‘Science’ Summer Boredom Series Kick’s Off! (With BUGS!)

2010 May 27

The ants go marching one by one hurrah… hurrah…

This spring has been cold. And by cold I mean… SNOW. In April. SNOW. In May! Apparently the ants are not very happy about it. (HECK, I’m not happy about it!) But the ants have decided to gather their friends and warm up in my kitchen.

One morning we found ants in our cereal. That was the final straw. I asked around and apparently TERRO is the best product to get the ants out of your cereal and back in the yard where they can freeze off their little ant butts with the rest of the cold critters!

I feel bad about the poison and all… But the whole thing made for the most interesting ‘experiment’. And right now I have a little boy who is ALL OVER understanding the world of science. He’s 6, and he brings home books from the library EXCLUSIVELY from the ‘project’ section (he calls it)… the children’s non-fiction area.

Everything is a mini experiment to him. Growing sprouts on the window sill. Constructing different options for his marble maze. And now… watching the ants form perfect lines and circles around the ant bait and to and from the tiny hole next to the door frame. It got me thinking about this upcoming summer vacation and the boredom that always tags a long…

This will be my third Beat the Heat, ‘Help! My kids are driving me CRAZY!’, summer boredom series. And we are going to focus on anything and everything SCIENCE related!

What better way than to start off with bugs and insects!

IDEAS For The Library
(a kid’s gotta research right?)

On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects (Cat in the hat learning library)

Don’t Squash That Bug! The Curious Kids Guide to Insects (Lobster Learners)

Besides watching ants trail in and out of your house…

Here’s a big list of fun and fabulous Bug inspired creations and activities!

  • Try capturing potato bugs. Making an outdoor terrarium for the little critter. Help your kids think about what bugs need to be happy in a small bucket?

A whole world of disgusting on Discovery.com’s “Yuckiest Site on the Internet”!
Follow Ralph the Roach in a day in the life of a roach… YUCK!

  • Ladybug Craft (doubles as a frisbee!)

Make a simple ladybug craft from a paper plate and a little red and black paint. If you don’t have the googly eyes just paint ’em on!

Make a Cicada noisemaker with instructions from FamiliyFun.go.com. With simple items from any store, swing the noisemaker around and start buzzing like a bee today!

Head over to Amazon.com there are several different options from Insect Lore. This is SO on our list of summer fun things to do after our big family reunion road trip!

  • Frog Mouths on your elbows!?

Have you SEEN these Amazing Hoodies from Mouthman.com? I am so in love.. (they make adult sized shirts… I might buy one for me!) These aren’t really bug related but I had to share anyway.. and frogs EAT bugs right??

What a simple paper craft idea for little kids! Make this folded paper caterpiller from DLTK-Kids.com. My 9yrold little girl will love this I can already hear her creative brain whrrrring at the thought!

Disclosure: amazon links are affiliate links.
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3 Responses
  1. May 27, 2010

    Yuck! I’ve been there! That’s the BEST way to kill the little things..
    I was surprised at how well it worked.
    The first time I used that stuff I freaked out because MORE ants came out to eat it.. but then all of sudden.. they were gone. Yahoo!!

    Looks like your going to be having A LOT of Science fun!

  2. May 27, 2010

    I saw that butterfly growing kit the other day on tv. I am so buying one for the grandgirls! And thanks for your other ideas!
    Twitter: ladybugsgrama

  3. June 2, 2010

    Oh, I so dislike ants in my home!

    We had one of those butterfly gardens when the girls were little. It was a lot of fun when the butterfly’s hatched.

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