GoodNCrazy Halloween 2013 Frank & Bride

2013 November 4

Happy Halloween from My Family to Yours!

It’s been a chaotic and crazy and GOOD year for the Rogers family to say the LEAST!

Family halloween frankenstein bride black cat little red zombie baseball player goodncrazy

So when it came to devising a family theme for Halloween.. yeah, NO.
Not happening this year.
…Oh we tossed around a few ideas.

How about the Scooby Doo Gang? —But there are only 2 girls… and everyone was fighting over who would be Scooby.   Perhaps Monsters Inc.? Warm Bodies-esque zombies? Avengers? Hobbits? NAH…

It seems (sigh) my GoodNCrazy kids are good & crazy tired of the ‘group family theme’ thing. THEY’RE OLD NOW. They really just want to do their own thing, head out with their own friends…

Oh and… MOM? Could you do us a favor this year and NOT dress up? PLEASE? You’re embarrassing.

Sorry kids.
I knew when I agreed to the whole eternal marriage thing that I was marrying a theater geek. And with that came dressing up for Halloween as grown ups. (Which makes me have a deep think?? Will there be dress up days in Heaven?) I sure hope so.

Last year I had my Smurfy costume all planned out for months. This year I was getting a little depressed when mid-September we still didn’t have a plan.

And then SHAZAAM! It hit me (while inside a Target store looking at Halloween stuff a full 45 days early) they had cheesy Frankenstein and Bride-Of head pieces made of foam. —Bad costumes but REALLY great idea for a couple costume!

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this couple’s costume idea sooner?!!

Family halloween frankenstein bride goodncrazy

I kind of think we Rocked It.

PLUS… I have this fairly large obsession with the Mary Shelly Frankenstein book. I tried unsuccessfully for 4 years to talk my Oregon book club into reading it. They refused. But I wore them down. And in the fifth year they agreed to read it! (Course that book club was a bit more about yummy treats and magazines than actual book reading… but WHO CARES I was still happy.)

kids family halloween red riding hood black cat zombie baseball player goodncrazy

TK was all set to be a Zombie Baseball Player for several months now and his costume was easy except we couldn’t find our baseball stuff after the move? A new friend here came to the rescue and let us use an old pair of hers! We cut them up and gave them a mud bath for good measure. Added a T-shirt, long socks, baseball cap and ‘Zombie’ make-up (thanks to the oldest daughter’s skills) and he was good to go!

The middle kiddo was happy to make use of the Red Cape we bought 3 or 4 years ago and Little Red (with a dark side) was reborn. The oldest dug through 4 costume boxes (we’ve had some of this stuff for going on 16 years ya know!) and found the makings of a black cat.

Carolina Halloween Weather Rocks!

Halloween night here was the WARMEST Trick-or-Treating I have ever had the privilege to enjoy. They say it’s usually quite cold. But I prefer to believe this was a normal year. YAY!

THANK YOU Carolina!

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