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2013 December 15

I bought an HTCOne smart phone back in June. I had to switch to Sprint to make that happen. (Of course NOW you can now buy an HTCOne with Verizon… sheesh!)


Is the #HTCOnemax too bigLast month HTC contacted me and asked if I would like to test out and compare the #HTCOnemax with the #HTCOne? I said, heck yes! —Warning, I’m an Android girl and while I own an iPad, I rarely use it and much prefer Android products.

Am I Biased?
Raising hand.
Admitting it Freely.

These are my honest ‘mom-tech’ thoughts about the phone. I’m no techy, but I use my phones heavily!

In the picture you can see my very average sized hand next to the HTCOne (4.7 inch) and the larger HTCOnemax (5.9 inch), as well as holding the Max.

I’m in LOVE With  4 New Features on the #HTCOnemax

It’s HUGE. It has a 5.9 inch Screen!

This is a double fisted phone. But honestly I couldn’t use the HTCOne one-handed either. The large screen makes managing my blog directly from my phone much easier. Talk about easy to read Kindle books right on my phone anytime I have downtime. Waiting for an oil change, open a book. Waiting for piano lessons, read my book. Waiting… is a mom’s middle name with big kids so I always have a book on hand.

Guess what I’m planning to read on my HTCOnemax over Christmas Break? (NOTE: Amazon Links)

#HTCOnemax power flip case batter extenderWatching Movies on the Max is a treat, HTC sent me the HTC Power Flip Case (which also extends the battery time) making it easy to prop up the phone on my lap and 2 people can easily watch videos. The flip case is nice for protecting the phone as well. But it sort of gets in the way for regular use during the day. Especially when trying to take photos. I’m not sold on the flip case yet, but giving it another week to see if I get used to it. –>

But is it Too Big? That’s the big question. Like the HTC DNA I tested out (5.0 inch screen), this phone is much more of ‘phablet’ than a phone. It DOES fit in my back pocket, which I often use. It fits fine in my small shoulder purse I carry everywhere. Using it as a phone is strange, it feels pretty large up against your ear. But like my teens I’m finding I communicate with people more via texting and other means than with phone calls. And it’s heavier than my past phones. I’m worried about dropping it when I’m juggling 6 other items.

MomTip: There’s almost no way to manage the phone and drive. So if you’re always tempted to answer a text or try to dial your phone while driving, the size of the phone will actually help deter you. On the other hand if you are still tempted, using this phone while driving would be even less safe.

HTC Photo Gallery—Highlight Videos Make Me Happy

#HTCOnemax automatically create video hightlights

The camera is wonderful (I rarely pull out my big-girl camera these days!) but so far I think the image quality is the same as the HTC One. 4MP UltraPixel rear camera and 2.1-megapixel front-facing camera. (Love the swipe across the screen to change to front facing camera.)

But what is totally blowing me away are all the new things in the Gallery phone app. Zoe 3 second videos are still great. But I found I would forget to switch over to Zoe and then later editing and finding them was cumbersome and not easy when I was in a hurry.

Now while in the Gallery App it’s been simplified, just slide the screen left to the ‘Video Highlights’. If you are in your camera pictures you can click on photos AND videos and it will automatically feed the selected images and a few seconds of videos randomly within a theme (video filter) and different music. If you are in your event images (roughly by date) you choose the event you want and then select the images/videos for your video highlight.

It creates these amazing little mini ‘highlight’ reels from say a teen birthday party, or of your band kid’s Christmas Carol performance (see photo). The highlight reels are 30 seconds long and randomized, I have to refresh the highlight a few times to get the images and videos I want, but overall it’s a really easy process.

Then you have to SAVE THE HIGHLIGHT you like best to your phone—giving it a title. (Takes around 15 seconds.) THEN find the highlight video you just saved in your Video Highlight folder. FINALLY you upload your new highlight video to YouTube and THEN share to your social channels etc. HTC has a way to share highlights directly to an HTC share site you can then share, but I found that harder than the YouTube option.

The HTCOnemax Speakers ROCK (But so do the HTCOne speakers)

The speakers are on the front and I really can’t say enough how amazing the sound is, directly from the phone. Loud. Clear. Just Fabulous. I open a streaming Christmas music app, get in my car and have no need to plug it into my car speakers or earbuds. HTC BoomSound™… BOOM.

Battery Length Extended

So far I’ve tested the HTCOnemax phone at my ‘Mom-Fast-Forward-Life’ for about a week, and the battery is lasting about 36 hours before it needs a recharge. My HTC One rarely lasts a whole day at the same use. I often have to recharge the HTCOne around dinner time each day. 3300 mAh in the HTCOnemax vs 2300 mAh (I don’t know what 3300 mAh means, but longer battery is awesome!)



Other New Features on the HTCOnemax

The side on/off button is interesting. But something I’m still getting used to. And more than once while holding the phone around the middle I accidentally turn off the screen.

The Scribble App is great for making to-lists and notes. Adding voice recordings and photos easily.

The Blinkfeed is also on the HTCOne but I find it easier to use and manage with the HTCOnemax. It’s super image based so you can quickly see images and updates from friends on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. I have to admit though, I still just open Facebook when I want to see updates. But you can add news service feeds like AP, Reuters or the Huffington Post. You can add YouTube channels and the Weather Channel. It would be great if I could see some of my favorite blogs listed??  #HTCOnemax camera sequence shot

3 Additional camera features:

  • Slow down portions of a video with variable speed playback for drama
  • Merge 5 action pictures to create a single sequence shot
  • Photo bomb removal (Object removal)

Fingerprint Scan to Unlock you Phone. #HTCOnemax fingerprint scan to unlock phoneYou use your fingerprint on the back to unlock your phone and can use additional fingers to open other apps. I tried this for a day and turned it back off again. I open my phone too often to be slowed down by the unlock method. I would LOVE to be able to use the option when I want to open straight to my phone camera. But I can’t see a way to do this without it also being the main unlock option as well?


I’m not completely sold on the HTCOnemax as a phone, but it’s an amazing mobile device! If you are a gamer the giant screen will wow you. The camera options alone are winning me over.

NEW PHONE COST: The phone with a 2 year contract via Verizon is $299 or with Sprint is $149. Without a contract … I nearly died when I saw the $699 price tag!! Whoa.

Disclosure: HTC sent me the HTCOnemax to test for a period of time at no charge to me. My opinions are my own.  They know I love android phones and that I am a fan of HTC. The smaller HTCOne I am comparing above, I purchased with my own money.

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