OnStar is Keeping Kids Safe in Emergency Situations with their New eBook

2015 June 19

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Name the most-scary moment(s) you’ve ever had in or around a vehicle?

  1. keeping kids safe ONStar eBookI locked my toddler in the car once. She was fine—I was a wreck! The police took 20 minutes to get there and in the end my husband was only 5 minutes behind them. My daughter had a sippy cup and just watched me the whole time wondering what crazy-mommy was doing.
  2. Back in college. Walking home after a fireworks show on 4th of July we came upon a parked car with smoke coming out of the moon-roof. Our friend grabbed a rock and smashed a window to put the fire out. I’m still not sure the family was all that happy with us? (WAY before cell phones to dial 9-1-1 BTW.)
  3. I once rear-ended a car in front of me on an icy lead up to a stop sign. Those few tiny seconds scared me more than any other time in my life. That moment when you realize you have NO control of your vehicle at all is a scary moment.
  4. Test driving Michelin tires on their wet track, proving that rear tires are where your MOST tread should go. Knowing in advance that we were going to spin out at exactly 50 miles per hour at the half-way point of the circle didn’t help. Still scared me silly when I felt the front wheels gripping but the rear wheels lost control and spun us in a double circle on the track. I’m a believer. Put your best tires on the back! (Ideally all 4 tires should be matched, but if you ever buy just two tires… remember least tread goes on FRONT!)


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Moms Spend a LOT of Time in Cars

And at least in my world, my kids spend just as much time in them as I do. And whether they are younger or teenagers doing a bit of the driving… do you feel like you have educated them surrounding emergencies that can happen in vehicles?

Not just the big-HUGE-CRASH type emergencies.
But all the other things too.

OnStar’s New Keeping Kids Safe Vehicle Emergency Safety eBook

OnStar has created an eBook covering many of the emergencies that can stem from problems in vehicles. It’s a great resource. Starting with a short quiz for you and your kids to work though. Example below from the full eBook you can download here.


1 vehicle safety prequiz OnStar

Then empowering you with information you might be surprised you didn’t know yourself and can now teach your kids. Finally ending with a follow up quiz to be sure everyone ‘gets it’.

“OnStar and Safe Kids, an organization dedicated to keeping parents informed and children safe, believe it’s important for parents to talk with their pre-teen or teenage child about how to safely react in a vehicle-related emergency before it happens. That’s why OnStar created an e-book, “Keeping Kids Safe,” focused on how to correctly respond to emergencies in and around the vehicle.” Find more in the Keeping Kids Safe eBook.

Ready to learn more? Upcoming Twitter Chat

Please join us for a Twitter Discussion on this Subject July 8th. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Share all your fears and tips and suggestions. Help empower everyone and their kids to know what to do in an emergency!

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