us? There was a King and he was holding a feast (just for us—how nice!) and all the jousting knights had been asked to show off their brave feats for his daughter the princess. BUT! Oh Ho! There was a dark evil dude who wasn’t invited and he had come with a note from his King about marrying our fair princess. How DARE HE?!

medieval times myrtle beach

Here’s where I lose the storyline, because honestly we were WAY too busy eating and watching our JT-look-a-like Knight perform seriously impressive skilled javelin-throwing and ring-catching tricks. Plus the trained horses displayed between Knight Skills were genuinely amazing and beautiful.

Medieval Times Myrtle Beach #mymyrtlebeach carissa rogers


Then the actual Jousting Tournament began.
We cheered our black and white section lungs out!

Finally the impressive ‘fighting’ began… several runs with the horses and long jousts and then hand to hand combat that was fake enough to not freak out my kids and real enough to pretend to be all upset when our Knight did not advance to the final round! Poor JT.

happy kids at medieval times #mymyrtlebeach carissa rogers

My teens enjoyed the show and my 10 year old boy LOVED it. They were happy and exhausted by the end of the evening. We had planned to go walk around the boardwalk after the show but didn’t realize how late it would be when it was over. 7:30PM start time and nearly 10PM when we left.

I give the show 4.5 stars.
Dessert really could have been better (come on with the frozen puff-thing?) and though we really enjoyed the show and the Knights were great characters to watch and the horses were equally fun… it actually was a little bit long. And like I said the ‘storyline’ was confusing by about the mid-point.

But is Medieval Times Worth the $50 Price Tag?

I definitely think so. It’s a total splurge for sure. If they add an amazingly-chocolate-divine type of dessert option I’d say go for it.

{The Pirate Dinner Show is a few bucks more. Maybe they have chocolate dessert?}


Mini Golf VS Putt-Putt??

All my Southern friends tell me it’s REALLY called Putt-Putt, and while on vacation our family has decided playing Mini-Golf (or Putt-Putt… whatever) is the perfect family friendly activity. Everyone enjoys it no matter their age. Even really little kiddies think it’s super fun.

What I didn’t realize is there are quite possibly HUNDREDS of mini-golf options to choose from in Myrtle Beach. Okay more like 15. But they are ALL over-the-top designed with HUGE volcanoes ‘erupting’, giant pirate ships and our new favorite a Fire-Breathing Dragon!

Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf is at the Eastern end of the Broadway at the Beach part of Myrtle Beach. Which means there are many, many dining options and the whole area is super walkable and quite pretty lit up at night. There are candy stores, kitschy magic stores and plenty of souvenir shops in addition to the restaurants surrounding a large lake. The area has a ‘beachy boardwalk’ feel complete with rides and neon lights.

broadway on the beach at #mymyrtlebeach

Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf #mymyrtlebeachThey aren’t kidding about the fire breathing dragon at Dragon’s Lair. While you are golfing your way around the 18 mini-holes you will feel the heat and have your eyes slightly blinded each time the ‘Dragon’ spouts out the high reaching flame!

I suggest mini-golfing at night for Dragon’s Lair so you better experience the Dragon Fire and the whole theme of the golf range is lit up in the evenings. Not to mention it will be much less hot after the sun goes down.

family golfing at Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf in Myrtle Beach

They know it’s more desirable at night of course and the prices to golf go up after 6PM—but only by a dollar. $10 per person for a round of 18 holes in the evening. With 5 of us golfing each hole it took a little less than an hour to finish the whole course. In my opinion taking your time at mini-golf and really enjoying the fun is the whole point. If a faster group is behind you ‘pushing’ you to go faster… happily let them go through in front of you enjoy the lights and surprise caves and silly noises with your family!

hole in one! At the Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf in Myrtle BeachAnd by all means if someone makes a hole-in-one stop everything and make a big deal of it! Instagram that moment OF COURSE! –>

All the NOT-Beachy Things to do in Myrtle Beach!

I think my favorite part about Myrtle Beach (this was our first trip) is that there is so much to do with older kids other than the beach! Oh we spent plenty of time lounging on the sand each day but I loved that there are hundreds of options to fill your evening all over the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand area.

Disclosure: Portions of our tickets to Medieval Times and Dragon’s Lair were provided as a press pass by the Myrtle Beach Area CVB. Our opinions and goofy photos are all our own.

family fun in Myrtle Beach after Dark

Being A Smart Parent In A Smart Phone Age With KwickLook

2014 September 8
Being A Smart Parent In A Smart Phone Age With KwickLook

I’m sure I’m not alone when I stress about my teen daughters’ safety as they use their smart phones and interact online. is an online Social DashBoard where you can check in on your child’s interactions at a glance.


River City Play At Actor’s Theatre Of Charlotte | Go See It!

2014 September 5
River City Play At Actor's Theatre Of Charlotte | Go See It!

I have no idea what that means but if I were voting for my favorite play I’ve seen in several years… I would TOTALLY vote this one high on my list.


Recipe For Keeping Teens Happy On A 3 Day Vacation

2014 September 4
Recipe For Keeping Teens Happy On A 3 Day Vacation

The secret ingredient to teen travel happiness is…

come closer… I’ll whisper it to you:
“Keep ‘em Busy & Tired”


A New Video Messenger App Called ZapVM

2014 September 3
A New Video Messenger App Called ZapVM

It’s a slide show where you can narrate each image. Think of it like a way to send images all linked together where instead of manually texting out the info on your phone you quickly voice-over the details for each image and then Zap it off to a friend, share to social media, text or email.


Creative Fundraising With Shoparoo App… It’s New!

2014 August 29
Creative Fundraising With Shoparoo App… It’s New!

I’ve been using Shoparoo for a week now. Scanning grocery store receipts gains points for your school. (Must be food related stores—non-food stores will gain entries into sweepstakes for your school but not cash.)


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Hosts … Light The Night Walk In Your Neighborhood!

2014 August 28
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Hosts ... Light The Night Walk In Your Neighborhood!

I LOVE the idea of a night walk.
(Oh how I NEED one of those Lanterns in the WORST way!!)


You Know You’re Southern When… Boots, Band & Football Games

2014 August 27
You Know You’re Southern When… Boots, Band & Football Games

Your family alters their whole schedule for marching band.
Wearing boots to football games is completely normal.
You answer with a hearty “Yes Ma’am” at the Chick-Fil-A Drive-thru window when they ask if you want Chick-Fil-A sauce with that.
Shrimp Appetizers show up with grits as part of the dish and you LIKE it that way!
You purchase earphones for a NASCAR race.
Y’all slips out and you don’t notice anymore.


Keeping My Sanity In A GoodNCrazy Seminary Year

2014 August 25
Keeping My Sanity In A GoodNCrazy Seminary Year

Back up… What does it mean when a Mormon goes to early morning Seminary?


#Fury325 Announced For Carowinds | Biggest Giga Rollercoaster In The World!

2014 August 21
#Fury325 Announced For Carowinds | Biggest Giga Rollercoaster In The World!

Like an angry hornet chasing its target, Fury 325 will race through a series of hills, curves and quick transitions while reaching speeds of up to 95 miles per hour.


#HelloNewMenu Over At Bonefish Grill!

2014 August 19
#HelloNewMenu Over At Bonefish Grill!

Bonefish Grill has Released a Mew Menu Nationwide!
They’ve added new appetizers, desserts and an expanded grilled steaks section for anyone who would prefer their dinner closer to the land than the sea.

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