2014 Letter To Myself & ZonePerfect Blog Forward Challenge

2014 January 6

At the beginning of each year I think about the past year… what I did well, what went wrong and what went horribly wrong. In short, I think about starting over.

Starting fresh. Doing better. Being better.
Sometimes I make a long list of Resolutions.
Sometimes I MAKE FUN of Resolutions.
And often I fail, re-start, fail again (lather, rinse, repeat).

 ZonePerfect Blog it Forward Challenge
I’m a competitive person by nature (try growing up with 9 other siblings and NOT become competitive, I dare you.) So when ZonePerfect asked if I’d like to play along with their 2014 Blog Forward challenge… my competitive neurons started twinkling in my brain.  A competition? A challenge? Well Maaaaaybeeeeee….?


The first Blog Forward ZonePerfect Challenge is Simply:

Write your New Year’s resolutions and include a letter to your future self that encourages you to stay on track or get back on track. (ie: make a few goals and STICK TO THEM FOR A CHANGE, DANGIT!)

6 GoodNCrazy CATEGORIES I can/should/want  (Okay WILL) execute better in 2014

  1. Relationships
    Spouse– Take extra minutes to listen, rub feet and BE with my husband each night. I know it’s simple, but these days with the crazy kid schedules it’s HUGE. And a few extra texts to connect during the day.
    Kids– Turn off ‘work’ after 3PM and at least every other day, take after school ‘field trips’ with my son & play basketball with him. Walk and Jog with my middle daughter who loves to run. Learn to give my older daughter more freedom (oh SO hard!).
    Friends– I’m pretty much the most social person I know, in fact sometimes I need to turn the friend thing down a notch. I’ll just keep doin’ what I do m’kay??
    Parents/Siblings– I always wish to keep up more with the extended family. But they’re all as busy as I am. How to keep up without ‘bugging’ them or calling and first saying: I only have 5 minutes!? I need to work on a plan for this one.
  2. Nutrition
    Did I mention drinking more water?
    I keep trying to limit my soda intake. And ahem… yeah, #fail. I Carissa Rogers hereby swear on my blog that I will drink a full glass of water before I allow myself a 12 oz soda. And attempt to drink at least 3 full glasses of water each day (one in the morning, one before that soda and one in the evening). It’s hard people! I hate water! Does it still count if I place an herbal tea bag in a pitcher of water the night before, no sugar or anything?? THAT I would drink!I really like a tip from the ZonePerfect team about snacking during the day:

    It’s much easier to say no to tempting treats and fast food when you’re armed with healthy, high-protein snacks. Plus, you’ll stay fuller longer. Set aside a little time each day to package your own snacks. Low-fat trail mix, carrots with hummus, or rice cakes and almond butter are all easy to pack and delicious. Or if you’re in a hurry, grab a few ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars for smart, on-the-go snacking. –ZonePerfect

    —My favorite flavor ZonePerfect Bar is the Fudge Graham by FAR!!

  3. Exercise
    I’m really not stressed about weight. I’m 40-ish and yeah I’d like to lose 10 lbs… but really? Mainly I hate being winded when I walk up my STAIRS! I’m going to commit to a few 5K fun ‘races’ that double as social time and rely on my competitive nature to kick in and get my butt out walking, running and biking to prepare. Who’s ready to be my treadmill buddy while it’s still cold?!
    I’ll be in Atlanta for the Ragnar Trail Run in early April.
    I just heard about a local Obstacle Mud Run in May.
    And I need to find a 5K in Summer? Plus I think the Color Run is in October in Charlotte…
  4. Spiritual
    Instead of coming up with a ‘Word’ for 2014 I found a ‘Scripture of the Year’.
    Alma Chapter 34 from The Book of Mormon. The whole chapter, really meditate on it. If you don’t know, I’m a Mormon, we read and study the Bible and we also believe the Book of Mormon to be another testament of Jesus Christ.  I’m also going to write more often in my Church Chat series about ‘What it means to be a Mormon Mom’.
  5. Work
    When people ask me what I do, sometimes I just make it up. I tell them I’m in marketing. I work from home. You know, that ‘social media’ thing. Partly I’m vague, because it’s hard to describe what I ‘do’. And half the time I don’t know what I’m doing anyway!
    I want to write more HERE on GoodNCrazy this year. But I know I will run out of time with all my mom duties and especially when there are paying gigs that take me away from my writing time. But I LOVED writing every day during NaBloPoMo in 2013. I didn’t even know it was possible to write every day?! I have a bunch of fun new plans and campaigns launching in 2014 and I’m excited to get back to the ‘social-online-marketing-strategizing’ THING I do. I basically took 2013 off to move across the country and get my world settled. Let’s DO THIS—2014.
  6. Volunteering/Community
    Every time we move (and we’ve moved a LOT) I always tell myself I’m taking the year off from volunteering in the kids’ schools. And I sort of do… but I enjoy being part of their lives and when an email comes asking to please help with a field trip I can’t say no.
    Currently I am the Cub Master for the Cub Scouts Pack associated with our church. Can you say Pine Wood Derby and Blue & Gold Banquet? Yup. The schools here are huge. MUCH bigger than our past school district so they don’t need me to be in charge of anything (thank heavens) but there is plenty to do and I’m willing to step it up in 2014. Band Moms, Cross Country Moms, 4th Grade Class parties? Bring It.
    Oh and tonight I nearly forgot I’m supposed to make dinner for the missionaries. I gotta head to the grocery store before the kids get home.

My 2014 Resolution Letter To Myself

Hey you. This is your early January self speaking. Remember me? The one who was all excited to do good things for this body we share. Be a better person. All that?

Seriously? Are you listening? letter to my future self

WHITE Tell the truth.
WHITE Did you drink ANY water at all?

Cuz, let’s be honest. You say THAT every year. In fact nearly everything on this list you say EVERY year. And well… maybe you should start out with baby steps or something. Re-think this January resolution thing, because you tend to give up by January 15th.

Now that it’s warmer outside, you really have no excuses. Where’s your bike? Go for a jog! Are you over-volunteering, do you need to learn how to say NO more often? Did you come up with a plan to connect more with your siblings?

Please tell me you ran the Ragnar Trail race and didn’t die or anything? (That would suck for me.) Are you registered for that Mud Run in May? (Hint: Here’s the link… just do it already! Warrior Dash, NC .)

Where are you on your spiritual journey? Cuz standing still is no journey at all. MOVE FORWARD! You can do this! I’ve got your back! (Literally…)

If you do nothing else. Remember that today is the first day of the rest of MY life. Okay gag. But seriously. Let’s not give up. Let’s face forward and ignore the past. What can you do TODAY? (Hurry go get a drink of water!)



ZonePerfect LogoDisclosure: I will receive Complimentary ZonePerfect bars and I am entered to win a prize by participating in the Blog Forward challenge. My thoughts and goals and failures and  water aversion and re-starts  are all my own.

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