10 Reasons to Find out What Popmoney Is!

2014 December 4

I never have cash.
And who carries around a checkbook these days?
I carry my phone and keys.

Let me introduce you to the newest mom money solution on the block.
This is a sponsored post.


popmoney payment solution for busy moms! bank to bank








Popmoney is an online PAYMENT solution.
And it works via your smartphone or your computer.

It is NOT an online wallet. When you transfer money to someone via Popmoney it goes directly from YOUR bank account to THEIR bank account. The money zips from bank to bank safely and securely. Money doesn’t sit in an online holding site.


And no one gets lost looking for an expensive ATM.
What? That only happens to me?


straightforward popmoney transfers bank to bank no middleman wallet


It’s the system a lot of BANKS use to transfer money for you. In fact if your bank has Popmoney you may not have to pay a fee to send money. Check this site now to see if your bank uses Popmoney. But accessing the app directly on my Android phone is my favorite way to use it. Also works with Apple.


How many times do you find yourself in one of these TEN Sticky Cash situations and need them solved fast?


Paying for Services:

  • Piano Teacher Monthly (recurring) payments
  • Sending a tip/gift to your handyman for Christmas
  • Dance Classes, Karate Classes
  • Dog Walker

Paying for services

Paying for Mom-Made Items:

  • handmade mom made boot cuffs and matching headband handmadebychelle @ outlook.com $18My sister makes these amazing boot cuffs and matching headbands! (Email her directly if you want a set! Handmadebychelle @ outlook.com $18 for all three– and pay via Popmoney!) I just used Popmoney to pay for this set for my daughters. SHHHH don’t tell them! It’s a secret.
  • My neighbor is baking up a storm over there, and this year I am SO going to get a batch of her homemade dark chocolate covered salted caramels! Popmoney to my sweet tooth rescue.


Splitting the Bill:

  • At a restaurant when a friend doesn’t have cash.
  • When you pre-purchased movie tickets cheaper at the Costco Discount for the whole group.
  • When you pay for your daughter’s friend to go Ice Skating with you.
  • At a blogging conference when you need to divide the hotel cost between 4 moms. It worked brilliantly, I paid the bill, sent the request to my roomies and my bank account was rewarded.

Group Gifting:

You know what I’m talking about.

Let’s say there are 10 siblings in your family…
goodncrazy extended HUGE mormon family

gift boxes holiday birthday christmas wrapping paper gifts(Okay fine… there ARE 10 of us in MY family!) And you’ve decided you want to purchase your parents something fabulous. Something WONDERFUL for Christmas or their 50th anniversary! A new washing machine to replace the broken one, a HUGE table & chairs to fit everyone during the holidays or how about an Alaskan Cruise for them to get away from THAT. MANY. KIDS?!

Hey! A cruise divided by 10 isn’t that expensive.
But collecting the cash has proved to be quite a headache for us over the years.

Here’s where the brilliance of Popmoney shines. It ISN’T an online wallet. If Carissa sends a note to her 9 other siblings to send her THIS exact amount of cash via Popmoney, that money will come directly from their checking account to hers. They don’t even have to set up an account with Popmoney if they don’t want to. It can all take place on a computer or directly on a smartphone.


how to request money

They DO have to input their checking account information. –Either routing + account numbers or Debit Card info.

And Voila! The Group Gifting Migraine is averted this Holiday season!

On the other end Sending Cash is JUST as easy: Maybe you forgot that you owed your other sister $40 from last August? Whoops. Zip. Zap. I just sent it and she figured out the rest all on her own, because it emailed her directly with instructions.


how to send


{Head’s Up: With the $0.95 flat fee you probably wouldn’t want to use Popmoney for anything less than sending or requesting at least $20. You’ll just have to dig through your couch cushions for less than that.}

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. My opinions are my own. If you have questions about Popmoney and how it works please ask me! If I don’t know I’ll ask the experts over @Popmoney on Twitter or on Facebook. They’re totally smart.

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  1. December 4, 2014

    I LOVE PopMoney! I started using it at TypeA Parent Conference and now use it every chance I can. It’s so easy and I love that when someone sends me money I get every penny. I’m not charged a fee to receive it and it’s deposited in my account quickly. What more can you ask for?!?
    Twitter: mym0mmybrain

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