K’Nex K-FORCE Build and Blast! New Toy Idea for Tween Boys This Year

2015 November 3

Review: we were given a Mega Boom Blaster Kit at no charge as part of the Knexeprt Program via K’Nex.

K Force Build and Blast!

K'NEX K-Force Build and Blast review stop motion videoK’Nex Brand has created a new line of ‘Blasters’. Using sponge darts kids first create one of 3 different types of blasters: A Dual Cross, A Mega Boom (See Stop Motion Below) or a Double Draw. Plus each of the blasters (cost between $45-$50 depending where you shop) can be found in smaller version kits from around $15 each.

I JUST REALIZED!! The Mega Boom Kit is on MEGA sale today. #Afflink.)

Several other K’Nex K-Force Build and Blast kits are on sale today as well!


Watch this 2 Minute Stop Motion Video…

My kid building the Mega Boom K-Force Blaster. It took him a little over 90 minutes with a lot of stopping and

watching a family movie.

WARNING: The blasters REALLY do shoot 75 feet. And they are very fast. Getting hit with a dart isn’t very painful, but I would stay FAR away from shooting at anyone’s face, for sure be careful of eyes. Think goggles, m’kay? Either plan to head outside once your blaster is built or warn the whole house (including the dog!).

Be careful with dart guns around pets and people's eyes!

K’Nex rates these building kits at age 8 and older. In my opinion K’Nex sets can be built by an 8 year old but be prepared to HELP a lot. The instruction manuals are mandatory to create the intricate design and still function. However in our experience by the time my kid was about 9 and a half he magically had the patience to read through the manual, understand the instructions and build his kits piece by piece by himself.

K'NEX K-Force Build and Blast review stop motion video

{NOTE: The manual included only describes how to build the largest blaster. You will need to download instruction manuals from the website for the other blasters in the kit.}

We always start with several bowls to hold all the little pieces, because if any get lost you are kind of in trouble for completing the piece. There were exactly 3 pieces left over when he completed the Mega Boom—which is the largest blaster in the kit. The kit makes a total of 6 designs, however you can’t make all 6 at once.

Later he created a smaller blaster and the target set. And I think he had more fun with the target set and the smaller blaster than the full sized double blaster.

Are the large K’Nex Build and Blast sets worth the $45 price tag?
We think so! I’ve had a really hard time finding age appropriate gifts for my very science minded tween boy. He has run home from school for a week now to work on his blaster, alter the configuration and set up ‘target practice’.
The crazy sale price right now is DEF worth it. HALF OFF!

If you miss the sale and $45 is too steep, I suggest purchasing a smaller blaster with the target set: The K-20x Build and Blast (with a small target) is normally $25, but on sale today as well for only $12.50!


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We were not compensated for this product review. Our thoughts and opinions are our own. There are Amazon Affiliate links in this post. We are part of the KNexperts Program.

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