New WordPress Feature: Easy Link (Embed) Drop In!

2012 June 16

Have you upgraded your WordPress Blog?
Hurry go do it now!
It released yesterday! (June 15th)


The new fun thing about this WordPress upgrade is the ability to simply copy and past a URL from several outside sources (In your Visual editor, not HTML!) and VOILA it will show the item directly in your blog post!


Scroll down for Pinterest Pin It Button tutorial.

A Tweet I sent out yesterday:


“All you need to do to embed something into a post or page is to post the URL to it into your content area. Make sure that the URL is on its own line and not hyperlinked (clickable when viewing the post).” —WordPress Blog

And from Flickr, a photo from my Trip to Madrid last year:

No control of size, placement etc..? So I probably would rather upload it directly myself to keep control, but if in a hurry?

I’ve personally gotten away from using Flickr like I  used to. This is a cool feature though and when an image is marked Creative Commons nice and easy to use someone elses image (with attribution of course!). Plus it works with Videos as well. I did have to use the pull down menu to grab the correct link of my image above to work, I assumed you could use the URL of the image in the upper URL window. You can’t.

Youtube is another site where you can use this drag and drop simple URL embed tool on your WordPress blog.

The other sites included in this nifty feature are not useful to me at all:

Half of them I’ve never heard of or care to find out about.
Maybe you will though?


But what I want to know is when will WordPress add this feature for Pinterest images??

Here’s a great trick I just learned for Pinterest…
Adding a ‘Pin This’ button directly under the image you most want pinned from your post:

Pin It Button for Web Sites

Add a Pin It button to invite your readers to pin your work onto Pinterest.

The Pin It button is made to look and feel like the Facebook and Twitter buttons your readers already use. For best results, place the Pin It button near your other social sharing tools. —Pinterest About Page

Step 1: Upload the image you most want PINNED on Pinterest, publish your post.

Step 2: Go to the Pinterest Goodies Page, and fill out the data form. (URL of post, then URL of image, then in ‘description’ type the words you want shown on the actual Pinterest Pin: remember be a little coy in these descriptions, pull the viewer in long enough to click back to your site!)

Step 3: Grab the HTML code and place it directly below your photo  (in the HTML viewer NOT the Visual viewer), then grab the 2nd line of code and place it at the bottom of your post. (It says only have to do that step once?)

Step 4: Republish your post and see if it worked by begging your friends to click your fancy new Pin It button!

I love that this is precise and linked directly to the image you want pinned, VS a general button at the bottom of your post.

Example Image: My Daughter’s Shark Cupcakes for my Little Boy’s Birthday Party!


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