Origami, Magic Tricks and Stick Bombs… Oh My! #CapriSun #SeizeTheDay

2013 February 25

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Imagine a house full of tongue depressors, playing cards, mountains of origami paper and balloons– perfect for making animals/swords/crazy hats.

You would be imagining OUR house!

Bored? Go Find Something New To Play!

My 8-year-old son could be spending hours playing video games; but instead he’s glued to short online videos. (It’s not what you think.) He’s watching origami tutorials! He once asked me for 90 pieces of scratch paper! “Um… No!”, I replied. Even if it IS for a ‘Transformer Action Ball’. That’s Crazy!

Origami developed into a magic obsession. He routinely puts on magic shows for us including: tricks with decks of cards, cotton balls and toothpicks… And yes, he learns these tricks using my laptop as his vehicle for knowledge delivery.

Magic transitioned into twisting balloons (we’re thinking Clown College?). We’ve been entertained by the ‘flying cobra stick bomb’, (see images above or search for it if you haven’t heard of it!!) mountains of paper airplanes and we literally find ace of spades in all corners of our house. Warning: all this creativity comes with a side effect… THE MESS. So far, it’s been worth it! (Children should be supervised when playing with balloons as they can pose a choking hazard.)

Please, take a second and watch my little boy as The Amazing Kincaid! (He’s taking birthday party bookings in advance this summer season BTW.)

10 GoodNCrazy Play Ideas

(Warning: All ideas are likely to create a mess at your house!)

  1. Magic Tricks: start with card tricks, disappearing coins, cups & cotton balls (like above video) etc.
  2. Kinetic Building ‘Bombs’: set off the ‘Cobra Stick Bomb’ under a tower of paper cups or house of cards (what else will your tongue depressor stick bomb ‘destroy’)?
  3. Balloon Twisting: animal shapes and crazy hats of course, put on a clown costume and entertain the whole neighborhood!
  4. Origami Fun: start easy and advance quickly, purchase pre-cut paper or make a stack of your own (be prepared for the 90 pieces of paper question).
  5. Yo-Yos: tip—buy a yo-yo with ball bearings to learn more tricks and host yo-yo tournaments!
  6. Juggling: learning to juggle takes dedication and massive amounts of eye-hand coordination. A lifelong sport!
  7. Aliens VS The City: create a city out of building bricks and monsters out of dough, then watch your monsters destroy the city!
  8. Unicycle-Riding:  Learn to ride on one wheel, or master different types of wheeled rides like: a 2 wheeled skateboard or inline-skates.
  9. Winter Backyard Tournament: include snowman competitions, snowshoe races, sledding contests and of course battle of the snowball!
  10. Scavenger Hunts: 2 unique versions—
    a) Big Box Store (2 teams, 2 carts, create a list, find all the items, switch carts and return the items, first team complete wins).
    b) Mobile Camera Hunt (2 teams, create a list, dash off to locate/photo each item and return; first team with MOST items wins).

These 10 Play Different Ideas have been brought to you by Capri Sun, and their Seize the Day campaign! Head over to their Facebook page and upload a picture of your kids seizing the day for a chance to win up to $2,500.


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