People Still Use CDs? Mat Kearney’s New Album: Young Love

2011 August 18

Sponsored by One2OneNetwork (They sent me a Young Love CD to review).

First of all? My daughter (13yrold) was all? What is that?

Not that she didn’t recognize a CD, but she was confused as to how we were going to listen to what is fast becoming her favorite music artist. And she needed it like, NOW mom!

And I thought. Oh yeah, we don’t have any CD players left anywhere in our house?
No worries. We jumped in the Mom-Van where there’s still a CD player in working order! We drove around town just so we could hear the whole album together.

Talk about a mother-daughter bonding moment? How cool do I look that I just got the new Mat Kearney Album practically before it came out in iTunes (not really.. it’s already out, but-work with me on my coolness factor here!)

The next day she was all RIP IT TO iTunes already dangit!

And I thought: Teaching Moment (in a sing-song voice, as moms do). Srsly you don’t know how to load a CD into the computer and then rip to iTunes so you can THEN sync with your iPod? (She DOES know how to do that last step I assure you.) I showed her. (Coolness factor increasing people.)

Okay the Album

If you haven’t heard the new song ‘Hey Mama‘ (and easily the best song, beat and lyrics on the album), then maybe you should check and see if your house has turned into a rock that is not letting any sunlight into your world. Because YOU NEED THIS SONG in your world! I first heard it on Pandora, and it literally made my day better and I could smell lilacs.

I was listening carefully to the lyrics with my daughter..

  • Singing hey mama, don’t want no drama…
  • Hey lady, don’t say maybe…
  • Hey lover, don’t want no other

I thought it was about his girlfriend, so why call her mama?? I said this out loud and my daughter in sincere voice said: “I heard that it’s about his wife.”

HIS WHAT? For real’s his wife?  How fricken sweet is that?

Google to the rescue:

“I wrote “Hey Mama” about that first day we met between the shoe table and the dress rack. The chorus popped into my head driving home one night. I recorded some hand claps & a big bass drum and wrote the rest dancing around my living room that night. I hope you feel some of the butterflies.” – Mat Kearney as quoted on Direct Current Website (must be true if it’s on the web right?)

Butterflies? Okay now I’m in love with him too. Tell me you don’t love that? I dare you.

I also really, really like the 2nd track titled ‘Ships in the Night‘, a lot of the sounds remind me of his song ‘Undeniable‘.  (Which, I mean who DOESN’T love that song, right? Ala Chris Farley.) The song titled ‘Count On Me‘ is fabulous too. The beat in all three of these songs is fun and dance-a-licious. Several of the other songs on the album fall into the category of perfect for listening to while blogging.

I Love me some blogging tunes!

Here’s ‘Hey Mama’ Listen to it ALREADY!


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Now just imagine I was able to see him in concert WITH my daughter? Alas. He isn’t touring anywhere near us. I did get to see him at BlissDom back in January, but srsly, with my daughter? My cool factor would blow up my brain!

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4 Responses
  1. August 19, 2011

    We are HUGE Matt Kearney too in our house too!
    Twitter: highimpactmom

  2. August 26, 2011

    I’m thrilled to hear that we were able to up your “coolness” factor!

  3. July 19, 2016

    Heh i love the song too, i used to listen to it all the time when it appeared first time !

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