School Fundraisers… Whole New Education In South Carolina!

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 Let’s put the FUN into Fundraising!


My friend’s little girl at the walk-a-thon. Think she’s having fun?


My kid participated in a walk-a-thon this week for his elementary school. But before I tell you how amazing this fundraiser was…

First I need to remind you that we just moved here. Fundraising in our small-town Oregon world was a painful endeavor at best and well… small potatoes.

Our former elementary’s whole PTO budget was about 1/3 of our current school’s earnings for just this ONE event!



  Talk about different worlds.


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I talked with a former PTA president of our school. I asked her why they choose to do a walk-a-thon each year? She said hands down because they make more money this way than any other fundraiser they’ve tried.

Using a third party company they make over $20,000 each year.

2 walkathon fundraiser kids school

My little boy. HOT and HUMID and totally happy!

On just ONE fundraiser, they bring in more than double my old PTO’s whole budget. After I picked my jaw up off the ground, I asked what other fundraisers does this school participate in?

This is the main one, but apparently we still participate in BoxTops, and various community driven incomes (like Chick-Fil-A and Target campaigns). And their yearbook brings in a few more bills as well as a few other smaller events that bring in money but aren’t strictly fundraisers.

I don’t even know how to compare this new school district to what we just came from?

City slickers meet country bumpkins? Not clear enough.

Sophistication school district compared to rural-lucky-we-have-textbooks? That’s closer.


And remember this is only one kiddo. I have 2 others in 2 different schools. YUP, we are in 3 different buildings this year! My oldest is in band (here in the South where marching band is a contact sport!). And the main fundraiser the marching band runs each year is to man the concessions booth at the local Charlotte NFL game.

carolina panthers


Carolina Panthers All The Way, BABY!!





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4 Responses
  1. Rachel Garcia permalink
    September 9, 2013

    20K in 1 fundraiser!!!!! Holy Hannah!!! That is amazing!! I am so jealous as I start fundraising for Cheerleading …….right now !

  2. Nichole permalink
    September 27, 2013

    We too do a walk. Brings in about $20k and we don’t use an outside company. It’s all grassroots, PTA driven! We do a flat donation, not a per lap commitment. Makes it a lot easier to wrap up at the end of it all.

    • September 30, 2013

      That’s amazing!!!
      I knew a school in Oregon that brought in 6,000 with theirs and I thought that was CRAZY. 🙂
      Good job! Check out to help line up volunteers if you don’t already.. for that kind of cash you must need a TON of people??

  3. October 13, 2013

    I have used a walk-a-thon fundraiser before as a third grade teacher to earn money for field trips. I’m curious, how do you use the “third party company?” Can you give me some tips that made your fundraiser so successful?

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