Going Walkabout In Uptown Charlotte With My Son

2014 February 28

photobomb in uptown charlotte with my son

If I told my 9 year old: Hey we’re going to spend the afternoon wandering around uptown Charlotte, learning how to navigate city streets and exploring public art… he would open his iPad and say no thanks, mom, I’ll stay home.

Instead I told him we were headed to the Charlotte Children’s Library called ImaginOn (Great name for a library eh?). It doubles as a Children’s Theater and it’s one place we haven’t explored since moving here half a year ago. For my little nerd boy, a whole library devoted to books for his age sounded like the PERFECT Saturday afternoon!

Visit Charlotte uptown walking tourThe trick… was to park several blocks away from the Library and walk to our destination. I secretly asked him questions along the route: If we started on 1st Street and we just pasted 2nd Street which way is 7th Street where the library is? Easy… THAT way mom! Good… now what direction is THAT way? A little harder but he noted where the afternoon sun was and figured out that we were walking North.


uptown charlotte church street walking


Isn’t it interesting the streets going East/West have numbers? But the streets going North/South are named? We parked on Church… but now we’re walking along Tryon… I wonder what or who a Tryon is? Is Church Street named after a specific church or was that someone’s last name? Next up is College Street… which college do you think? A few Google Searches later and we had our answers.

Oh wait, that street should be 4th Street, since we just passed 3rd Street? Why is it called Trade? And WOW those are huge statues on the 4 corners of Trade & Tryon… What do they mean?

uptown charlotte walking collage


Before he knew it he was learning street signs, reading art installment signs and we weren’t even half way to our destination yet! He was patient with me because my second motive was to fill my camera card with pretty and maybe a little funky Uptown Charlotte photos.

uptown charlotte walking collage7th street


We made it to the 7th Street Public Market, located next to a light rail train stop and filled with fun shops. Since we had a late breakfast and ALL THAT WALKING MOM(!) we opted to share a 10 inch Pure Pizza. (Totally yummy)

uptown charlotte walking collage imaginon.org and PurePizza #7thstreetmarket


And directly across the street is ImagineOn. The whole first level is devoted to children’s books for ages up to 11. And the 2nd floor is all TEEN books ages 12-18. Plus there are several art installments throughout the Library as well as many computers and iPads with learning games and apps installed on them. The current Children’s Play is a Louisiana twist on Little Red Riding Hood.

The next few children’s plays are:
Too Many Frogs in March, The Reluctant Dragan in April and Baloonacy in June

The cost to see plays is $10 and $12.  

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4 Responses
  1. February 28, 2014

    ImagineOn is one place we haven’t visited. Now that the girl is getting a little older and really enjoying reading, I really need to take her down. We usually hit Discovery Place when we come down for site-seeing. I’ve been wanting to come down and walk around again for a while, I just need it to get a little warmer first. The wind really whips around those buildings! One of my favorite things to do when we’re down walking is to explore the old grave yard. So many cool people to learn about!
    Twitter: mamamommymom

  2. February 28, 2014

    Wow you guys had a blast!!! Next trip North Charlotte Huntersville, before we move please 😉
    Twitter: mommybknowsbest

  3. February 28, 2014

    I think I forget how much we have right in our city to do – that is free or crazy cheap! Walking around uptown is something I feel like I should do more with my kids too.. there’s so much to see! We’ve also never been to Imaginon, but you’ve inspired a special mommy day to take my kiddos on a similar excursion sometime in the near future! Looks like you had so much fun!
    Twitter: Kelchristina

  4. Addy permalink
    September 11, 2014

    Loved the article 🙂 I’m a born and raised Charlottean and I couldn’t tell you why it’s uptown.. I grew up calling it downtown then all of a sudden that wasn’t proper anymore..weird. I was wondering though, did you take the picture of the skyline? I am looking for a picture of the skyline I could buy to make a canvas out of. Thanks!

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