My Gratitude Attitude About Teaching LDS Seminary

2014 November 1

I didn’t think I’d say it.

But over 2 months in and I’m here to report that I’m grateful to be teaching Early Morning Seminary.

—The early morning part of that statement not so much.

See where I talk more about WHAT Early Morning Seminary means for a Mormon Teenager.
It’s a religious study program they attend every day BEFORE school starts.

Keep calm and attend seminary #LDS #Mormon

The teaching and the 28 students are the parts I’m surprising myself about. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed and my own kids have crazy schedules this time of year with Marching Band finishing up their final HUGE competitions (Indianapolis Anyone?) and Cross Country State Semi-Finals wrapping up. But I’m enjoy both teaching and getting to know the kids despite my own chaos.

Oh and did I mention we got a puppy during all of this? (I might have.) ;0)
Cuz I have sooo much extra time.

OscarOctober Oscar#OscarOctober is over.
Oscar-Just-How-Big-Is-He-Going-To-Grow is just beginning!

He’s getting big… and I’m getting worried?

He’s over 18 pounds now. (Up from 14 pounds a month ago!)

And he’s officially become a toddler. He has naughty moments and gets into everything. He got onto the table and ate every single pumpkin cookie my Visiting Teacher brought me. He cannot be left alone with garbage cans because THEY.ARE.TOO.MUCH.FUN.

But he’s also learning new things every day. He will sit, jump and shake hands with his paw on command… and he’s VERY motivated by food. I’m thinking we’ll have him typing and taking down dictation by next month!

Sorry, the puppy distracted me.
Back to my Seminary Gratitude Attitude.

It’s like I have 28 kids in addition to my own. I stress over them. I worry about them. I’ve been to football, volleyball and cross country events to cheer them on. 7 total of our seminary kids are also in the band and since I’m a band mom I get to cheer them ALL on at the competitions. They’re all SuperMan to me. (Inside Band joke… since their theme this year is about Superman.) And yes. I love them all.

I’ve been impressed and even shocked at the insights they share as we talk about Church History. My goal has been to bring to life the real people mentioned in the Doctrine & Covenants (the body of scripture we are studying this year). And I think I can safely say they all know who Edward Partridge is.

Tune in tomorrow when I talk about the word ‘Guile’.
Because it has to do with our new friend Ed here.

Also it’s possible I’m having WAY more fun than the kids are. I dreamed up a game yesterday where we really just needed to begin matching the keywords of some of the 25 scriptures they are encouraged to memorize this year. Called Scripture Mastery verses… anyway. I had the boys stand in the back with paper plates that had the reference written on them. And the girls stood in the front ‘armed’ with a handful of marshmallows.

As I shouted out the keywords, the girls had to identify the reference and then pelt the poor boy with that plate! He had two options: open his mouth REALLY wide or defend himself with the plates! I warned them, next month I’m switching it and the boys will get to throw the marshmallows.

As is true with any calling I’ve had. I’m learning right along with the students. I have gained a stronger testimony of the Restoration of Jesus Christ’s gospel. I am understanding the process the early LDS Saints went through as all the pieces of this dispensation were being unveiled and fulfilled. And I can say without doubt that the priesthood is the most important part of the restoration of the Gospel (In my opinion). Without God’s power on Earth given directly from John the Baptist & Peter, James and John as angels, the rest of the Restoration could not have taken place.

I am grateful for Jesus Christ and his atonement for all of us. I know that Christ knows me personally and listens to my prayers and God the Father answers my pleas especially as I have questions and desires to understand and learn more about the Mormon Church History and Doctrine.

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