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2016 September 8

Written by Sorel Rogers — Lessons learned AFTER her first year of college at BYU-I.

All the things I needed (but didn’t know it) at the beginning of my College Freshman year…

Going into my freshman year at BYU-Idaho I really had no idea what I would need. I hadn’t lived on my own before, I hadn’t lived with roommates before, and I hadn’t ever had to move across the country by myself before. Luckily I was in contact with my roommates before we moved in so we could plan a little bit based on what each person was bringing to the 6 person apartment.

There are several things I wish I’d known about and later I had to buy during the semester!

  1. Luggage scale $8Luggage Scale


At the end of my second semester I had to move back home with only three suitcases. One of my roommates had to pay $100 for her suitcase that was over 50 lbs. and there was no way I could afford that. I could however afford a luggage scale to make sure that my suitcases were less than 50 lbs.



  1. Luggage $87




Having good luggage is also important when you’re flying to or from school. You need something that is easy to maneuver when it’s heavy, but still something that can fit at least 50 lbs.





  1. Food Containers $16

Food Storage

This one may seem a little weird but my apartment was constantly running out of Containers. Cooking for one is difficult and there’s always leftovers and we never seemed to have enough plastic containers to put it in, plus a lot of it would get taken to neighbors and never come back or get broken, so having good food containers around would have been really nice.


  1. Non-Wall-Damaging Hooks $6

Command Hooks



Our bedrooms and closets were super tiny and the hooks on my wall saved the day. I had a corner of my room that was just covered in hooks and I would hang all of my jackets and coats on the wall. They’re also useful for decorations.




  1. Printer $70


This one is a little pricier but having my own printer saved me a million times. There are printers on campus but only in certain places. There’s often a line, they’re glitchy and you have to pay for them. And if you’re living off-campus which 99% of students are, it’s a pain to walk up to campus just to print something for homework.


  1. Gift Cards

Gift Cards


If someone is looking to give you a gift, gift cards are the way to go. Rexburg, Idaho where BYU-I is,  doesn’t have a lot to do but it does surprisingly have a decent number of restaurants. My roommates and I loved to go get food when we just needed a break from studying but the cost adds up, so it would be nice to use a gift like this to pay for a meal or two.



  1. Home DecorHome décor $23


make-it-happen-wall-decal-decoration-wall-artRexburg housing is apartments only. There are no dorms, which means that you have a living room and a kitchen. In our apartment we never had anything to hang up in the living room or kitchen and it was a little sad looking. We had plenty of dorm room decorations, but nothing good for a living room or kitchen.



  1. White Board $27

White Board

We had a large white board on our kitchen wall that we would write quotes on whenever someone said something funny or draw pictures or just whatever, it was a lot of fun.








  1. DrawersAnything organizational or space saving $30


Totes or plastic drawers for under the bed or organizers for the bathroom really helped us keep clean with six girls sharing an apartment. I only had one of these but wish I had had 2 more!




  1. Laundry Bag $7

Laundry BagIn my apartment we were lucky enough to have a washer and dryer but most places you have to walk to a laundromat either in the complex or nearby, if so, having a good bag to hold it all and to easily carry is super helpful.








  1. Portable Speaker $23

Portable SpeakerVery important for dance parties with roommates. I have a Beats Pill that I love, but this bluetooth speaker is a more cost friendly option.








  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones $30




Very important for when you need to block out those same dance parties to do homework!!





  1. BlanketBlankets $15

There can never be too many blankets. Rexburg gets really cold and curling up with a nice soft blanket is the best feeling. We all kept tons of blankets in our living room for movie nights when we were sick of studying. The softer-fluffier the better!



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