18 Healthy Snack Ideas | Re-Think In 100 Calorie Bursts!

2014 February 12

I want something yummy to eat.
I want a TREAT. And I want it NOW.

A list of 18 Healthy snack ideas | GoodNCrazy.comThe thing is, I don’t always need candy or sweets or cookies to quiet my cravings. I’m happy with a giant handful of fresh blueberries. And I never say no to pistachios! It’s just that I look at fresh berries and nuts and often think… that’s so expensive. And I end up buying a $3.95 package of cookies instead.

Hello? How dumb is that?

I’m on a health kick over here! I seriously don’t want cookies, but I DO want a snack!

There are a lot of snacks I’d rather have but tell myself the same thing; too expensive, I’m the only one who wants to eat it, if I buy it will it get wasted? I wouldn’t eat the whole bag of cookies, but it’s very likely I’ll be the only one snacking on the blueberries or the pistachios. Am I okay with that? YES.

I’ve been working on changing my thought process when it comes to snacking.

Healthy Snacking Tips

  1. Think MOBILE. Half the time I’m grabbing something on my way out the door picking up or dropping off a child (or 3).
  2. Snack in 100 calorie bursts, no I’m not talking about buying a box of processed pre-packaged snacks. I treat fruits and veggies as free-calories, of course not overdoing it though!
  3. Buy the YUMMIEST snacks you KNOW you love and stop stressing that fresh berries are expensive. So are cookies for Pete’s Sake!
  4. Keep water available at all times. At my desk, in my car, in my bathroom… seriously, everywhere! That way my first thought is to drink water and stop drinking my calories.

Have you ever researched what your resting metabolic rate is? (RMR)

Google it. There are plenty of calculators out there. I found that mine is somewhere between 1400 and 1500 per day. Translation: means under 1500 calories are needed to keep my body alive if I slept the whole day and did nothing. So either I have to take in fewer calories than my RMR each day or expend calories in the form of exercise (or both) in order to lose weight.

I’m working on a net 1400 goal or less, each day. I figure my meals are around 300-400 calories leaving my snacks around 3 or 400 depending on the day. So If I’m measuring out 100 calorie bursts of snacks that’s 3 or 4 snacks spread out during the day. With one hour of cardio 4-5 times a week.

I love Joanna Dolgoff’s book about eating for weight loss. I stole her 100 calorie snack idea and her suggestion to NOT count fruit and veggie calories during the day. I also use salsa as a free food to jazz up anything from eggs to avocados.


List of 18 GoodNCrazy Healthy Snacks

  1. brookside dark chocolate goji raspberry snacksNUTS: Cashews, and pistachios are my favorites. I don’t go with the no-salt options but low salt works, I need a little salt!
  2. Berries: Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries—buy the large clamshells at Costco—I happily use as a snack and in salads and smoothies.
  3. Dark Chocolate—my new favorite snack is coconut chunks covered in dark chocolate from TrueBliss, only 3 or 4 chunks equal 100 calories but they make me SO happy. I’m also in love with Brookside super fruit in dark chocolate. They come in 100 calorie packs too!
  4. FRUIT:  clementines, fresh pineapple, apples + peanut butter and… Bananas! I eat them straight up, slice ‘em in oatmeal, use daily in my green smoothies, make a healthy banana muffin recipe when they are overripe. I think bananas are the fruit of the Gods.
  5. Sorbet… raspberry for me please! I’m not saying it’s low calorie, but it’s such a strong flavor that a ½ cup 100 calorie serving is perfect as a quick snack. Not so easy on the go but I still love it so I left it on the list!
  6. Mustard Pretzel Chunks—1/3 cup equals a bit over 100 calories but the crunch and the flavor (probably the sodium boost?) puts these high on my afternoon craving list! I’m partial to Snyder’s Honey Mustard & Onion.
  7. avocados snack guacomole squareSeeds: Pumpkin Seeds are great in salads and I love sunflower seeds too. I mix a few seeds with nuts and dried unsweetened dates and it’s the best grab & go snack ever.
  8. Avocado, I just eat it plain, or mashed with a little salsa and a handful of chips. Sometimes I put it in a small container and take it with me when I know I have to wait for piano lessons.
  9. Crackers and cottage cheese, or wedges of Laughing Cow cheese. I found a 7 Grain cracker from Kashi that is a perfect dipper for cheese.
  10. Digestives—before you laugh, I know… these little graham cookies have a strange name. They are imported from England, dontchaknow? If you can find the McVitties with dark chocolate just trust me, buy a package!
  11. hummus and pita plate snack by Steve Snodgrass

    photo credit: Steve Snodgrass http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevensnodgrass/4368237982/

    Hummus + Pita chips, careful you keep to 100 calorie servings of hummus, I like it well enough to eat the whole bowl!

  12. I love Prunes (unsweetened) and Dried Dates.. so far I’m eating dried ones with Dextrose, not in sugar! But fresh dates work too. (Careful of any other dried fruits because they have so much extra sugar), just buy the fresh stuff it’s less expensive ounce for ounce and bonus extra water in your day!
  13. Vegetables: I like the grab & go types: sugar snap peas, baby carrots, pre-cut & bagged broccoli, cauliflower & celery sticks. If you need a little bit of ranch or dressing, fine, but try to just eat them raw and wonderful.
  14. zoneperfect bars imageEdamame— I think shelled edamame is so wonderful it has it’s own category! I rarely find it fresh in the produce section but shelled in bags and frozen in or out of the shell are all yummy.  ½ cup: 100 calories
  15. Boiled Egg: 78 calories
  16. 8 Kalamata Olives: 90 calories
  17. String Cheese: 80 calories
  18. ½ ZonePerfect Bar is around 100 calories (or eat the whole bar if I want 2 of my 100 calorie snack bursts at once).\

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