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2010 December 17

Christmas is for Kids… and reading… and artwork!

I have two very cute stories to tell about my little boy.

  • Holiday Children’s Artwork is My Favorite!

Last night he sat down and drew this picture of Santa Claus:

I asked him how he drew it so well?? He said his teacher helped them do it one step at a time… first draw a circle the size of a penny in the middle of the page. Color it red. Then draw two ‘foothills’ next to the penny sized nose… (he asked me what a foothill is?)… then more hills for eyeballs and so on.. finishing with the ‘cloud’ around his chin for the beard.

Whatever she taught them, he is able to replicate this image nearly the same, over and over.
(I have 14 pages of Santa art to prove it!)


  • Collecting Holiday Stories and Books


The next story comes from a family tradition we have of collecting a few holiday books every year. My mom has helped out and sent a few along the way as well. We are starting to get a real pile of them!

When we were unearthing the giant totes of Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving day, my little guy was so excited to open the box filled with the books! He acted like he had never seen any of them before.

And in the last year he has gone from zero to the stars in his reading skills, so I guess it makes sense that these books ‘feel’ like he’s never seen them, because it’s the first time he could READ them himself!

He lugs two or three of them in the mom-van when we have errands to run, he filled up his church pack with about 10 of them last Sunday to keep him busy during services, and his absolute favorite thing to do in the evenings is read one of them to mom or dad before bedtime!

What a great holiday tradition to let the kids read to YOU for a change from favorite Christmas books.



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2 Responses
  1. December 17, 2010

    We love reading in our house! We have quite a collection of Christmas books that we pull out just once a year, and I love it that all of my kids can read them on their own now (depending on level, of course)
    Twitter: 1momof5

  2. December 19, 2010

    I know! he sits in church all quiet reading them and often takes 2 or 3 with him in the car when he knows my errands will be ‘long’… 🙂 Love emergent readers!!

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