Blended Movie, A Few Laughs, Not The Best Barrymore-Sandler

2014 May 23

Maybe because I didn’t have to pay for my tickets to see a pre-screener of the newest Barrymore-Sandler romantic comedy last week… OR.  Maybe after two super fun comedies together they didn’t have the spark left to make a third?

(I have a theory about 3rd books in a series tanking.. maybe it’s true for movies too?) blended-movie-logo-adam sandler drew barrymore   But the new Blended Movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore really missed the mark for me. I had my hopes up too, because like everyone else I really liked 50 Dates and Wedding Singer. Overall I give it 4 stars out of 5. But if I were purely judging it on laugh factor I couldn’t go over 3 and that might be pushing it. I thought Adam got in several really funny moments and Drew while not overly funny herself, I think usually riffs off the rest of the team better than this time. Several side characters were not only NOT funny but super annoying. blended-movie-logo-adam sandler drew barrymoreI felt like this was a sequel to a much better first movie. I’d rather watch a movie about these two families before they met? Can they go back and make a prequel?   And maybe I’m just mean but I thought the child actors were terrible. Their lines weren’t great for one. But the older 15 year old daughter is forced to be the ugly tom-boy for the first half of the show and (surprise) she gets a makeover half way through the movie and turns into a gorgeous 25 year old, over-night? I have a 16 year old and finding skirts and dresses long enough to cover her long legs is a nightmare. No thanks to the costuming of the made over teen in this show… she never wore anything longer than her butt the rest of the movie.

Pardon my rant. But that REALLY bugs me.


Back to the movie.

blended-movie-poster-11The story line is predictable, which doesn’t bother me all that much. And I admit I cried. But I cry at butterfly documentaries, ask my kids. I think the Adam Sandler father/widower character is very sweet and since we’re in the Little League age in our family I especially appreciated the scenes where Sandler mentors Barrymore’s son.

If someone asked me about going to see it I would say:

  • FIRST: Make your husband go with you… there ARE enough funny points and strange behaviors that I’ve found myself referencing the movie several times over the past week and then remembering… oh yeah… he didn’t see it yet. If you are looking for a family movie to go see all together, this is worth the trip and money but don’t be expecting a home-run amazing movie.
  •  It’s PG-13 for some mild sexual comments, and a bit of crass language and situations. Especially a painful scene about parenting a teen boy through a master of my domain phase?? But not near as much potty talk and fart jokes as many recent ‘family comedies’. My 10 year old won’t be seeing this in the theater, but if my teen girls wanted to see it I would allow it. And I’d probably allow the 10 year old to see the rental.
  • If you aren’t dying to go see a family movie. Wait for RedBox especially if you don’t want to spend movie theater prices on only an OK movie.

I want to hear what other people think of the annoying side characters during the ‘Blended’ family vacation to South Africa? The host/hotel owner was plain un-funny to me. And by the end of the movie I was truly annoyed by the ‘singing’ group that wouldn’t quit. Once is silly. Twice is weird… 17 times and a ridiculous addition at the ending is completely stupid and unnecessary.

I was surprised to see the Shaquille O’Neal cameo during the movie? I liked his character, but his laugh lines fell a little short. (Get it…? Short? Oh nevermind.)

However one of the best actors in the whole movie was Wendi Mclendon-Covey, of Brides Maids and TV’s Goldbergs. She’s a bright spot in this movie for sure. Disclosure: I was invited to watch a pre-screen edition of the Blended movie as part of a media event. My thoughts and opinions about the bizarre singing group in the movie are my own.

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  1. Q'Majesty permalink
    May 23, 2014

    I saw it last night. It was entertaining enough and family friendly for pre teens and up. I always enjoy the special “sandler” actors from his different films. Its like a fun game to see them and point them out or hear the jokes referencing his other movies and only his cool fans get it

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