Keeping Up With My Sisters = Being More Healthy?

2014 January 14

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This is a sponsored post.
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They asked me to talk about healthy living in the new year.


Finding Motivation to Exercise & Drink More Water

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They will LOVE that I posted this picture…

In my 2014 list of goals and resolutions I listed under Relationships that I wanted to find a way to better interact and ‘keep up’ with my sisters. I have SIX sisters! And if I were to call each of them even just once a month I’d run out of phone minutes. And face it, they don’t have the time to chit chat much either.

When we’re on a long family drive I often call one of my sisters or my mom to catch up when I’m not driving. But event that is hit or miss especially now that I’m several time zones apart from most of them.

I didn’t have a plan for keeping up better with them all but surprise! A plan fell into my lap.

It seems I’m not the only one who wants to kick my butt into gear in 2014 especially when it comes to exercise and drinking water. (Oh how I hate water?!) One of my sisters reached out via Facebook of all things and suggested that all 7 of us create a weight loss/exercise challenge for the first half of the year.

I am SO IN!

We needed a way to track our daily exercise, miles and water intake. And I created a closed secret Facebook group (trust me, you do NOT want to see my ‘BEFORE’ pictures!). What’s completely surprising is this joint effort and challenge is the PERFECT way to keep up with my sisters in a much more natural way than calling up and saying: ‘Hey sis, I have about 10 minutes… ready, set, Go!’

So far I’ve been motivated enough to drink 64+ ounces of water for the past week. Seriously, this is so hard for me. I would LAUGH at you if you told me I’d be DRINKING WATER? Me? CRAZY. And much better than increasing my water intake? My craving for diet soda (I’m partial to Diet Mountain Dew) is totally gone? I’m on day 2 of ZERO soda after only a week of that much water each day.

I could say it’s all me and I’m amazing and… But I’m not. And for 40 years I’ve failed at the water challenge? It really is all the little interactions via the ‘Hot Sisters’ Facebook group that is keeping me motivated and accountable.

My other big goal is to get ready for the Ragnar in early April. Jogging a total of 15 miles over 24 hours split into 4, 5 and 6 mile stretches. I have never run more than 4 miles EVER. In my whole life. NEVER. I play basketball for hours. I am loving riding my bike for longer and longer rides. But RUN? More than a 5K? Just not my cup of jog.

But I’m all set. I paid the money. I agreed to run with a relay team. So once again I need my online secret sister group to come through and keep me on track to DO THIS THING!

halloween beth vandy carissa rogers 2013Use Your Friends Too!

I love virtually ‘hanging out’ with my sisters and letting them inspire me! But In real life I also found a friend who has her own motivation for getting on the treadmill with me, her oldest is getting married in May and she plans to drop 20 lbs before the big day. She wants to be a slightly thinner mother of the bride. I plan to use her motivation to keep me moving too! So far she doesn’t seem to mind!



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  1. Katie permalink
    January 15, 2014

    I’m one of “the Sisters” And I love all the responses and interaction with the ladies! I’m glad we started it and I hope it will keep us all motivated to get healthier!!

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