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2013 December 9

It’s that Random Act of Kindness Time of Year!


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Invisalign is sponsoring this post and they are also sponsoring a Smile It Forward Sweepstakes! You can win a $500 Visa Gift Card for yourself and a $500 Visa Gift Card to give to a friend!

Smiles All Around!


Smile It Forward & Win!

In the past my family has spent one evening each week during the month of December making goodies and then delivering to friends and neighbors via the ‘doorbell ditching‘ method.

This year we brainstormed ideas around the family dinner table we could act on as a family to surprise Random Strangers during the Season of Giving Back.

5 Random Holiday Acts of Service & Kindness Ideas

What will you do today to make someone else smile?

  1. The $20 Drive Thru Donation
    Hand over a $20 bill and ask the clerk to spread the love until it runs out on customers behind us.
  2. Ninja Service Projects
    Secretly shovel a driveway, return garbage cans from the curb to the house, rake leaves and pick up garbage around our neighborhood.
  3. Collect Doo-Dads To Donate
    Gather winter clothes, books and gently used toys to donate to a local shelter.
  4. Say YES More Often
    Yes I can donate my change to the Salvation Army Bell Ringer in front of Walmart.
    Yes I’d like to purchase a toy for the Christmas Wish Tree.
    Yes I’d like to help wrap presents at my kids’ school.
    Yes I’d be happy to make a little extra dinner tonight for a family with a brand new baby.
  5. Enter to win the Smile It Forward Invisalign Sweepstakes and Donate $500 to your favorite charity!

smile it forward sweepstakes invisalign

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      • What types of random acts of kindness has your family participated in together in the past?



    • What kinds of service projects do you participate as a family during the Holidays?



Have you ever wanted to learn more about nearly Invisible Braces?

  smile it forward sweepstakes invisalign 3I have a confession? I’m a hypocrite. I know. It’s true… See I would never consider Botox. I kind of like my wrinkles. I’m committed to NOT dying my hair… I’m lucky and even at age 40 I don’t have a lot of grey. And I would never ever ever (ever) get a boob job. Me & my size A Cups are happy thankyouverymuch. BUT. I would totally get braces. I hate that I have couple shorter teeth on top than the rest and my bottom teeth are crazy snaggled. But really? A 40 year old mom in BRACES?? I would love to know how much Invisalign braces cost? I checked around the Invisalign website and it turns out they are similar in cost to regular metal (no thanks!) braces.  

In fact there is an Invisalign Cost Calculator on their website:


Every patient’s needs are different and there are many factors that determine the cost of Invisalign treatment. But, in most cases, Invisalign is comparable in cost to traditional braces, is covered by most dental insurance plans, and affordable financing options are always available. For more information on cost and insurance coverage, visit the Invisalign website.–Invisalign 

So there you go. If you are thinking about getting braces, check and see if there is a Doctor near you? The best way to find an Invisalign provider is to visit the Invisalign Doctor Locator.  Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However Invisalign has no idea that I wouldn’t inject Botox or get a Butt Tuck. And they don’t know that I’ve wanted my teeth fixed pretty much my whole life. My thoughts and opinions are all my own. So is my A Cup.

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  1. lindsey morris permalink
    December 10, 2013

    I liked them on fb, is this how I document it? Sorry, but I do not Pin or tweet.

    • December 10, 2013

      As long as you clicked the FB option on rafflecopter you’re in!

  2. December 10, 2013

    I like to pay for the food of the people behind me in the drive in line.
    I regularly let people with only a few items go ahead of me at the grocery check out.
    And every day I try to smile at people and look them in the eyes. It’s a tough old world out there and it costs me nothing to be kind.

  3. December 10, 2013

    I started doing gratitude letters to people who impacted my life.
    Twitter: MomMostTraveled

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