Lil Smokies in Grape Jelly? WHAT?!

2014 December 26

Am I the last person on planet Earth to find out about this?

lil smokies in grape jelly new year eve appetizer

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I’m pretty sure the best New Year’s Eve appetizer is Lil Smokies in a sweet & tangy sauce… that sauce is made with GRAPE Jelly!
(said in my best Soylent Green voice).


I think it’s required at every New Year’s gathering. Along with my mother’s Cheese Ball… but that’s a recipe for another blog post.

Mini weenies are probably the simplest and yummiest little appetizer. Buy a couple packages of Lil Smokies (or whatever brand of little doggies you can find), they’re usually by the hotdogs or hanging in a small pouch near pepperoni packages.

{NOTE: Get a little crazy and buy frozen meatballs too and toss in with the sausages.}

Warm the mini meats in a slow cooker with a liquid concoction you make yourself. That’s it. Mostly the kids and adult men who rarely eat from the veggie tray will thank you.

How to make Lil Smokies with Grape Jelly

The only rule? The starting ingredient has to be a jar of Grape Jelly.
I was all? What? No.
That’s weird for one thing.
And a WHOLE LOTTA Sugared meat for another…

But it’s all the other fun additions to the congealed purple stuff that make this New Year’s Eve treat the repeat favorite year after year. Grape Jelly and all.
Buy an assortment of other jarred add-ins and experiment…

Do you like it Hotter? Milder? Sweeter?

After looking through a LOT of websites and blogs with ideas for Lil Smokies bathed in a warm grape jelly solution..

Here are my favorite options– mix & match style: 

Chili Sauce (I prefer Heinz) -OR- Your Fave Bottle of BBQ Sauce
Jalepeno Peppers (seeds removed and chopped super tiny) -OR- a teaspoon of pureed Chipotle in Adobo Sauce
Small can of Chopped Green Chillies
Pureed Tomatillos -OR- 1/2 Cup of Green Sauce
Pineapple Tidbits — Sans Juice
Green Pepper Chunks, Onion Chunks
Grainy Mustard

Lately I’m all about Chipotle so I add Chili Sauce with Chipotle mixed in plus Green Peppers and Onions. How would YOU make your Grape Jelly Lil Smokies?


Buy fancy toothpicks and bring the whole concoction in a slow cooker to a New Year’s Eve party.
You don’t have to tell anyone about the grape jelly if you don’t want to.

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  1. December 27, 2014

    My mom always made this when for our NYE party each year – keeping it warm for serving in the 70’s olive green fondue pot! She only used grape jelly and regular yellow mustard – love it and sometimes make the sauce for my kids to eat with chicken nuggets. Great stuff! 🙂

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