How Twitter Saved My Christmas (Cards) Or How To Merge Excel W/ Word to Make Christmas Envelope Labels

2011 December 15

Would you simply die to have one of these amazing Christmas Photo cards?

I was super excited to have my friend Julie from create them for me!

{If you hurry she might make one for you… I paid her in babysitting and Wingers Potato Skins.. but you can just send cash.}



So how did Twitter save my Christmas (Cards)?


If you had one of these amazing photo cards, you would have a friend take a wonderful family photo (all dressed in coordinating red/black/grey colors), and you would ship off the custom photo cards to Costco (for $20 you would get 75 cards made) and your husband would drive 1.5 hours over the mountain to go pick them up.

AND then you would do like I did and create a beautiful EXCEL spreadsheet of all your 75 closest friends and family.

You would then TRY to figure out how to create a merge mail label on Office Word 2010. And you would fail. And beat your chest, and cry a little when you think about the carpel tunnel from addressing that many envelopes by hand.

And THEN you would announce to the Twitter world that you are a failure and need Excel/Word merge help PRONTO.

And @MMangen will come to your rescue and Save Christmas (Cards) for you!

Michelle is a sweetheart, she even wrote a full tutorial for me titled: “When Carissa is too dumb to figure out Mail Merge on Word”.
(Okay I lied, she titled it: How to: Create Mailing Labels Using Excel and Word.) But we all know it was really for me.

And it worked.
Erm.. I mean…
The first TWO pages of my labels worked. I have no idea why, but the third page wouldn’t print. It merged alright, but just sat there inside my computer and refused to come out in ink and stickers. So I pouted a little bit and then shipped the whole dang document to Michelle who… Yes.. Saved Christmas (Cards).. AGAIN.

Turns out she had to copy and paste the data from the old Excel into a new Excel doc and Voilá all is right with the world.


If I can do this. YOU can too!

Christmas Card Labels, EASY! (Not easy for me… but I’m sure for YOU… EASY!)

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