Free Chalkboard Christmas Card Download Ideas!

2014 November 24

Use Free Chalkboard Art on Your Christmas Card this Year.


free Christmas chalkboard christmas card idea

I recently had the chance to photograph this sweet family!

Specifically they wanted a great family photo for their Christmas Card. Shhhh I surprised them by creating a few card design ideas too! I’m in love with the idea of a Chalkboard Art card. (I think my family card will look something like this… NO I’m not showing it yet.)

Even if  you don’t have Photoshop you could totally pull this card design off on PicMonkey or Canva. And you can download the Free Chalkboard Christmas Art on THIS WEBSITE.

{NOTE: If you are using Costco to print your cards then set your template to 7.5X6 inches.}


Free Chalkboard Art for Christmas Card Idea




This is another free example of Christmas Chalkboard Art for a Christmas family portrait card. Download on TheShabbyCreekCottage.








I Created a few more Christmas Card ideas using the slightly desaturated image I fell in love with. But I couldn’t decide which one I liked the best??

1 Christmas Card Idea GREEN background family portrait GoodNCrazy photography Carissa Rogers



1 Christmas Card Idea BLUE background family portrait GoodNCrazy photography Carissa Rogers



1 Christmas Card Idea BLACK background family portrait GoodNCrazy photography Carissa Rogers



And while this sentiment isn’t purely a Christmas Theme it IS a great way to show off your family’s joy and happiness.


1 Beautiful Christmas Card Idea RED family portrait GoodNCrazy photography

RED is my favorite.

1 Beautiful Christmas Card Idea BLACK family portrait GoodNCrazy photography

Wait. NO. Maybe it’s BLACK??


Playing with post processing portrait color…

Vivid VS Slightly Desaturated and Kinda Blue?
Or Antiqued VS a Gauzy Black & White?

family group shots which lighting do you like best Vivid slight desat- antique - black and white GoodNCrazy Photography


This family was fabulous!
I planned for a one hour session and we were completely finished in 30 minutes tops! I fell in love with their little girl’s straight face. She had such a cute smile, but when she was just looking at me I was all? WHOA. And WHO gets a great couple’s shot these days?

I can’t remember the last time my husband and I posed for REAL portraits? Why is that?!
These mother-daughter portraits and daddy-daughter are heart melting.


family group shots collage GoodNCrazy photography mother daughter daddy daughter


Because.  Everyone needs a CRAZY FACE shot!

sibling group silly portrait GoodNCrazy photography


The 3 Brothers.
They were all?
REALLY? We can climb the tree?



3 Brothers portraits siblings photography GoodNCrazy


What are you doing for your photo Christmas Card this year?


Please contact me for session rates and scheduling.

35+ Unique Gift Ideas For Women | GoodNCrazy Gift Guide 2014

2014 November 21

A Giant List of Fun, Funky and PRACTICAL Gift Ideas for all the Mom-Friends on your List!


35+ Unique Gifts for Mom and FriendsGoodNCrazy gift ideas for your own mother who stopped ‘needing’ anything 15 years ago. And when you don’t know what to buy for your 6 sisters. Oh? Is the 6 sisters thing just me? Yeah.. seriously… good luck coming up with birthday and Christmas ideas for that many sisters!

GoodNCrazy Tip: Keep mom-gifts practical. NO lotions, candles or tchotchkes please! Purely decorative items are NOT on this list. Let them find those gifts themselves. But if it’s a personal type item they might like (AND USE), go for gift cards specific to those items VS trying to pick the right color or size for them.

I tend to purchase the same fun thing for all of my sisters and extra BONUS points if it’s available on Amazon so I can ship it for free, right? I’ll let you know below if an item is offered on Amazon. Assume there is an affiliate link in that case. Yes, I’ll get a nickel if you purchase the item. We can share a hot cocoa later!


Kitchen Gadgets

  • Silicone Baking Mats—This was my gift last year to every woman I knew. I literally use them EVERY time I bake on my cookie pans. Chicken nuggets to cookies cook better and the cleanup is SO MUCH FASTER!
  • WMF Whisk with silicone ball ends best giftCool Whisk with Balls! – A WMF whisk like no other. My favorite go to tool in my kitchen is a whisk like this with balls at the end instead of rounded like most whisks. GREAT gift, I promise.
  • A VERY nice knife with a new cutting board—I find when I’m at friends’ homes that they have crappy knives a lot. A sharp knife is a surprisingly great gift.
  • A sugar shaker—why people don’t already own one I never know. I always buy a cheap glass sugar shaker at restaurant supply stores or most grocery stores have them as well. (Make vanilla bean infused sugar and fill the shaker as a thoughtful addition). Or make sugar cookies… get it?

Moms Love Tech!

  • Unique tech gift ideas for women and mom friendsGoPhone Wifi Device with $25 gift card for 1.5 GB data for one month. Having your own WiFi device on long roadtrips is like the most blissful gift you could give a mom with teens.
  • Clipless phone clip – Seriously BRILLIANT. This thing clips via a VERY strong magnet to your clothes or purse or attaches to the wall in your kitchen to read recipes! WHY do mom clothes never have pockets??
  • A Portable Battery Backup for Cell Phones – I’ve tested several and honestly most of them suck. I bought a Straight Talk brand (Walmart) backup battery a few months ago for about $20 and so far it works well, holds its own charge and is small enough to fit in my purse while traveling.

Hair, Beauty & Stuff

  • TIGI Sugar Shock—I love this stuff. Not hairspray, more like a curl & body maximizer. Spray it on and crunch up your waves with your fingers. Smells like watermelon btw.
  • Makeup Gift Card to Ulta or CVS or Someplace with makeup.. cuz you don’t want to pick out makeup for anyone, heck I can barely pick it out for myself. But every woman needs more mascara. If you know someone who sells Mary Kay, ask for a gift certificate, they likely will give you a small discount! And Mary Kay’s Mascara is by far my favorite.
  • Sweaty Bands—Cool headbands for your runner friends, or in my case ALL of my sisters. Seriously cute designs to choose from, buy a different one for each sister or friend.

Reading Suggestions, for the Bookie on your list

I’ve read and LOVED these books this year.


Book Gift Ideas for women and mom friends


For the Photographer Lover on your List

I admit it. I love all things photography right now! Do you know a photography lover?

  • Unique gift ideas for photography lovers on your listSWEET designer camera strap! – Every photographer deserves a FAB strap.
  • Keep Calm and Say Cheese – Luggage Tags, customize with name.
  • Humans of New York – Coffee Table book, I would LOVE to own this!
  • Lightroom 5 – I’m telling you. Lightroom changed my life. If you know a photo happy mom who takes HUNDREDS of photos and she is ready to take it to the next level. SHE NEEDS THIS IN HER LIFE. Amen.

Sweet Treats

  • Biscoff Butter—PEOPLE. I didn’t know this stuff existed till now? Holy wonderful TOAST! Create a gift basket with this stuff and a couple loaves of specialty store baked bread. I can find it in my grocery stores, but you can also buy it online.
  • Stonewall Cranberry + Horseradish Spread— These two flavors were made for each other. I have a really hard time finding this stuff even in stores that sell Stonewall Spreads. Online you can find it on the Stonewall Site. But shipping pains me. And it IS available on Amazon but it’s DOUBLE the price!? Just trust me. If you ever find this stuff in a store, buy ALL of it. It’s amazing over cream cheese with fancy pants crackers. AMEN.
  • Cheesecake – After living in Brooklyn we’re partial to Juniors Cheesecake and we’ve had their world famous cakes shipped to family members as gifts in the past. They come frozen and I’m warning you the cost is high but it makes a great gift!
  • Gourmet Cheese & Chocolate Lovers – look around your area locally for a Creamery or Chocolate maker. They ALL ship and no one says no to Chocolate! We loved Rogue Valley Creamery when we lived in Oregon and here in Charlotte I just fell in love with The Secret Chocolatier.
  • Steaks of Course! – Think online shopping for amazing meats. Omaha Steaks has a fantastically easy online ordering system. And I just found out they also source chocolates. No chocolate covered steaks though… I asked. Sorry.

Dog Lover Gifts

raised pet dog feeding station from EtsyWe just got a puppy. And he is definitely already a huge part of our family. Think about gift cards to pet stores or look for unique pet items.


Check out this sweet recycled pallet wood Raised Doggy Feeding Station. I’d ask them to stain it?

Gifts with a Theme

Unique Etsy Gift Ideas for women and mom friends!I’m all about the image of the Tree of Life on everything lately. I found several Gifts I would purchase for friends all from Etsy shops.


Buy Local!

Small Business Saturday is the Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving… Think about the local shops and products YOU love. From your hair stylist, to a cute gift shop in town or that new farm to table café that just opened… buy a gift card to YOUR favorite local shops and give the gift of KEEPING the bucks in your own community! If your sisters don’t live in your area, ask if your shop has an online store and buy gift cards.

Here in Fort Mill a few of my fave shops:

  • The Flipside Café—Farm to Table type and WOW, you MUST try the pimento cheese dip!
  • Jumping Java Café—Trust me. Go eat breakfast here, order the French Toast.
  • Local Dish—In old Fort Mill, Every. Single. Thing. On the menu is amazing.
  • Crossings Gift Shop, PuckerButt Pepper Co., Hanauer of Fame: All three are located in Old Fort Mill, 3 shops in one spot, grab gift certificates for everyone on your list. Okay bowties probably aren’t for your grandma, but thought I’d mention them since they are located in my backyard! So cool!

DIY—You know, for those of you with extra time on your hands at the holidays… yeah right.

  • Best Cookie Mix in a Jar – Reese’s Mini Cups, Need I say more? Really. These are the BEST cookies.
  • Create a Word Scarf – Dye your own scarf with words meaningful to your sisters or friends? Wax Resist DIY Scarf. I would create one with all the goofy hashtags my friends use often in our secret group texts!
  • DIY Instagram Wall Art—Use this free template from my friend Leelou-Blogs to create an Instagram wall hanging, use the images from your sister’s account secretly and surprise her with this fab gift!
  • Fabric Monogram Printing – Oh my heck! The South is ALL about monograms. I had no idea this type of thing was even possible?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I genuinely had to LOVE the product if it made it into my GoodNCrazy Gift Guide. However some products were given to me to test at no cost to me.


Kid Portraits & Christmas Card Idea GoodNCrazy Photography

2014 November 17

Experimenting with Gold Foil on a sweet sibling group shot as a Christmas Card front.

What do we think?


PEACE Christmas Card FAMILY group idea

My friend here in South Charlotte asked if I would come take photos of her kids.
Just casual sibling shots and individuals.
Timing was tough because daylight savings just ended. We only had about one hour after school to make this happen! Her kids were super cute and I was able to talk even the brother into a few great posed shots.


kid family and singl portraits GoodNCrazy photography south Charlotte

The best part is most of this was photographed in a bankrupted golf course of all places.


8 is Great LDS Mormon Baptism Invitation photo GoodNCrazy photography south Charlotte

We were going for an 8 is Great shot in this one.
For an LDS Baptism announcement.

I wanted a splash of sunshine on her shoulder with a rose overlay drenching the photo.
I’m in love with the whole effect!


teen portraits GoodNCrazy photography south Charlotte

Totally impressed with how easy she was to photograph.
Pretty smile! I’m sort of obsessed with the slightly over exposed soft antiqued lighting thing here.


So fun to photograph the new-teens.


Please contact me for rates and scheduling.

Use The Good Plates!

2014 November 13
Use The Good Plates!

I bought the most amazing dinner plates years ago

STEAD of using them all the time… and this is the sad part…
Instead we kept using the plates I absolutely hated.
How crazy dumb is that?


Senior Portraits In Old Fort Mill GoodNCrazy Photography

2014 November 12
Senior Portraits In Old Fort Mill GoodNCrazy Photography

Taking advantage of the last week of Daylight Savings and a few serendipitous fall props, we set out to take Senior Portraits in the old part of Fort Mill, SC.


It’s A Metaphor. Autumn In The South.

2014 November 6
 It’s A Metaphor. Autumn In The South.

I miss the watercolors of a mountain dressed in fall.



2014 November 5

When the new Vet and the Nurse argue over how big they think your new rescue mutt-puppy will get…

howbigwillOscargetYou start to wonder what you’ve done?


Monday Murmur | GoodNCrazy Halloween 2014 More Like GoodNCrappy!

2014 November 3
Monday Murmur | GoodNCrazy Halloween 2014 More Like GoodNCrappy!

Overall a GoodNCrappy Halloween

Next year Halloween lands on a Saturday.
I vote we host a GROWN UP Halloween party.
You’re ALL invited.

Let the kids ditch us!


The Word Guile: Defined

2014 November 2
The Word Guile: Defined

D&C 41: 11 And this because his heart is pure before me, for he is like unto Nathanael of old, in whom there is no guile. (But what does Guile Mean?)


My Gratitude Attitude About Teaching LDS Seminary

2014 November 1
My Gratitude Attitude About Teaching LDS Seminary

I didn’t think I’d say it.

But over 2 months in and I’m here to report that I’m grateful to be teaching Early Morning Seminary.

—The early morning part of that statement not so much.


GoodNCrazy Privacy Policy

2014 November 1

This privacy policy sets out how Carissa Rogers and GoodNCrazy uses and protects any information that you give while using Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy […]


Pumpkin Banana Bread? Why Not?!

2014 October 30
Pumpkin Banana Bread? Why Not?!

I’ve been researching and dreaming up ways to incorporate my love of the banana with everyone’s favorite fall fascination of pumpkin flavored treats.


Don’t Be A Spooky Pet Owner… Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween

2014 October 28
Don't Be A Spooky Pet Owner... Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween

6 scary things to watch out for to keep your pet safe at Halloween.

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