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2012 January 28

As a family with 3 busy kids, our after school rat race is insane.

Not only do I NOT have time to cook every night, half the time we don’t have time to ALL sit down together for dinner! But we work hard to have a few minutes of dinner eyeball time as often as possible.

{Did you know eating the dinner meal together as a family has been shown to prevent risky behaviors in teens? It’s true. They don’t know why. When a teen is gone for 10 and 12 hours at a stretch, that expectation to ‘check in’ for dinner apparently is a HUGE deterrent. —WebMD, CASA Study}

I was asked to share weeknight meal tips to help a busy family add quality time back in their song. (I cheated a bit here and asked my kids for ideas!)

Inspired by quick and easy Bertolli Meal Frozen Soups, we whipped up four fabulous family meal tips. (Who knew they make soups?! We already love their skillet meals!)

We tested two of the new Bertolli Soups Roasted Chicken & Rotini and Tomato Florentine.

  • TIP Number ONE:
    Divide and Conquer — Mom and Dad always need a few extra moments alone. Sit the kids in the kitchen and give mom and dad an ‘Italian Restaurant’ theme in the dining room. (Ask the kids to set the dining table all ‘special ‘n stuff’ for their ‘date’… mine were thrilled to help!)


  • TIP Number TWO:
    Music Matters — Set up music the kids like in their space. My big(ish) kids are starting to like music that um.. we grownups don’t love so much. We set up the MP3 player in the kitchen for the night!



  • TIP Number THREE:
    Dress Up The Meal — My kids are totally into anything they can create themselves. Potato bar, mini pizzas etc… so we ran with that theme: Soup Topping Bar! Sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, croutons…


  • TIP Number FOUR:
    CUPCAKES for Dessert! — What is a fourteen year old for if not to make dessert?!  (Hint: have her make ’em the night before.)

A Joyful Refrain…

Our Bertolli Soup-a-palooza night was a hit. Happy kids and recharged parents make for a fun family night in less than an hour’s prep time! What does your family do to add melody to your meals?

Bertolli compensated me to participate in the Weeknight Meal Special Challenge. Join Bertolli on Facebook or Twitter with hashtag: #BertolliMealSoup.

PS. Compensation or not.. you MUST taste the Tomato Florentine. Oh.Em.Gosh. SO Yummy.They didn’t make me say that. I swear.

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3 Responses
  1. January 29, 2012

    A soup topping bar – that is genius!
    Twitter: hardertobreathe

  2. February 2, 2012

    Our meal didn’t sing, but it was super tasty and appreciated by the Wifey. I’ll try the Tomato Florentine, we had the Tuscan Beef.
    Twitter: daddymojo

    • February 2, 2012

      I’m buying the Beef one next time.
      You should try the singing thing. It’s AWESOME! 🙂
      But yeah the Florentine really was fabulous! Cheers!

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