Interview With #HotDrStork AKA Travis Stork MD For #CrestProHealth

2014 June 24

I’m not ashamed to admit that I had to first Google who Dr. Travis Stork is.

Carissa Rogers selfie with #hotdrstork 2One2One asked me to interview him at a local Charlotte Shape DivaDash Race and talk about Crest’s initiative surrounding overall health being linked to good oral hygiene.

Dr. Who? Was my first response?

Oh. Wait a minute… as in the dude who was on The Bachelor several seasons ago and is currently on the daytime TV show: The Doctor’s? Him? Also he’s very VERY tall in person. And yes, he’s hot.

Google also told me he’s married (not to one of The Bachelorette wannabe’s however)—random trivia alert.

I was told I had 5 minutes with the nice/tall/hot Doctor. And that I should prepare a few questions in advance. Well Geez? What do you ask #HotDrStork if you have five minutes with him?

I asked my friends inside Facebook what they would ask. And several wanted to know what he thinks about the latest Oil Pulling fad. I was all.. BRILLIANT question! I’d love to hear his response to that one too.

I also wanted to hear his thoughts on the current ‘epidemic’ of Thyroid Disease and women in the US? Mainly because myself and all 6 of my sisters plus my mom and even my mom’s mom have all be diagnosed with Hypo-thyroidism and most of us test positive for Hashimoto’s.

The women in my family are like our own case study!

#hotdrstork with #crestprohealth


The other question I had for Dr. Stork (he really WAS very nice and approachable and gracious—he even happily complied when I asked for a few silly poses! See slideshow below…) anyway… the last question I had for him was about the strange things our Chiropractor thinks we should be ingesting in supplement/pill form: Tumeric, Bromelain and Cinnamon…

“Let Food Be Your Medicine”–Hippocrates


Interestingly in those few minutes Dr. Stork was able to answer my questions easily and bring it back to overall health (the topic of the day) and his mantra—at least from what I could tell—something like: Prevention is the Best Medicine.

My Interview:

GoodNCrazy: Just answer me YES or NO about Oil Pulling?

Dr. Stork: For me personally—NO.
(I responded… good answer! Because I mean… really? Swishing Oil for 20 minutes… huh?)

GoodNCrazy: Women and Thyroid Disease… all the women in my family are diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. What are your thoughts about the increase in Hypo-Thryoidism in the US?

pro-health-tartar-protection-fluoride-anticavity imageDr. Stork: {Please forgive me, I’m paraphrasing him} On our show we are always about raising awareness. In general take care of yourself and work with your doctor for early detection of any health problems in order to prevent additional issues. If Thyroid issues are caught early your overall health will be much better in the long run.

This is exactly the case with Oral Health. (He sneaked that in… see how he did that?) If you take care of your mouth you are also preventing other health concerns because a link has been shown between good oral health and overall health—including heart disease. Use things like the Crest Pro-Health line of toothpastes and the new Pro-Health Tartar Protection Rinse.

While he wasn’t really able to elaborate on the Thyroid epidemic in the US, much less my family case study in 5 minutes—I got the point.

Prevention. Early detection. And active care of yourself and your family all the way down (up?) to your mouth! –Please note I was given a sample of the #CrestProHealth Rinse, and so far I like it, not too strong but enough tingle to believe it’s killing bacteria. It DOES have alcohol in it but no whiteners… for my teen daughter with braces I’m looking for non-whitening rinses with fluoride.

Crest Pro-Health Tartar Protection Rinse details

GoodNCrazy: Wacky supplements? Should I really be taking a pill with Tumeric or Cinnamon in it?

Dr. Stork: Look, it’s simple, you should ‘EAT THESE THINGS IN FOOD’ (he didn’t yell at me, but he was pretty adamant). You need these types of ingredients and anti-oxidants and various other supplements pushed at you but eat them in the FOODS they come naturally packaged.

He pointed out that he goes over this exact issue in his book “The Doctor’s Diet”. I’m normally VERY skeptical of any diet books, fads or extreme meal plans. But after a quick skimming of his book (He signed my copy—how nice of him!) I found his suggestions to be sound health advice and simple lifestyle suggestions, not wacky dieting plans.

He quoted Hippocrates: “Let food be your medicine.”

That advice really resonated with me. I responded with… you mean like: “Eat the Rainbow”?

He smiled…(I swooned): “Yeah, something like that…”.

And just like that my 5 minutes were over.

I’m very grateful to One2One and Crest Pro-Health who sponsored this post and gave me a media pass to attend and interview Dr. Stork at the Shape race. It was held at the most lovely little farm just outside of Charlotte. Have I mentioned how much I love Charlotte lately? Because I do. I really do.

Please, Enjoy the #HotDrStork Slideshow…

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4 Responses
  1. June 24, 2014

    GAH! Love it! I loved the slide show. Also, I am glad you got him to comment on oil pulling. I think the fact that he just said no, and not “no,but” said a lot. Congrats on the fun interview!

  2. June 24, 2014

    HA! I asked him about oil pulling and natural alternatives too… he told me I was overthinking things 😉 lol
    Twitter: Kelchristina

  3. June 25, 2014

    Y’all, I love this guy! I could’ve seriously sat and talked with him all day! I would love to pick his brain more on homeopathic medicine and the likes. I may have to start DVR’ing his show!
    Twitter: mamamommymom

    • June 25, 2014

      Right… I’m tempted to watch it as well.
      I think they should have my sisters and me on the show to talk about Thyroid issues, what do you think???

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