List Of 65 Movies I’m Waiting To Watch With MY Kids (Once They’re Older)!

2014 January 14

What are the best movies you saw as a kid/teen that you are DYING to watch again with your kids?

1 forrest gumpOh the Phrases they will FINALLY get!
My husband and I quote from these movies ALL. THE. TIME.

My kids haven’t been old enough to watch them. But just maybe we are getting there?

Heck I watched some of these shows as a pretty young kid. But I barely let my older kids watch PG-13.

I think I probably watched Poltergeist at least 20 times back when cable was ‘new’ to my family (I was probably 10!). It was on all the time. And I watched it over and over and over! Maybe my oldest could watch it but NO way are my younger kids watching it! {–THEY’RE HERE!!}

The other day Forrest Gump was on a network channel and we all watched the ‘scrubbed for TV’ version. Oops. Forgot about the ‘principal’ scene with his mama! But the kids loved it and now quote Forrest-isms at will.

For Christmas Santa might have gotten the family our very own copy of Ferris Buehler’s Day Off. And now we all point out when something is warm.. “cuz it’s been in my pocket all day…” and we’re all IN ON IT!

I think we have to watch them first, to be sure where the ‘principal’ scene is so we can fast forward.

Talk about a walk down nostalgia lane…

A list of 65 movies to see with my kids when they are old enough

65 Movies I’m Dying to Watch With My Kids.
(If they’d just grow up a little bit more for some of them!)

  1. Forrest, Forrest Gump
    —I’m not a smart man, Jen-nie. But I know what love is.
  2. Back to the Future
    —1.21 Gigawatts!!
  3. E.T. The Movie watch with your kidsE.T.
    —Penis breath
  4. Raiders of the Lost Arc
    —Do’tor Jones! Do’tor Jones!
  5. When Harry Met Sally
    —(Where to start…)
  6. Benny & Joon
    — Are we having a Boo Radley moment?
  7. Top Gun
    —(Bite your teeth together really obnoxiously…)
  8. Poltergeist
    —Daddy! Drive away!
  9. Flashdance
  10. Gremlins
  11. Ghostbusters
    —What did you DO RAY?!
  12. The Lost Boys
    —(BEST Vampire movie ever.. Twilight? Pa-leese)
  13. Adventures in Babysitting
  14. Mannequin
    —It’s those jelly donuts. They call to me in the night. Hollywood! Come and get me Hollywood!
  15. The Karate Kid
    —Wax on. Wax off.
  16. Say Anything
    —She’s gone. She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.
  17. Postcards From the Edge
    —So my dress TWIRLED up! (You weren’t wearing any underwear mama.) Oh.
  18. Witness
  19. field of dreams the movie with kevin costnerField of Dreams
    —If you build it, they will come.
  20. Ferris Buehler’s Day Off
    —(Again… where to start…)
  21. Stand By Me
    —It was a PUKE-A-RAMA!
  22. Beaches
  23. Big
  24. The Burbs
    —I’m only trying to take a nap! I’m only laying here with my eyes closed trying to get some sleep!
  25. Caddyshack
  26. Cocoon
  27. The Color Purple
  28. Crocodile Dundee
  29. D.A.R.Y.L.
  30. Dream a Little Dream
  31. Lean on Me
  32. From the Hip
  33. Good Morning Vietnam
  34. The Great Outdoors
  35. Planes Trains & Automobiles
  36. Hoosiers
  37. Honey I Shrunk the Kids
  38. LadyHawke
  39. The Man From Snowy River
  40. Mystic Pizza
  41. The Three Amigos
  42. Nine to Five
  43. The Outsiders
  44. Rain Man
    —I’m a very good driver.
  45. The Seventh Sign
  46. InnerSpace
  47. Spaceballs the movie john candy mel brooksSpaceballs
    —That’s gonna leave a mark.
  48. Better Off Dead
    —I want my TWO DOLLARS!
  49. WarGames
  50. Coming to America
  51. Young Guns
  52. All of Me
  53. Can’t buy Me Love
    —(Young Patrick Dempsey, I mean, need I say more?)
  54. Children of a Lesser God
  55. Strange Brew (eh?)
  56. Dead Poets Society
  57. Driving Miss Daisy
  58. Mr. Mom
  59. Spacecamp
  60. Starman
  61. Signs
  62. The Sixth Sense
  63. 16 Candles
  64. Breakfast Club
  65. Steel Magnolias

What movies have I missed?
Tell me. I’ll add more to the list!

There are a few I didn’t list because my kids have already seen them. Princess Bride for one, they’ve known who Inigo Montoya is for years. And the Neverending Story plus a few others.

  •  Sarah Burns suggests Goonies (warning, the swearing was shocking in this when I watched it a few years ago!). And Splash!
  • My friend Rich reminded me about Schindler’s List and The Godfather (although, the Godfather is a bit before my time, I don’t think I’ve watched the whole thing?!) shhh.
  • Mary Heston reminded me of Wayne’s World.. headsmack! How did I forget that one! Party ON Dude.
  • It was pointed out that I forgot the 3rd movie in the Holy Trinity of Molly Ringwaldism. Pretty In Pink. —m’bad.
  • Holy Smokes! I forgot Rain Man!!
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4 Responses
  1. January 14, 2014

    Schindler’s list
    Stand by me

    • January 14, 2014

      The godfather

      • January 14, 2014

        Yes! My oldest saw Schindler’s as a Sophomore I think?
        Let me check, I think Stand by me is on there..
        HA! The Godfather… 🙂 I didn’t even watch that one! What year is it anyway?

  2. Irene Lysenko permalink
    May 21, 2014

    (“He’s taking the knife out of the cheese… Do you think he wants a piece of cheese?!?!?” in your best drunk voice!)

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