Hidden Treasure Adventure With GMC’s Acadia Denali

2013 August 5

5 DIY Bloggers… And Me, Go Figure?

I am just as crafty as the next mom. Heck I ran a successful custom tote sewing business. I made matching Easter Dresses for my daughters for years. I’ve painted bedrooms in more houses than I can count at this point. I know what I like when I see it.

But I am no design DIY queen.

The main problem is I can’t visualize a pretty plan in my brain and pull it out for others to see. And THAT is the difference between me and the 5 DIY bloggers on the Hidden Treasure Adventure, hosted by GMC.


Don’t worry, I’m happy to be the heavy lifter. And I’ve recently found out I can spray paint while holding my breath with the best pros around! Oh and I can drive through 5 states in 5 days and take the #127Sale by storm!!  Did I mention we were all driving #Acadia Denalis? Yeah, can you say CARGO SPACE?

But how do I pull off designing the 2 girl’s shared room with a $250 budget, hundreds of yard sales down 5 states and a whole lotta spray paint??

IT WAS SURPRISINGLY EASY! (And a lot of late nights.)

They paired me up with the most amazing professional interior designer in the group. Please meet Kirsten Grove of SimplyGrove.com. And when I say professional I mean this girl flies to Australia for clients. She designs New York Penthouses for Professional Sport Celebrity Wives. She writes for multiple magazines—she’s the REAL DEAL. Oh yeah… and she blogs.

All I had to do was say: Kirsten, what do you think of this mirror/basket/chair/shelf—and just from her look I could tell if I was far off in the land of design absurdity or if I had accidentally stumbled into design nirvana. I do feel bad that her job was made twice as hard by being stuck with me in the #Acada Denali we shared?! (She was very kind and nice when I screwed up.)

Inspiration Strikes

I found a sweet retro light yellow dresser at our first stop even before the #127Sale began. The Ann Arbor Habitat Restore donated items for the 6 of us. This dresser was begging to surprise 2 little girls. Plus my own daughters are obsessed with yellow right now, so I took it as a sign! It didn’t need a thing. Just a little 409 and it was good to go.

HINT: DIY Lesson Learned

From Courtney of FrenchCountryCottage: “My goal is to find items that fit my design style and then leave them like they are!” …And I have to say she found an amazing little table and chairs early on in the adventure. I was skeptical… BUT WOW look how amazing it worked out in the new kitchen! (See images below, photo at right courtesy of Courtney.)

GoodNCrazy Design Plan for Girl’s Bedroom
(And Kirsten confirmed so I breathed a sigh in relief.)

  1. Use the Inspired Dresser as a focal point. Let it shine.
  2. Find an AMAZING mirror to go above the dresser. Something metal, ornate and hopefully round?
  3. Lots of White—headboards, shelves, baskets and a few pretty items (LOTS OF SPRAY PAINT).
  4. Keep it Simple. The room is VERY small. With 2 beds and a dresser there’s basically no room for anything else. I wanted to make the closet SING, make it very organized with shelves and hooks.
  5. These are ‘big girls’ 8 and 12, and I know when my girls were that age they wanted things that made them feel like big kids. I wanted girlie stuff to fill the shelves like fingernail polish & lip gloss, arts & crafts and for sure very pretty comforters.
  6. And last I wanted several pops of color in a few accessories—not over the top with color in such a small space.

This room was created through a process of teamwork and small miracles.

What a treat and a humbling experience to work with amazing designers and the awesomeness of watching this family light up when they walked into their new space made us all cry.

I LOVED helping one family’s house become a home.

A very heartfelt thank you goes out to GMC, I was invited by them to join this year’s Hidden Treasure Adventure (#GMChta) and I was thrilled to be part of such a terrific event. My travel and expenses were covered by GMC, however I was not compensated for this post. There were several other brands involved and deserve thanks: Habitat For Humanity, Rust Oleum, A Local Atlanta GMC Dealer, 3M, and even the past year’s blogger alumni supported this event. (Maybe I can join them next year for the big work & reveal day?!)

Please check out the other bloggers, their websites and stories:

 LizMarieBlog—Boys Room

SimplyGrove – Master, Mom’s Room

FrenchCountryCottage – Kitchen/Dining

OneProjectCloser—TheBetterHalf – Living Room

TheDIYDreamer – Music/Office Space

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7 Responses
  1. August 6, 2013

    Love this post and love how your room came out. You did an amazing job. The girls were absolutely thrilled!

    • August 6, 2013

      Getting a few moments with those little girls was worth the WHOLE THING!!!! thanks Courtney!!! 🙂

  2. August 6, 2013

    Oh, that looks like SO much fun!!! Good job.
    Twitter: dariadg

  3. fariba permalink
    August 16, 2013

    Hi , I’ve just found your website and i love it . 😉

  4. November 11, 2013

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  5. March 10, 2015

    I was just googling this automobile and found you! GREAT post! Now I’m torn.. Denali or no Denali… lol Hope all is well!

    • March 10, 2015

      The GMC models are great for ‘heavier’ work duty. And I was quite literally shocked at all we could fit in the Acadia.
      The Denali version of the Acadia was VERY nice.
      I would definitely find a way to test drive both trim levels to determine if you MUST have all the extra bells and whistles or if they are too over the top for you.
      Because the regular higher level trim level for Acadias is still VERY nice.
      So in the end I’m not much help there… :0)

      I will say I’m a minivan kind of mom. We’re on our third Town&Country! And you simply can’t beat them for storage with and without kids/chairs in it.
      But if I were looking for a people moving type of vehicle that WAS not a minivan and still had serious cargo room. The acadia beats several others like it in my opinion. The main one I tested and just couldn’t see out the back/side windows well enough was the Buick Enclave.

      I did not test a Chryster Pacifica and they don’t make them any longer… but I know family’s who love theirs?
      Hope it’s helpful!

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