When Do You Plan To Retire??

2014 March 6

Work Until You Die —Stats {Infographic}

My parents on their 50th wedding anniversary

My dad is nearly 71. A few years back my folks bought a home in warmer climes where they could retire during their later years… Only…

Work until you die infographic from GoalInvestor.comThey forgot to retire.

(And selling their current house during the recession wasn’t helping.)

It all works out nicely though because my sister lives in that home and happily we all get to go visit the sunny retirement home for Thanksgiving and other family gatherings!

I saw this infographic from GoalInvestor the other day. And while I’m a long ways away from retiring I totally get this new fact that people are working longer BECAUSE THEY WANT TO.  Click the Image to see it larger.

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I’ve noticed that empty nesters are the busiest people I know. They are probably still working some or full time plus visiting grandkids, helping their younger children in some fashion. And likely traveling and enjoying their life just because they can.

My Dream Retirement Looks Something Like This:

Around the time my kids are all graduated from college and likely married, my husband will stop working for corporate America and begin working for himself. Using his expertise to consult global companies, and I of course will need to be the executive assistant. Accompanying him around the world as he connects with these companies.

My dream is NOT just to travel the world and ‘visit’ countries and places. I want to LIVE in those places for months at a time. Really experience other cultures, cities and especially the art.

Returning to visit our children for holidays, birthdays and special occasions of coures. AND having them visit us where ever we’ve landed for a spell. It would definitely be a working retirement, who could afford my dream otherwise??

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  1. March 6, 2014

    We would love to travel and live overseas. Everyone has a passport. I’m planning on homeschooling so we would have the freedom to travel. We’ll see :).
    Twitter: wcornelison

    • March 6, 2014

      Yeah the schooling has definitely kept us closer to home so far… ??

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