Minnie Mouse | Tween Costume Idea… Where She Won’t Look Like a Bar Wench!

2010 October 11

What is the deal when every costume you google turns out to look like a bar wench and has the title  ‘Sexy Minnie Mouse’?



Finding Age-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

Why do Halloween Costumes for teenagers always  look like streetwalkers? My 12-yr-old daughter wants to be Minnie Mouse this year.

She and I hopped online and began searching for costumes. And the first two options we came across were:

Yeah. Neither of those are going to work. The left came from Kohl’s. And while it would be great for a 3-year-old, my nearly teen was NOT impressed. Plus it cost a whopping $49! That’s a bit steep for my budget!

I don’t really have to talk about the one on the right. The title says it all: “Sexy Minnie Mouse Costume.” Crazy. And wrong.

I did come across a possibility from the Disney store online:

Maybe if she wore black leggings this would be okay?? And the price was decent, $25 on sale.
Oh wait. Out Of Stock. No wonder.

What’s a mom to do?

Do It Her Self. That’s What.

  • Sew a skirt from red polka dot fabric, using an easy gathered elastic waist pattern.
    (Easy Tutorial from Sewbon.com, About $10 depending on supplies)
    Or buy it for $14 on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2ycHw5Q

  • Scavenge around for yellow pumps at thrift shops or spray paint black shoes! ($5 spray paint, $2 pumps)




Voilá! An age appropriate Minnie Mouse costume homemade for under $30-40.

Promo codes provided by Savings.com




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One Response
  1. Melissa Ann permalink
    October 11, 2010

    Bounced over and read your solution – kudos! She’s going to look great. Brother is a robot; what’s your other daughter going to be?

    And btw, I have to say that I’ve encountered the exact same problem looking for costumes as your tween – I don’t want to look like a slut (sorry?) or a child, either! When you go to the women’s section of the halloween stores, it’s all “sexy nurse” “sexy maid” “sexy bunny” – our only choice is to be slutty and in the service industries apparently (oops – or a slutty animal. My mistake.). (might I add that I am a nurse in real life)…. Anyways, very frustrating.

    I used to know how to sew and I used to do it a lot as a tween/early teen… Guess it’s time to re-learn!

    xo, M

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