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2014 November 3

Not every year is a fabulous photo-tastic Halloween for the Rogers.

We try HARD to knock it out of the park.
Whole family dressed as a THEME kind of knock out.
Or at least whole family dressed in our GoodNCrazy Best right??

goodncrazy group family Halloween Ideas


But some years we can’t manage much of anything with all the additional chaos in October.

One year when the girls were still little and their ONLY costume desire was to transform themselves into ‘Sugar Plum Fairies’ thanks to their obsession with The Nutcracker— à la Barbie video era.

Halloween family group idea Nutcracker The girls?
Easy. We were all Fairies of some sort.

Dad was supposed to be a Nutcracker. Only?
How does one put together a Nutcracker costume?
A soldier right? With a REALLY large head I guess?

Remember this was light-years before Pinterest DIY Insanity. And purchasing a Nutcracker costume was unthinkable for us in our student loan-poor state.

My dear husband located an inexpensive ‘Pirate’ costume that had something like a soldier look to it.
The girls were thrilled!

GoodNCrazy Halloween 2014

Late October 2014 brought us a Senior in the middle of Marching Band pandemonium that is competition season. She was on a bus headed for BOA Atlanta Regionals. I think she wore witch earrings.

Middle-School daughter was a bit too cool for us and hung out with her girl band of superheroes elsewhere all afternoon/evening, but had to be home early in order to get enough sleep before her last cross country State Qualifier the next day.


teen girl power costume idea DIY easy group costume


pumpkin carving ideas easy DIY kids can do eating baby pumpkin

I helped my youngest carve a pumpkin. Which I HATE btw (don’t judge). This year he decided he wanted a mean pumpkin eating a smaller baby pumpkin. Earlier in the month I think at Walmart I found a new ‘tool’ to carve pumpkins. I’ve seen these before and they SAY they are great, but suck. I bought it anyway, for $5.

And guess what? It really DID work. Strangely the knife was very thick and serrated not sharp at all (in fact the tip is rounded?) but it worked better than ANY tool we’ve ever tried! WHAT? And the round scraper tool has serrations on one side as well and scooping the ick out of the pumpkin did NOT cause any swear words this year… (more don’t judge). Best $5 I ever spent.


pumpkin carving 101 with 10 year old doing all the work


invisible man costume DIY ideaDad LANDED at the airport around 4PM and got home in time to enjoy the annual neighborhood Halloweenie Roast with us. (He’s knows better than to miss Halloween, there was that one time he missed it and he still hasn’t been forgiven!)


Youngest kiddo was figuratively and literally invisible this year as he went to trick-or-treat with a friend in their neighborhood. See more Invisible Man Costume from 2012.


Mom and Dad stayed home with the puppy like old farts and lit the firepit in the bottom of the driveway to sit and hand out candy to the few brave ghouls who tricked down our street.


goodncrazy Halloween on an off yearPlease meet Grizzly Adams.

THEN. Our neighbor invited us to take a quick tour of their newly remodeled master bathroom.

I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. YES Please! And in the time it took to walk in and see their commode, the heavens opened and it rained down giant drops, soaking our fire and filling our candy bucket.

Overall a GoodNCrappy Halloween

Next year Halloween lands on a Saturday.
I vote we host a GROWN UP Halloween party.
You’re ALL invited.
Someone bring the Spinach Dip.

Let the kids ditch us!
GoodNCrazy NaBloPoMo2014 & NaBloPoMo2013

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  1. November 3, 2014

    If it makes you feel any better, squirrels attacked my daughter’s specially carved pumpkin. So we had zero photos this year of kids with pumpkins, which is an annual tradition. Oops 🙂

  2. November 4, 2014

    Marching band messed with our Halloween plans as well 🙂 Sounds like your daughter’s band stays as busy during competition season as my son’s band does. We just had our last competition of the season this past weekend. As much as I love traveling to all the shows, I am bit relieved it is over for awhile. (At least until practice starts up at the end of February for their spring break trip to Disney.)
    Twitter: aheartfull

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