Hate Drinking Water? 10 Ideas To Help Drink More Water

2014 January 10


I think I’m allergic to water. It doesn’t make sense but I don’t like the taste.

Hate drinking water? 10 Ideas to help drink more water!The one time I’m thrilled to drink large amounts of water is when I’m playing a sweaty sport like basketball. MAYBE after I’ve jogged in the heat I will crave straight water. I can go days without drinking more water than is necessary to brush my teeth and sip with my morning couple of pills.


Water, water everywhere but I don’t want to take a drink!

Part of my problem is I’m very happy drinking one or two sodas per day. So when I think I’m feeling thirsty I grab a diet Mountain Dew and voilá, my thirst is gone! But I’m guessing not enough water and too much soda is probably giving me negative consequences if not now… later? I’m working up to running the Ragnar Trail Relay in April. Plus I set a #BlogForward 2014 goal to drink more water (and less soda) at least while training. But just how much water are you supposed to drink in a day? Because if I drink a ‘WHOLE’ glass of water that would be more than I usually drink in a couple days!

What is the Optimum Amount of Water to Drink per Day?

I’ve been asking around about how much water is the ‘right’ amount and most people still go by the 8 glasses of water or 64 ounces. But some, like this video on Huffington Post suggest ½ ounce H20 per lb of your current weight. For me that would be 75 ounces! I’ll drown before I get that down. There’s just no way. Also the expert in the video link says don’t drink all the water first thing in the morning: “We’re Not Camels”, he adds. You should drink your water throughout the day not all at once.

But there’s a problem with that much water… at least for me..

And if I drink later than 4 or 5PM, I PEE ALL NIGHT TOO!
I hate that part.

I’ve been trying a few different approaches to getting 2 quarts of water down each day.  So far these are the things working for me. What works for you?

10 Ideas to Help You Drink More Water

1. Add Cut Up Fruit
Use whatever you have on hand, on your next trip through the produce section get creative! Lemon, lime, cucumber, berries, melons etc. Maybe try something you wouldn’t normally? Sweet Potatoes, tomatoes? I once had a fancy lunch at a hotel and the water was spiked with honest to goodness baby greens.. Salad Water?! It was surprisingly refreshing with the meal, but not something I want to drink 64 ounces of! I think there was basil leaves in there too. Try something strange maybe? Cayenne pepper and lemon juice sounds strange to me but I think I would like it! Other herbs might be great as well. I LOVE rosemary in lemonade for example? And I saw a suggestion to freeze chunks of fruit and use them to ice up your water and flavor at the same time.

2. Count ALL Your Water Intake
If I understand correctly other forms of water count towards your optimum daily agua intake. Including fruit juices (water them down to get extra water ounces & less calories) and herbal teas. I’ve been adding a favorite flavor of herbal tea bag to 2 quarts of water and letting it sit for an hour or so then adding a Stevia packet and drinking out of the pitcher during the day. Many fruits have a lot of water as well. But I’m more interested in liquid forms of water for now. Plus I’m not counting caffeinated beverages or alcohol (which I don’t drink anyway). Drink Your Water reminder app android

3. There’s an App for that!
Drink more water reminder Apps? Water Your Body by NorthPark free on Android. It sets timers and you can click as you drink your water to help calculate how much you’ve downed in one day. Plus see over time how you are doing with daily charts. You can use whole fitness apps like MyFitnessPal also free, to calculate calories and exercise but it will also track your water intake.



4. Keep It Nearby and in Your Eyesight
I’m almost always at my computer or in my car. So I keep a glass of water on my desk and 2 full ones in my vehicle all the time. Plus if it helps go buy a super cute water bottle you’ll be happy to have with you at all times.

5. Take the Restaurant Water Pledge
Make a deal with yourself that you won’t drink anything but water when dining out. And try to drink half a glass of water before the meal comes. If you don’t like drinking restaurant water bring your own water bottle in.

6. Know Your Triggers
For some reason when I start cooking dinner for my family my ‘Need a Soda’ internal beeper starts going off. I REALLY want a soda in the late afternoon. I think this is more of an addiction problem than anything. I’m craving caffeine and I’m probably dehydrated at the same time. Before starting dinner prep I grab my water glass and down a huge gulp, then sip on it while making dinner.

7. Allow for Failure
For me I’m just as much about stopping the diet soda habit as I am about increasing my water intake. But I’m working on that one day at a time and not beating myself up about it. If I have met at least half of my water goal then I let myself have a soda that day. My end goal is to drink less soda but I’m not going cold turkey and I’m happy to have one or two cans per week.

glass of wate8. Drink Your Favorite Temperature
I don’t like ice cold water (unless I’ve just ran a few miles in the heat!). I prefer room temperature water so I keep it ice free and usually waiting for me on the counter. (Or in a water bottle in the car). If you prefer chilled water freeze half a bottle of water and then fill it up before you head out. That way it will stay chilled while you are drinking and slowly melt. If you like warm water (I can’t imagine unless it has something in it?) then go ahead and enjoy it that way!

9. Sneak in 8 Ounces..
When you are brushing your teeth or taking vitamins or medicine pills drink a full 8 ounces of water after you rinse or swallow the pills. If you have evening pills do the same!

10. Drink Less Water After 4 or 5 PM to Prevent Waking at Night
After a week of drinking MUCH more water than I did before I think my body and bladder are getting better at holding all night long. I drink a small glass of water with dinner but very little after that.

{Bonus Tip}
Find a group of friends and create a challenge around drinking more water! My sisters have all jumped in and encouraged me to keep to my goal and we’ve created a whole Facebook group to keep each other honest in our weight, exercise and WATER goals!\

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