Where To Find Smart Gifts For Nerd Tweens? RadioShack!

2014 December 3

When it’s Hard to Find Smart Gifts for your Nerd Son… it’s Time to #GiftSmart!

This post is sponsored by RadioShack. Go ahead. Buy Smart Gifts!

littleBits synth kit from RadioShack GoodNCrazy Review

weird al radioshack imagePlease tell me you’ve seen the Weird Al commercials from RadioShack.
If you haven’t yet.
Go watch & come back.

For years the holiday gift giving season has been a piece of cake in my family.


With my 2 older daughters it was all things girlie and later clothes.
The end.

For a little boy interested in building and making and ‘doing’ things all the time?
Also Easy.
There are a lot of toys out there for a curious and nerdy little boy.
Think remote controlled cars, trucks, boats and the new drone thingy!

But what do you do when that little boy grows into a Tween Boy and he really doesn’t want ‘Toys’ anymore? And honestly I’m not excited about buying the next gaming system with new expensive video games so he can sit and focus on a TV screen.

On the flip side I LOVE that he happily watches a YouTube tutorial on how to create variations on a Cobra Stick Bomb. And then when he asks for a giant package of tongue depressors I’m all? SURE! Let’s make a massive Stick Bomb in the living room dude!!

littleBits synth kit from RadioShack GoodNCrazy Review 3Recently we went to the MythBusters Stage tour. These guys are my son’s HEROs! Jamie (@donttrythis) said he started juggling when he was young and then explained the brain’s processes while learning to juggle.

You better believe my little boy came home fired up about learning to juggle. He spent the WHOLE Thanksgiving Break… tossing tennis balls all over the dining room. (We might have dodged a few balls while eating pumpkin pie. J)

I’m proud to report less meals are being destroyed and there is ACTUAL juggling going on around here!

When I heard about the LittleBits kits at RadioShack, I was intrigued and wondered if they might be a good fit for my brand of nerd kiddo?

The age on the box says age 14+? But I’m pretty sure as long as I supervised him and made sure he didn’t eat the parts he would be fine. He’s 10 and he was MORE than fine! Maybe that’s the answer to my tween boy gift conundrum? Look around for things that are a little bit of a stretch for his abilities. Help him if needed and watch him master things in his own way??

We have all been playing with the LittleBits Synth Kit | Retail Value $159 and we’re still finding ways to use the bits and pieces.

From the beginning he refused to read the instructions or watch a video or anything. He took one look at all the components (they are miniature electronic gizmos with magnetic ends that literally snap together) and began experimenting with different configurations, sounds, whizzes, whistles and LOUD BEEPING NOISES. –Watch out!

Talk about the stuff of dreams for a little boy who loves to tinker and make things on his own!

{Hint: the speaker has a headphone jack so you can blissfully retreat from the crazy noises if you need to.}

littleBits from RadioShack GoodNCrazy Review 2


He eventually did read the manual, and realized. OH! There are a whole bunch of suggested configurations that create different sounds. Creepy haunted house sounds and horse galloping effects too!

HEY! This YouTube Video by my friend at BabyGizmo shows terrifically what Littlebits Synth is!

We’ve been using the littleBits Synth kit to tap out Christmas music. And to create background sounds for his giant K’NEX Rollercoaster set up. We try to guess the sound effects he thinks he’s making and sometimes we get it right. Sometimes we have NO IDEA?! And then we record it all anyway using the Selfie Stick from Radio Shack!

I’m imagining a little maker kid waking up on Christmas morning with the Synth Kit in his or her stocking. And I’m thinking that kid will be busy tinkering and making sounds all day long…

The Perfect Christmas Day!


Disclosure: I was given both a Selfie Stick and a Littlebits Synth Kit to test and share my honest opinion. This is a sponsored post.

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2 Responses
  1. December 3, 2014

    I think that in a few more years, these kinds of gifts will be what Moo puts on her Christmas list. Right now she still enjoys dolls, but she’s also really into math and science. It’s her whole talk when she comes home and her strongest subjects in school right now.
    Twitter: yummommies

  2. December 3, 2014

    I know my 14 yo would LOVE these toys. She loves making things and still plays with Legos. She is very good in math and science! Did not get it from me or my husband, that’s for sure!!
    Twitter: mym0mmybrain

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