Famigo Sandbox App LAUNCHES!

2011 November 3

The app that keeps your kids corralled without destroying your phone!

Here’s the scenario:

Your 4yrold asks to play with your phone in the car.
Sure you say, handing over your brand new Android Thunderbird.
5 seconds later you hear: “I can’t find IT mommy”!

You can’t find what?
Of course you are driving while all this is happening and can’t help him anyway.

Once you get to the grocery store you realize by ‘find it‘, he means he can’t find ANYTHING on the phone! It’s as if he deleted your whole operating system in that short 5 second blip. How is THAT possible!? (Marcel on Friends changing the language come to mind?)

If you have a 4yrold, you KNOW what I’m talking about.

In the Doctor’s office, while waiting in a restaurant for your dinner, on loooong road trips…  whether educational apps, mobile books or a whole lotta Angry Bird Tossing… we’ve all done it. Handed over the phone, and regretted it.


Welcome to the land of Famigo.
Where there’s a Free APP for THAT!
It’s called the Famigo Sandbox App.
And once installed it’s (Did I Mention It’s FREE?) simple to use and worth the STRESS you WON’T have any more!

What I love about Famigo Sandbox

  • They’re our kind of people. The creators get that families are moving more and more towards mobile. Youtube, Games, Social Media. And they really want to help you-help your family, stay safe, and provide a convenient tool for mobile families!
  • The App is brilliant. First it will locate a list of games and apps already on your phone. Then you can add more or remove any that you don’t want to give your 4 yrold access (soon there will be a way to segment the app according to ages of your kids)!
  • When you want to download a new kid friendly app, simply click to discover new apps and you’ll get safe, family friendly recommendations directly from the Famigo App Reviewers, something they’ve already been doing for a long time!  Takes you to the Android Market and boom… your new app is loaded on your phone and already available in the Sandbox.
  • It saves my sanity. It has a lock feature, so when I hand my phone to my kiddo… just like a sandbox… HE CAN’T GO ANYWHERE ELSE! He can’t ‘kid-dial’ my husband, he can’t delete a client’s phone number, he can’t even TURN OFF THE SANDBOX APP without knowing the screen code.
  • A nifty side effect when using the Sandbox App is that when you open the app it doubles as a holding zone for all the games/apps/mobile books etc.. on your phone. No more digging around to locate that new game you downloaded the other day but can’t remember what it was called!
  • Wanna hear the best thing of all?
    Are you ready? Are you sitting down?
    SSSThe ads are disabled while in lock mode!
    Did you HEAR me?
    Your kid cannot click on an ad! (Ads are still there and when clicked a redirect screen sends you back to the game/app.)

Can I get a Hallelujah!

Go get your own free copy. You’re phone will thank me. (Sorry about the peanut butter fingers, I can’t help there.)

NOTE: I love Famigo. I practically begged them to let me write about the launch today! I am also a member of their parent advisory board. Which means they LISTEN to me when I complain about something and they are tech geeks so they add features when I help suggest them. This means that if you love the app, let me know and I’ll tell them! If you have a problem at ALL with the app DEFINITELY let me know and I’ll dial the creators myself and share the issues! I was not directly compensated for this article.

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2 Responses
  1. November 7, 2011

    This is awesome! I hate having to explain weird cell phone calls when my kids press too many buttons.
    Twitter: moneywisemoms

  2. Melissa Ann permalink
    November 27, 2011

    available for iphones? i’ll have to check… my husband would be thrilled!

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