Best Group Gift Ideas For Teacher Valentines or Teacher Appreciation Day

2015 February 4

My number one tip for Teacher Gift Giving?

Just give ‘em cash folks.
{If that’s not creative enough, go ahead and buy gift cards.}

I have 3 kids in 3 different schools this year. I have no time for amazing crafts. Or time to run around gathering money and donated items. I love the idea of creating group teacher gifts.

popmoney logo-Sponsored Post-

The best way to gather money for a group gift is to use an app like Popmoney. You can send and receive cash direct from bank accounts. SAFELY. No middle ground online wallet to deal with. One flat fee. I listed 10 more reasons every mom should be using Popmoney.

POP! How will YOU use Popmoney?

Group Gift Ideas Your Kid’s Teacher Will Love!

Gift Card Bouquet

gift card bouquet for teacher appreciation ideaFor busy parents, often just getting the cash SENT IN to the classroom is a headache. Assign out several favorite local stores for assorted gift cards (and a few online stores too), plus request $10 and $20 CASH increments via Popmoney allowing the organizer to purchase a larger gift card to a department store or even Home Depot if your teacher is working on their house for example…

{Be sure to note the Popmoney Flat $0.95 fee. If you need $10 for a gift card purchase, you could request $11 to cover the fee.}

This is the ‘bouquet’ I made last year for my son’s 4th grade teacher who was retiring at the end of the year. I used a hydrangea plant and added a class photo of their recent field trip. The gift cards are attached to the back of the paper flowers.

But I also really like this “Lollipop Bouquet” idea because it could totally work really well for Valentine’s Day, add flowers with gift cards attached.


Pool Money for a Larger Group Gift Item

Alphabet Rug for Teacher GiftThink about a larger gift item the teacher would definitely USE… Maybe she has requested an item for her classroom?

  • One year our group of parents pooled together and purchased a really nice Alphabet Letter Rug for a Kindergarten Teacher, and she’s still using it today!
  • Or maybe a geography map rug?
  • Or a fabulous organizer shelf! Nothing says we love you like helping a teacher get her classroom organized. SOO much better than a bottle of lotion!


Ask Each Child to Donate Items to Create a Classroom ‘We U’ gift basket.

Suggested Items to request for your Classroom Gift Basket:

  • A few Small gift cards to an all-purpose store like Walmart or Target
  • Package of stickers (THEY LOVE STICKERS!)
  • Classroom cleaning supply items (like paper towels, tissues, cleaning wipes, ziplock bags etc.. the stuff they always need but run out of and might purchase themselves)
  • School supplies: scissors, glue, markers, crayons, dry erase markers
  • Ask parents to be creative, send in USEFUL classroom items and see what they come up with!


{TIP} My favorite Online Sign-Up Sheet solution is When you need to assign volunteers to help in the classroom, or ask for specific items and donations; simply set up all the different ‘spots’ you need in VolunteerSpot and easy cheap teacher valentine ideashare the link to the sign-up via email or social group.

Crafty (CHEAP) Ideas

Last minute ideas are easy to locate via the magical world of Pinterest. A few years back we created easy — and cheap — last minute teacher gifts by wrapping a Valentine’s Themed graphic around a Diet Coke can. (See free download link here.) Find out your teacher’s fave soft drink and voilá you’re all set!

{BONUS} My friend Kate created these FREE last minute Valentine graphics that could be used any number of ways. Staple a small pack of treats to the back for the class and teacher. — OR —


free printable valentine idea-1-2

If your teacher has a green thumb, purchase inexpensive seed packs and staple to the back of his or her card! I love that most of them are gender neutral.

Stuff that isn’t LAME to Buy for Teachers

My bloggy friend Sarah created a gift wishlist for Teachers that DOESN’T Suck. Please, just go peek at the opening graphic. Hilarious. Her suggestions are spot on.

NOTE the point about home baked goods.
Yeah, THAT’s not good?
Instead, she suggests Chocolate and Gift Cards.

If all else fails. See my number one tip at the top.
Money is always the right size. Right color.
They never need to return it.



Disclosure: This is a Popmoney sponsored post. I’ve been using Popmoney for 6 months now. I pay my son’s piano teacher from my phone via Popmoney each month. My sister made me the most amazing boot cuffs and I paid her with Popmoney too. I need to split the hotel costs with roommates at an upcoming conference in a few weeks… I pretty much won’t give them a choice. I’ll just send them a Popmoney request and the deal will be done. I’m a fan as well as an ambassador. These are my opinions.

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  1. February 6, 2015

    I nearly always give gift cards for teacher gifts, usually to because you can buy nearly anything you could ever want there. But I love the idea of using PopMoney!
    Twitter: mym0mmybrain

  2. February 6, 2015

    Great ideas!! Is it sad that I’m glad I homeschool so I don’t need to give teacher gifts? Oh, the pressure I know I would feel. These are awesome though!!
    Twitter: wcornelison

  3. February 8, 2015

    Gift card is a good idea and i used it. If u can some lovely and funny words that could be plus.

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