Since When Do Teen Sisters Like Each Other?

2013 November 12

Can it be true?
My daughters might like each other a little bit?
Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy about it.


Teen sisters goodncrazy carissa rogers

But since when do teen sisters get along? And REALLY weirder? When exactly did they figure out they might actually LIKE each other?

Here’s my theory.

Moving my kiddos this last time across the country was hard. Harder than I thought it would be on them.

My oldest is a Junior. And the younger sister is in 7th grade. For every other move we’ve made (and we’ve moved a lot) the kids were much younger. And ripping them out of their schools, groups of friends and their life just wasn’t near as hard for them before.

I think especially for the girls starting over and being the ‘new kid’ meant they took a closer look at each other and figured at least for a few months while settling in… having each other as a friend was much better than having no one.

My oldest claims the younger one finally grew up and is more fun to be around now. But I think maybe it’s a bit of both of them ‘growing up’ and generally not being such stinkers to be around!

Here’s when I knew they had crossed over some sisterly loving mile-maker…
They chose to work on a music duet together JUST FOR FUN??

They had already been working a while on this piece when I sneaked over to take a video of it.

I think this 30 second video is kind of funny, they don’t realize I’m videoing.. they think I’m taking still shots at first. And when they finally get ready to start their dad HOLLERS at them at the exact perfect moment.. notice how the older one responds and then goes back to her task… seriously makes me laugh.


tween sisters goodncrazy carissa rogers

This is one of my most favorite photos of the girls together I’ve ever taken. I blew this one up and framed it two years ago. It was taken on the oldest’s 14th birthday.

The photo at the top I took of the girls back in Oregon this past summer.

sisters goodncrazy carissa rogers

And for fun here’s a shot of me and my sisters.
I definitely like my sisters more and more the older I get!

This is a photo while we were ‘camping’ so don’t judge.
And PS: This is only 5 of the 7 sisters!


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