Mother VS Daughter, I WANT That SmartPhone!! | HTC Rhyme Review

2012 June 14

My daughter is 14. And we’ve been around and around the cell phone rollercoaster.

It started when she was 10 and was certain she NEEDED a cell phone. We were certain a 6th grader did NOT need a cell phone! Then in Jr. High it became apparent that she DID need one. The more independent she becomes the more we are happy she has a cell phone (I know, we’re surprised too!) Returning late from field trips, stranded after a movie with friends and miscommunication with other parents when the ride doesn’t show up are examples of times not only when she was grateful to have a phone, WE were too!

Next was the great texting debate. Should we allow her? When? And how much is too much, what are the rules and how much control should we, the parents have? Can we look at her texts when we are worried about a friend relationship that is very negative for her?

About a year into Jr. High texting was allowed. It didn’t hurt that mom dived into texting at that point as well, and now both Mother/Daughter basically only communicate in texting language. (LOL, BTW YOLA!)

$300 price tag per year for a data plan!

And now, a year into High School… we’re hearing the familiar sounds and whining about a smartphone. PLEEEEEASE mom, I NEEEEED it. You do? You NEED a data plan? WHY exactly? To check in on your Facebook updates more often? (I don’t think so.) The increased cost alone would be over $300 per year! Will a 14yrold pay for that I wonder? (In eternal babysitting maybe?)

HTC allowed me to test and play with their new HTC Rhyme phone. (My daughter’s eyes lit up when it arrived! Is that a new phone mom? Can I look at it mom? Can I hold it mom? Can I pet it mom?)

First impressions about the HTC Rhyme:

  • The Size!
    It’s much smaller overall than my current HTC Thunderbolt, SO THIN! The screen is ____inches, and I thought I would have a hard time adjusting to less screen, but I’m surprised at how much I like it.
  • The Color!
    It’s this funky/fun maroon color. Definitely kind of girly, and the background screens it comes with are also pretty, girly scenes.
  • The Texting Window!
    I love that you can see the back and forth conversations better, and my favorite is that is shows pictures that have been sent or received within the conversation (instead of clicking to open them).
  • Screen Capture!
    Amen. Often I want to share a screen shot of something on my phone and now I can. (The image of the texting window —> is an example.)
  • The Camera Features!
    I can’t say enough about the camera. 8MP, but my other phones were 8MP and didn’t take anywhere near as fabulous images as the HTC Rhyme. WOW. The shutter speed is very fast, meaning you click the shutter button and it takes the picture nearly immediately (HUGE for a mom on the go taking tons of photos!). The photo ‘Scenes’ blow me away! Portrait, Landscape, Action burst (totally cool), Backlight HDR—totally works!, and my absolute favorite is the Panorama Scene. You turn these on before you shoot a picture. AMAZING. I also love the photo effects you can turn on before (and edit after as well).  I’ll stop now, but WOW WOW WOW. LOVE this camera!

(Panorama of High School Graduation last week…)   

  • The Phone Overall Works Much Better!
    My other two HTC phones were very wonky when I held them to my ear/face. If I was multitasking and held the phone to my shoulder, it simply hung up on the call. If I didn’t hold it a centimeter from my face often I would click the ‘mute’ button with my cheek. Or even better I would dial voice mail WHILE in the middle of a client call! NOT cool. So far I haven’t once hung up on a friend, muted my husband or dialed voice mail in the middle of an important conference call.

Fun ‘Extras’ Included With the HTC Rhyme:

The HTC Rhyme comes with a ‘charm’ attached to a long cord intended to insert into the audio plug of your phone and then hang outside your purse or beach bag. When your phone rings you can grab the charm to locate your phone that might be otherwise hard to locate in a giant bag in time! It also comes with a docking station that I’ve found super useful, it sits on my bedside table and I drop my phone into it each night to charge. You can use the dock as a speaker (Yay for Pandora!) and it prompts you to open your photo viewer as a slideshow while in the dock as well. The package comes with ‘non-tangle’ ear buds and I was excited about that feature (I hate  when the cords tangle up!). But the actual ear buds literally fall out of your ears? I’m thinking whoever invented these needs to go back to ergonomic engineering school. The ear buds are a total failure.

Overall I LOVE this phone. It is powerful enough to deal with several email accounts, running a Twitter app, Facebook, and Pandora at the same time. I have downloaded a bunch of games and apps and so far nothing has given me any problems with this phone.

I consider myself a Social Media addict and heavily use my phone more like a mini laptop and this phone keeps up very well.


And back to my daughter. Would this phone work for a teenager’s smartphone needs? YES! However, I’d say it’s more like the perfect phone for a college age kid.

I’m still not excited about paying for another data plan and can’t quite see enough reason for my soon-to-be Sophomore to truly NEED a smartphone?

Phone Cost with a Contract Renewal: $49 (Verizon)
Totally reasonable, and since it’s a 3G phone I believe you can use it without a data plan and still have access to phone, texting and the AMAZING camera features, then hooking to a Wifi to access internet/facebook and download apps. I’m looking into this possibility. Could be our Teen SmartPhone solution!

Disclaimer: This phone was sent to me as a loaner from HTC. I was not paid for this review in any way.


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