Why Does Every Family Need A Mobile WiFi Device?

2015 January 26

On a road trip…. What’s Music to a Mother’s Ears?

For my GoodNCrazy family the main reason we need (and love) having our own mobile WiFi device is…

GoPhone Unite Mobile WiFi for FamilyHappy kids = busy kids especially on a long roadtrip. Dare I suggest they read a book? Okay at least read their Kindle App, right?

Having a mobile WiFi Device like the GoPhone Unite, literally means you can take the power of SILENCE with you on any road trip.

Kids of all ages will love you. Like my son below using his new Zooti Tablet catching up on his favorite nerdy YouTube obsessions. And your husband will love you, too. Because traveling with teens and tweens means they all have their own devices—and mom & dad can listen to the 80s station for a change!

13 MORE Reasons You NEED a GoPhone Unite
(AT&T Service, no Contract necessary)

  1. GoPhone Mobile Hotspot with tween in car watching YouTubeGoPhone Unite is only a $69 one time purchase of device.
  2. No contract. No contract. No contract.
    (Wait, Did I mention No Contract?)
  3. Connect up to 10 devices.
  4. Between $15 and $50 for data plans (per week or month).
  5. Refill your data each month via multiple options, retail cards, on your phone or auto refill.
  6. Perfect for a college kid living with roommates.
  7. Great gift for grandparents who want to keep up with family but don’t need a full home internet package.
  8. MOBILE—let’s talk about using a hotspot on long car trips, on vacations where WiFi is hard to come by or in airports where the free WiFi is slow (and unsafe) or expensive to purchase.
  9. Saves your phone’s battery so you can use your phone AS A PHONE, when you really need it!
  10. Gives younger children freedom and access to WiFi with their non-cellular devices… tablets, iTouch, gaming devices WITHOUT worrying about handing over your smart phone to a kid.
  11. Userfriendly, the GoPhone is super easy to set up and get started within minutes of unpackaging
  12. Truly FAST internet while on the road, with several devices all connected… (This was my family’s experience on South Carolina Freeway—Roadtrips, strong signal with 3 and 4 devices).
  13. Can turn off your GoPhone usage at any time, then turn back on again if maybe you have a busy month of travel or will be outside of your normal WiFi access.


There are a couple negative aspects to the GoPhone Unite for our family’s set up and data usage:

FIRST: The monthly data expense is hard to justify if you ALSO have a data plan via your own cell phone company. We are Verizon cell phone users and the GoPhone uses AT&T service.

HOWEVER NOTE: if you are an AT&T customer already, there is a Unite Pro device you can use as a hotspot and it will use data from your family ‘bucket’ cellular data plan. The cost for this option is very efficient.

SECOND: If you use your own internet in your home more than anywhere else, then likely this service will be duplicative. (See point number 13 above, the GoPhone is fabulous when you need extra data while traveling more than usual or if you need a few weeks of additional data maybe when family is visiting?)

 GoPhone mobile hotspot tween watching YouTube on tablet on roadtrip

You might be thinking… wait, my phone can act as a hotspot in a pinch?

Actually, most phones do a poor job as a hotspot. You’re using more expensive cellular data dollars and your phone’s battery will get sucked dry really quickly. Also cell phones as hotspots have really SLOW bandwidth. In my experience using a phone as a hotspot is WAY more frustrating that it’s worth! Plus it heats up the phone something fierce.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, however we were given a GoPhone Unite from NetGear to test and share our family’s feedback. I’d love to hear if you have used a GoPhone or other mobile WiFi device and how you use it?

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  1. January 26, 2015

    Must look into this since we’re in the process of planning a future road trip.
    Twitter: yummommies

  2. February 8, 2015

    Its really needs to catch all sweet moments.

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