HTC #DROIDDNA Released Today! | {Verizon Users Be Excited}

2012 November 13

Ohhh it’s like a spy movie…. And I’m right here in the middle of it.

I always say the best spy would be a mother of 3, with 14 bags, a kid in a stroller and a toddler hanging on her leg. Who would ever think I’m an HTC Ninja? Boom.

I am.

I love the word embargoed. Ooooh. Say it again! EM-BAR-GOED.

I’ve been asked to keep quiet for 4 whole days. FOUR. If you know me at ALL. You know that’s a nearly impossible request.

Well it didn’t kill me. I kept quiet. I mean except for my kids and my husband—I totally told them all about it. WHAT? Oh that’s right…  this THING! Finally I can tell you TODAY!!

HTC DROID DNA! Gorgeous.

I was one of 20 folks chosen to cuddle and babysit and KEEP QUIET about the all new… the fabulous… The DROID DNA!! It’s a 5 inch cell phone, but it’s more like a tablet.. um.. phablet if you want, but too weird for me to say that. It does fit in my back pocket and oh my gosh the SCREEN is SO gorgeous. HD videos, crystal clear!

This is the first device from HTC released in the USA to:

  • Feature a 5 inch, 1080p display. HTC’s designers did some serious magic to shrink the bevel and keep it small(ish) (No idea what bevel means but I sound cool, eh?)
  • Feature Qualcomm’s latest quadcore S4 CPU, which blends stunning power and sips power. This is truly a next-gen processor. (Again? Huh? But so far battery power is NOT a problem.)
  • Feature built-in wireless recharging (you need the power mat accessory from Verizon to use this). (No word when this will be available, but I have a portable charger for now…)
  • Feature a massive 2 GB of RAM for even better multi-tasking and performance. (I’m a mom I LOVE THAT!)
  • And it includes all the great features from the HTC One series, including Beats Audio, an amazing 8 megapixel camera with ImageSense, and much more. (Oh people. The Camera. I swoon.)

Why did they choose to send this amazingly cool device to ME? To test out before it was even announced to the world? Before it’s even in stores later this month??


I mean. I’m a mom over here people. 3 kids, one husband and other than I have way to much fun playing and communicating via social media… I dunno?! But THANKS!

I love new tech, don’t get me wrong, and while I wouldn’t say I’m a techy… (I’m not) I do love my cell phones. I’ve been through HTC: First round Incredible, Thunderbolt, Rhyme, Incredible LTE 4G and now… (insert spy music) The #DROIDDNA.

Let’s talk about the camera folks.

Because honestly that’s what I’m all about.

  1. It’s Amazing. Just believe me.
  2. The HDR feature is much better than my other phones. Less fake looking and removes shadows especially well!
  3. I was already in love with the panorama of my other phones. Still here.
  4. There’s a super cool ‘continuous shooting’ option. When it’s on, you press the shutter and it takes (are you sitting down?) FOUR photos per second!! All moms just passed out.
  5. The front facing camera (Full Frontal if you speak HTC-ese) is all super-bad with itself and a wide angle camera to fit YOUR WHOLE FAMILY in it! Plus there is a one touch button to switch to front camera (LOVE THAT!). PLUS… and I could cry a little bit I’m so happy about this one… the front camera has a 3 second countdown after you hit the shutter. You know how you used to have to do gymnastics to click the shutter AND be looking in the right spot AND not jiggle the camera AND get the shot? That’s over. 3 seconds to GET the right shot the first time. AMEN.
  6. The gallery isn’t technically part of the camera I know, but mom’s love photos and photo sharing and photo organizing. My first cell phones kinda sucked on the photo organizing. Now the gallery loads with last photos at the top (I’ve been begging for that). But even more fun—the gallery auto organizes your photos by date and even event.

Screenshot of the ‘Events’ photo gallery organization.

Tomorrow.. I’ll share a bunch of the amazing photos with y’all. For now.. enjoy my Flickr Stream…


In case it’s not clear? HTC secretly sent this phone at no charge to me.
I’m still not even sure why! But if it’s because they love me? The feeling is SO mutual.

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