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2014 July 3

I have a ten year old little boy who is super excited about this 4th of July.

Because for the first time ever we have BOTH: Fireworks and Fireflies!

When you grow up in the West… and by West I mean— high mountain desert— when you grow up in the West there are a few things you go without (besides water). You don’t KNOW you are going without until you are older. But still.

For one thing: FIREFLIES.

What’s the deal?
There are no fireflies west of the Mississippi.

lightning bugs firefly fireflies ikewinski on flickr attribute

Photo Credit: ikewinski on Flickr says: “In the U.S., almost no species of fireflies are found west of Kansas—although there are also warm and humid areas to the west. Nobody is sure why this is. There are many species of fireflies throughout the world, and the most diversity in species is found in tropical Asia as well as Central and South America.”

I know. There are thousands of children in America missing out on the beauty and jars full of fun that is an evening slowly lit up with phosphorus bug-butts! Also… those kids have no idea just how slow and well… stupid a firefly really is?

Another thing: FIREWORKS

firework fireworks night summer lake water canada day 4th of july Alan paone on flickr

photo credit Alan Paone on Flickr

It’s dry in the West. Usually so dry you aren’t allowed to let off fireworks in your backyard at all. Fireworks aren’t sold in stores in the states I grew up in (Idaho and Utah). And while you can buy them a week or so before the 4th of July and the 24th of July (a Mormon holiday—feel free to read more about that)… you can’t buy fireworks year round and the ones allowed are pretty tame.

You have to drive to Wyoming for the big stuff. Just across the border on the Idaho and the Utah sides are huge Fireworks stores… just waiting to sell you Balls of Fire so you can potentially light up your neighborhood and have the police called on you. These ‘illegal’ fireworks were a big deal once we were teenagers. Cuz we hadn’t really seen them before!

Yes the big firework shows in parks and such choreographed to John Phillips Sousa existed even in the tiny towns. But… letting off your own fireworks with titles like: “MotherTrucker”… now THAT was fun!

Welcome to the Great State of South Carolina!

It’s like I moved to Wyoming! Well except there’s a lot more people, rain, green trees, humidity, FIREFLIES and warm beaches. Oh my! The waters off the coast of South Carolina are bath tub warm.

We're in South CarolinaWhen you cross over from North to South Carolina in the Charlotte area you are greeted by 8 or 10 Fireworks Stores! And we happen to live about 3 blocks from several of those stores. See? Just like Wyoming! HA! There are a few fireworks that are illegal even in South Carolina, but for the most part.. it’s ALL GOOD.

We plan on one WINGDING of a big bang tomorrow night.. photos to come I promise! And yes, we plan on having the fire station on speed dial.


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  1. July 4, 2014

    Hope you’re having a lovely 4th July! Can’t wait to see your photos!

  2. July 4, 2014

    Being able to pop fireworks is the one thing I miss about living in SC. Sparklers and fountains aren’t my idea of firework fun. As a child, we used to stock up weeks in advance for the 4th and New Years. We would start at one relative’s house and keep moving around popping fireworks and eating until well after midnight. I hate that my children are missing out that living here.
    Twitter: yummommies

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