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Hi I’m Carissa Rogers.

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I’ve got three Crazy kids and one Good husband.

We recently relocated to the Charlotte area, coast to coast from rural Oregon to big city Charlotte… what a change!

In my former life I was a molecular biologist. In my current life I am the chief researcher of social media karma, family travel, parenting dos (and some don’ts), new recipes and for spice I pretend to be a photographer…

I started blogging in February of 2008. I love the bloggy world where I share and connect with thousands of people about the happy, the sad, the rotten, and the silly! I write about my family, my story, my way.

Please See my PRESS PAGE for examples of my writing elsewhere including TravelingMom.com and TodaysEveryMom.com.

I’ve learned that conversations start with stories… and explode into friendships.

{CarissaRogers at ymail.com}

I am VERY picky about reviews or other brand interaction when it comes to writing on my blog. But I am happy to share work with other bloggers who might be interested. Holler and I’ll point you in their direction.

I am willing to write about interesting projects and take part in mom campaigns.


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GoodNCrazy Consults


July 2010- Current

  • Board Member
  • Travel Writer
  • Facebook Engagment Expert


August 2010-December 2012

  • Blogger Outreach
  • Creative Blog Content (Brainstorming & Writing)
  • Intern Wrangler
  • One heck of a fabulous Blogger Back to School Campaign Fall 2011, 30+ bloggers involved, I project managed.

October 2010- Current

  • Creative technical feedback
  • Survey Editing, Blogger feedback (what the blogger thinks)
  • Blog Content Community Writer
  • Brand Ambassador


  • Forums Community Connector— Book Club category, ended
  • Forums Community Connector—Education category, ended
  • Participation in #GNO blogger campaigns
  • Freelance Writer, reviews, crafting

September 2011-August 2012

  • Freelance Writing, Weekly Column: “GoodNCrazy Mom”
  • Topics: Parenting, School Involvement, All Things GoodNCrazy

July 2011—December 2011
Local Ambassador Liaison

  • Contact, locate and retention of local writers
  • Create writer campaigns, including ways to compensate and perks
  • Represent while at blogging conferences
  • Freelance Writing

July 2011—August 2012
Parent Advisory Board

  • Freelance Parenting Writing
  • Consult on Social Media for reaching moms
  • Tech feedback and help gathering other beta support for new app

February-May 2010

  • Tweeting as @memorymixer
  • Advising Facebook/special projects/SEO/Social Media Strategies

Recent Brand Interaction and Consulting

Helped Co-Found

Mom It Forward (and the #GNO movement on Twitter, Tuesday nights.)
September 2008- April 2009 as Co-Founder

GoodNCrazy REVIEW Policy
I do not consider samples as compensation in the form of reviews for GoodNCrazy.com. When I write reviews I often find other mom-magazine sites where I place these reviews: MomItForward, GalTime, TravelingMom and others. I do not promise to write at all when a product sample is offered. If I choose to write about the sample I retain all rights to voice whatever I feel or think about the product sample.

If I love something you won’t be able to stop me from shouting it from the Social Media rooftops!

When I write a review on GoodNCrazy.com I will disclose per the FCC guidelines. I do not take money in exchange for reviews. After my family reviews the product or service I write our GoodNCrazy thoughts and our story. I always try to be fair and point out any negatives along with the positives when I can. I rarely write a straight up ‘negative’ review. Sorry, just not interesting for me.

When I write a sponsored post (see a few examples here & here…) I disclose the relationship and the fact that it is a sponsored post on the post itself. If there is a sample involved plus payment I will point that out as well.

However there are many mentions of a product, brand, service or otherwise purely by my own choice and at my own expense unless otherwise noted. When noted it will run at the bottom of post and will say: Disclaimer… followed by my snarky version where I tell it like it is.  (Example of an unpaid, uncompensated in any way, snarky Disclaimer.)

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  1. February 26, 2010

    Good morning! I came across your site by accident but just wanted to say that for what is here I find it so refreshing! I look forward to reading more. When you get more established maybe you would like to be a guest blogger once in awhile on my site, http://www.janleasure.com I am a former nationally syndicated money saving journalist who has turned to the internet as a new mediun. Would love to know your reaction to my site, My very very best wishes for your success! Cheers to the biologist blogger! Sincerely, Jan

  2. November 18, 2010

    Hi Carissa,

    I am a counselor who works primarily with teen girls and young women in the Portland area. I have recently opened an office on NW 21st and have been visiting with schools in the area to find out how to serve their kids. As a mother of a 6 and 3 year old boy, I have spent time with your blog and was wondering how you would feel about putting the word out there to moms of older girls who are having a rough time.

    I would love it if you would check out my website and see what you think. Though it doesn’t say this on my website yet, I also work with women around issues of parenting and post-partum depression. Both subjects near and dear to my heart…

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Jackie Haddon, LCSW

  3. kevin graham permalink
    November 29, 2010

    Hi Site Admin,

    I am emailing from a leading advertising agency based in London.
    I am getting in touch with you as I am looking for quality websites,
    such as yours, to place some adverts on your website and would like
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    The placement of our adverts are contextually matched to the content on
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    Do let me know if you are interested to discuss any partnerships with us
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    Please email me back with your thoughts or questions.

    Kind regards,

    Kevin Graham

    New Media Specialist

  4. April 12, 2014

    The one giveaway you had of the black and pink filigree is their anyway of getting that in stores? If so please email me

  5. August 14, 2014


    I would love to speak to you about running some of our branded advertising campaigns from Fortune 1000 advertisers that all pay on a CPM basis.

    We have a lot of great branded advertisers that I think would make a great fit for your site and help you maximize the amount of money you are earning on your site. I know we could help you make more money than any of your existing ad networks and would love to set up a test and prove our capabilities.

    Please let me know when we can jump on a quick call to discuss in more detail.

    My best wishes to you and the rest of your team.

    Candace Cruise

  6. April 13, 2016

    Dear Carissa,

    I am researching mom blogs in order to find social media outlets that match my philosophy of motherhood and after reviewing your blog I feel they are a match. Let me tell you a bit about my product, NurtureU, a box set of 80 different developmental activity cards, which moms can do with their baby’s. There are many benefits to this product and if you review my video and website the benefits will become very clear. If you feel that my product and your brand are in alignment I would love for you to share the news, so NurtureU can get into the hands of moms-to-be. I am pretty “green” with the mom-blogging world, so I’m sorry in advance if I have missed information or am unclear. I would so appreciate you getting back with me letting me know your thoughts and/or questions.
    Thank you,
    Joelle Phillips

    Kickstarter Link:

  7. June 17, 2016

    Hi Crissa,
    I love Good N Crazy, and I knew you would like my new business! My sweet nine year old son had B.O. That’s right, he stunk, and I needed to fix that for the sake of our entire family. That is why I started Smiley Pits. Smiley Pits is an all natural deodorant designed with kids in mind ( adults love it too). I would love for you to read our story and check out our website. There might be a few ways we can work together. I am so new at this and would appreciate any advice. Thank you so much!


    Smiley Pits is on its way to making the world a less stinky place, one kid at a time. And, it all started right in Kristi Joynt’s Croatan kitchen!

    Kristi is a health conscientious mom, who enjoys making deodorant for her family. One day, she shared her product with good friend and fellow mom, Sara Salter.

    Sara loved it right away and began using it with her her 9 year old lacrosse-playing odoriferous son. And, the light bulb went off for these ladies: We need to make deodorant for kids. That was the start of Smiley Pits, created by two neurotic moms who love their children.

    Sara & Kristi believe in the best for their kids, and know that as their sweet babies get older, they get smelly! We’re talking, gross, yucky, disgusting smelly. They did their research and saw that there aren’t many deodorants specifically for kids. Not liking what main stream deodorants offered (ie: synthetic materials, aluminum, parabens, phthalates, toxins, etc.), they came up with the perfect formula.

    Smiley Pits is a family affair and their kids’ input is at the heart of it. The kids helped design the snazzy packaging and the cool scent names were all thought up by the cute little stinkers. Sara’s oldest son is very proud of his “sick nasty defense” scent and Kristi’s daughter loves her “rock tough” scent. Smiley Pits has five very unique scents to choose from, and all of them are safe and effective.

    Sara and Kristi like to say that they turn smelly into smiley. It’s hard not to smile when you know you are making the world a less stinky place on kid at a time. Sara & Kristi have just begun their journey as businesswomen and look forward to helping other moms and dads who want a deodorant for their kids that they can feel good about. You can learn more or order products from their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/smileypitsvb) or their website (www.smileypits.com).

    Sara Salter

  8. Matthew Adimoraegbu permalink
    July 27, 2016

    Hello Carissa,

    My name is Matthew, and I am working on a campaign to raise awareness and funds for two young women in the West African country of Nigeria displaced by the terrorist group Boko Haram. As with many things associated with Africa, the activities of the terrorist group has been largely ignored and under-reported, even though Boko Haram is an even deadlier group than ISIS, killing over 7,000 innocent people since 2009. This issue cuts close, because my family is originally from Nigeria and I couldn’t read the stories of these girls and not act. The UN has said 55,000 children are predicted to die at Camps being run by the Nigerian government to house victims displaced. This has been due to gross negligence and inefficiency and this ensures they don’t get the best services. So I am reaching out to every and anyone who will listen and potentially be interested in this issue. I was wondering what options are there to work with you on this maybe through your blog? Below are two links, the first petitioning the Nigerian Government to act on this and another to the fund-raiser page. I will appreciate any suggestions and feedback.Both links give a detailed description of the campaign. Thank you.



    Best Regards,
    Matthew Adimoraegbu.

  9. May 15, 2017

    Good Afternoon! I work with an advertising agency in Greenville, SC called Redhype. As part of an advertising campaign for our client, Green Heritage, we would like to reach out to mom bloggers and eco-friendly bloggers. That being said, we would love to send you a care package filled with our client’s eco-friendly product! Should you choose to receive one of these care packages, we would require an address to ship it to. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you and awesome blog!

  10. May 19, 2017

    Nice materials. We just wrapped up a campaign with the same influencer profile. I will keep an eye on you for anything similar.

    Hope you will keep up the good work, as I couldn’t find any recent post since mid 2016.

  11. June 5, 2017

    Hey Carissa,

    I’m launching a product on Amazon.com next week that has been very successful in Canada and I hope to get some buzz going in the States. Along with my wife and daughter, I’ve created a children’s cookbook that gets kids in the kitchen younger than any cookbook out there. We do this by illustrating all the steps in our recipes and including colored measuring cups and spoons with the book. Now instead of a ½ cup of flour, or a ¼ cup of sugar, it’s an orange cup and a yellow cup.

    We have 25 kid-friendly recipes in the book and can start kids as young as two years old in the kitchen.

    If you think this would be a good fit with you and your readers, please let me know. I’d be happy to get you a complimentary copy and discuss the specifics of writing a post about it.

    Brent Currie
    Cook By Colours

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