When You Become The Crazy Book Pushing Woman Liane Moriarty Wrote A New Book People!!

2014 September 29

If you hate it when people insist you MUST read a book because they love it. Then this post is not for you.



Liane Moriarty Books including What Alice Forgot and Big Little Lies




You know how you read a book and you love it so much it kind of becomes your religion for a while? You find yourself inventing reasons to bring up the story at PTA so you can suggest the moms read it? You imagine taking the author to lunch. (Which…I know. Weird?) You join Facebook groups so you can insert comments about YOUR favorite book.

Yeah that was me a couple years ago.

I was infatuated with the book: What Alice Forgot, after reading it for bookclub. By Liane Moriarty. She lives in Australia somewhere and don’t think I haven’t googled flights. $$Expensive BTW. I like kangaroos. And modern art styled Opera houses.

Who am I kidding? Even recently my MIL asked for a book suggestion for HER book club and I was all… WHAT ALICE FORGOT!! – Oh sorry, was I yelling? I might still be a little bit obsessed with my best friend Alice who lives in Australia and got hit in the head while falling off a treadmill…. I won’t tell you about the book. I swear. Okay I might. But yes I wrote a review and why I love the book over on Goodreads. Just go read the book. NOW.

Did you read it yet?

Oh nevermind.

Because some email or Goodread notification or something shouted out HELLO! Liane Moriarty has a new book coming out soon! She WHAT?? Hold on. Stop the world for a second.

And I read the update and I stalked… er… researched her personal website and do you know what I found out? DO. YOU. KNOW?

She already wrote another book I’d never heard of!
I was all… seriously? NO. SERIOUSLY?
How could my fangirl fail so wonderfully?

It’s called The Husband’s Secret. And it must be a whopper of a secret because I’m like THE superfan and I have no idea what his secret is? Because I haven’t read it yet. I downloaded it on my Kindle like THAT second and I’ll get to it. I will.

But first, I was all excited about the new book she released this fall.
(It’s spring in Australia did you know that? You did? Fine.)

Big Little Lies

big little lies goodncrazy book review by carissa rogersOoooh that sounds wonderful… and confusing?
Apparently she has a thing with secrets and lies and amnesia?

I might have emailed the publisher directly.

—The people won’t give me her email address. I wonder why? And I said, hello dear publisher. I am a superfan, I force-feed Alice to everyone I meet. I wrote an award winning book review on Goodreads and everyone seems to think it’s pretty amazing. (Shh I lied about that part, no one reads that review.) What would you say to sending me an advance reader copy of Ms. Moriarty’s new book due out in a few weeks?

And guess what they said?!!


They didn’t respond to my email.
Ah well.
I have to wait to download it like the rest of the Moriarty fan club.
Maybe I should go create that fan club now?

And then my life got in the way… what is the DEAL with all the children wanting to be fed daily? And then all those dishes? And I said yes to teaching EARLY MORNING Seminary… (and wearing all those dresses… but getting off track here).

Anyway, the big day came.
And went.
And I totally forgot to download the book.
Guess what day it was released? MY ANNIVERSARY.
I had excuses people.

And the doorbell dinged. And I shuffled to answer it. And no one was there.
Oh. Wait. A package.

A Package!
I love getting packages!
Unless they are medical supplies.
I never like those packages. BO-RING.

Nope. This one is addressed to me.
This one doesn’t say who it’s from?
This one has a book inside!

Big Little Lies is inside the package. With no note. No PR message. Nada.
Could it be THE PEOPLE are stalking ME?

Did my husband secretly buy the book and have it shipped to me with a random return label? He’s SO SWEET! But no. He had never heard of the book. Or the author? How have I failed so miserably if my own husband hasn’t drunk the Alice Kool-aide?

Hold on please, everyone will need to make their own dinner for the next 3 nights.
Should I tell you what I think of the new book? I should.

It starts out with a bang. A Death to be precise. A suburban father. In a huge group of people at an elementary school parent gathering/shindig/fundraiser. But no one knows what happened?

‘Oh Calamity!’

And then the story rewinds back 6 months when 3 moms meet on the first day of Kindergarten. Only they call themselves Kindy moms. Cuz you know. Aussie words and stuff.

One mom is remarried but her ex-husband has a new wife and a child ALSO in the Kindergarten class. Awkward for that? 2nd mom just moved to the area and there is no father in the picture —and she isn’t about to talk about it! 3rd mom is fabulously wealthy and beautiful and happy… oh wait? Is she? Hard to tell. There might be a lot of lies going on here. Big ones. Little ones?

You will recognize yourself in these women’s situations and conversations. Which is the main reason I love What Alice Forgot, it’s like I was seeing my own life in words on paper and for a while there I didn’t like what I saw.

Once Big Little Lies begins to unravel— both the murder and unwinding these women’s personal lives and secrets— you’ll be so drawn in, you won’t remember there is such a thing as, “Mom, what’s for dinner?”

My advice:
Make several freezer meals.
Tell your family you have the flu.
Climb into your bed and download Big Little Lies.
If you haven’t read What Alice Forgot, go make extra freezer meals and fake a temperature.
Download both books and let me know what you think?

I’ll be doing the same because this weekend I’m reading The Husband’s Secret.


Yes those are Amazon Links.
And yes I received the book Big Little Lies at no cost to me.
Although I have no idea who sent it.

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3 Responses
  1. September 29, 2014

    Sounds really familiar, lol. I am a compulsive reader, especially when I really like an author. I will binge read all their stuff until I’m done and then I will stalk their websites until I see a new book is out… Will definitely check these out!
    Twitter: mym0mmybrain

  2. September 30, 2014

    Haha! That’s hilarious. Do you think the fake fever would work? I’m tempted just so I can stay in my cozy bed longer than a couple of hours. One day I will get to read something other than children’s books and parenting books. One day I will get back to reading a book that draws me in and when I finish I mourn leaving those characters behind. I miss that about a good book.
    Twitter: wcornelison

    • September 30, 2014

      Oh my gosh Mourning the characters is exactly what it’s like right??

      I’m telling you.. prepare a meal in advance and take the night off! 🙂
      Good luck!

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