Sabbath Day Naps Are Sacrosanct

2013 November 3

I know it’s a big word.
But stay with me you’ll understand why sacrosanct is exactly the perfect word.


define sacrosanct

In other words…
Sunday naps are regarded as too important AND valuable to be interfered with.

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Back when I was in college the Sunday nap as a religious experience began in earnest. I learned about them well from my parents when I was a kid. But never truly appreciated the ecclesiastic value in the Sabbath Nap until my own children were numbered in the threes and exhausting me weekly in tens!

Church starts at 9AM, 11AM or 1PM in most LDS congregations. Sunday worship is set up in three 1 hour blocks (Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School and then split into the various organization for the last hour). I know this seems like a long time, but believe me they get a lot done in those 3 hours.

Now do you see just why the Sunday nap is so important!

Once my kids were older and slightly past their own nap willingness… I had to enact a new rule.

Ye shall not bother the parental units during their sacrosanct ritual nap. Any child caught disobeying the Sabbath nap rule will be forced to take a nap themselves. But not just any nap. No. They will be forced to nap BETWEEN the two napping parents in order to prove said napping commences and carries out fully.

This turned out to be an especially good rule because only once or twice did we ever have to enforce the new napping law. And being forced to nap between stinky parents when you are six or so is a HUGE deterrent and I’m pleased to report recidivism was low.


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