All New #HTCOneM8 Best Phone On The Market?

2014 May 29

Why is the newest flagship HTC One 2014 phone called:
The M8?


I dunno, it’s super-secret I guess? Something to do with the version number… the original One phone came out in 2013 and I believe it was called the M7 in the back offices.

Maybe this year with all the advances and new design and new #Sense6 features they decided the new version or ‘M8’ sounded all James Bond-y so they ran with it?

HTCOneM8 review-1028

Anyway. I’m holding a new M8 in my hand!
I was asked to review it.

And I quote the Verizon Dude in the store: “Best phone on the market right now”

Compared to the HTCOneMax which I am still very much in love with by the way, the M8 seems tiny?! Even though it’s bigger than the original One phone. By a little bit.

But is it the best phone out right now?

new phone #HTCOneM8

The HTCOneMax on the upper left, then the HTC One and newest member the #HTCOneM8 on the far right.

PS. my daughter is currently using my #HTCOneMax while I test out the M8 and she is SO not best-pleased to be walking around with a… ‘laptop-MOM’! So there you go. The Max is perfect for a busy mom with a daily purse and the need to have her home-office walking around in her hand. The teen? Not so much. She would prefer the M8.

But today she said: “everyday someone asks me about my phone, it’s kinda cool”. Shhhh.

Let’s Talk Design and New Features

The gun metal grey and mostly metal body on the M8 is very sexy. The rounded corners and curves are nice in your hand. I find it slippery though and happily added a flip case for better grippiness and well… girly looks.

#HTCOne VS #HTCOneM8They say the sound and speakers are better again this year… but honestly the first One blew me away with the quality of the speakers. Unless I need earbuds for running I simply open a music app like Pandora and the sound is crystal clear and louder than I need even at half-speed.

I’m in LOVE with the automatic touch-the-screen features to wake it up.

They call it motion launch with #Sense6. I call it AWESOME. Double tap the black screen and it wakes up. Double tap and it wakes and unlocks. But my most favorite feature is while the phone is in landscape position push the volume button and it opens to the camera app! I’ve hated phones before that had a dedicated camera button on the side of the phone because I accidentally pushed that button all the time. Like in my pocket… 100s of inner pocket photos are DUMB. Not with this. FABULOUS. BEST motion touch feature? When the phone rings, if you place it up to your ear it’s so smart it knows to answer the call.  I NEED those extra seconds people!

The Camera. Oh I Die.

I’m always ALL ABOUT THE CAMERA on new phones. How does it take photos? How fast? How much can I play with the photos AFTER I’ve already taken them? How easy to Insta/Face/Tweet them? Can I zoom well? And will the camera focus on something up super close macro? Video? #HTCZoe? Yeah… it’s all there.

PEOPLE. There are 2… TWO! Lenses on this baby. So the camera takes the photo twice and then SHAZAAM the post-editing options blow up in your hand! 3-D effects… cool right? But no… my favorite amaze-ness is something they call UFocus. You can ADD BOKEH to your cell phone photos (that blurry background stuff). Or change the focus from the front to the back or vice versa. The double camera thingy makes magic happen, I swear!

flower ufocus on #htconem8

Original Image, UFocused image in center on the lower flower adding more bokeh and blur in the background, then adding a slight sepia-aged look to the last one. All post camera in-phone edits via new HTC Sense 6.

Plus I used to have to download a different app to really control post photo editing like brightness/contrast and saturation. The M8 in-camera app photo edit options are new and notable. There’s even a levels adjustment (think bring out the shadows or darken the highlights) this is the quality of Photoshop stuff, I’m telling you! There’s also a better cropping tool to quickly make square images… you know… in case your Instagram addiction is showing.

From the camera alone…? YES. Best phone on the market.
I have SO much more to say about this camera (oh and the phone too!).
Stay Tuned. Watch the #HTCOneM8 hashtag… you’ll see.

I’ve noticed the M8 priced at $200 in-contract at Verizon. Ask your store for upcoming sales though, they just had a Mother’s Day sale that ended and the phone was $99 with contract. If I understand correctly though the Verizon Edge program means you can stay away from nasty contracts and pay about $25/month for the phone and line cost if you purchase at least 10GB of data. But talk to them first to be clear on all the money details. At the end of 12 months with the edge program you can change phones btw. That rocks. At the end of 2 years I believe you own the phone.

DISCLOSURE: I’m testing out the #HTCOneM8 phone at no cost to me. I am not being compensated for this post. Verizon has no idea I mentioned them. I just switched my phone carrier to Verizon. And that part is all on my own dime.

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  1. May 31, 2014

    I’ve been tempted to switch to the new Android phones, especial the HTC ones, but I just can’t get rid of my iPhone. I love it too much. 🙂
    Twitter: mym0mmybrain

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