LDS Church Ward Boundaries Are A BIG DEAL!

2014 January 5

Over here in the LDS South Charlotte Stake… we are ringing in 2014 with a big BANG!

Charlotte Stake Center South

The LDS Building we Attend in Charlotte

A couple weeks ago we were notified that a ward and stake boundary change was going to take place. The growth of the congregations (wards) here has been phenomenal. And they tell us the projected growth is something like 50% in less than 6 years from now!

I have no idea what the actual numbers are right now. But in the southern half of Mecklenberg county, most of Union county and our little pocket of South Carolina (Fort Mill) there were several wards bursting at the seams.

Let me back up a bit and explain. A ward boundary is pretty solid. I rarely hear of people who cross boundaries and attend church with a different congregation than the one their house is drawn into. It does happen and usually there is a pretty extreme reason. Obviously I can only speak for my family, but when we move we simply look up the ward boundaries online and if our house is in Ward A… there is no decision process we just attend Ward A. It makes more sense that way, since we are assigned to serve and help the people in our ward and the people nearest us are the people we SHOULD be serving!

I'm a MormonIn our ward I didn’t notice so much that our nursery (18 month-3 year olds) was crazy full, and definitely our youth ages 12-18 was kind of small… in fact I think our ward was really well balanced with a lot of families in different ages and situations. But one thing that was making me crazy was that our ward is made up of half of our town boundaries and half from families on the West of us over in Charlotte. So a city as well as a STATE boundary divided us. I think 4 or 5 different high schools were represented and that makes it really hard for the teen youth kids to bond very well? Plus in cub scouts it was hard to schedule things with all the boys in so many elementaries and their school times and calendars clashing often. But like I said we always made it work.

Our family also had this strange issue where my daughter is only one of 2 kids in our ward who attends the other high school in our same town. We live in a tiny northern pocket where our school division is over there… but our ward division is over here… In short, my oldest attends Seminary with kids from a different ward (but same town) and in 5 months just hasn’t had a real chance to spend time and bond with the kids on this side of the line. But she’s gotten close to the kids in the other ward because she goes to school and marching band with them!

So we attended the ‘boundary’ meeting Sunday night in an extra ‘Stake’ meeting. I’ve never been through this sort of massive re-boundary-drawing ward thing before, it was all very exciting! Okay I was selfish and was really hoping the changes would include maybe combining more families from our whole town and less division across the state lines?

Our New Ward!

Again, selfishly I was very happy when I saw that our new ward basically follows the same boundaries of each of the two high schools in our town. My daughter on the other hand was ecstatic! She will now see about half of the ward kids at Seminary and then all of the kids on youth night once a week as well as Sunday School. Plus all of the girls will attend summer ‘Girl’s Camp’ combined. They see all the congregations in our Stake at youth dances, and during summer youth conferences (both for age 14 and older). I think there are 10 wards in our Stake.

On Sunday we’ll find out what our new ward looks like. Plus we now change to 11AM instead of 9AM (yay!). But I’m really sad to think about the families that will not be there. I grabbed a couple women I saw that night and let them know I STILL know their phone numbers and I can stalk them on Facebook! Ward boundaries are a big deal but it won’t stop the friendships I’ve started.

Now to {selfishly} start hoping and praying for a church building to be built closer to our home. We travel about 10 miles to our ward building 2 or 3 times a week! Our nearest temple is about 90 miles away… so I’ll work on the ward building first… (haha).


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