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2015 September 7

Product received at no cost to us.

My kids are troopers when it comes to LONG road trips.
5 hours? 8 hours? 15 hours?


Sneck travel pillow

Image Courtesy of Sneck and Bubblebum.

They spend the first hour or so reading ACTUAL books. I know, right?

We make it a rule to avoid ‘screens’ for the first leg of a road trip. Then they can pull out any iPods, pads, tablets, phablets… and eventually REAL DVDs – which they treat like dinosaurs at this point, a REAL disk mom, come on?

What do I do with that?
OY. Don’t get me started on how fast technology is passing me by, much less rocketing past them!

Anyway.. once the electronics run out of steam, or boredom sets in, or sitting  close to siblings begins to itch everyone the wrong way…

YES, my teens and tweens totally fall asleep on long drives. Not to mention airplane rides.

The Roadtrip Kid Sleeping Problem?

Any age kiddo when sleeping in a car strapped into the seat belt inevitably ends up cranking their neck in the most horrible position while sleeping. We’ve tried a number of neck pillows and while they all work well, they almost always get lost or destroyed in the open bowels of the mini-van.

The Roadtrip Kid Sleeping Solution!

The new Sneck Kid Travel Pillow from the makers of the portable blow up ‘Bubblebum’ car seat. It’s long and filled with micro-beads with a soft black and yellow covering (hard to lose!). It has a really long Velcro strap making it versatile and adjustable in several different ways. (Plus it stays off the floor so you don’t step on it and destroy it that way.) Attach it to the back of the headrest and let it hang down to prop the kiddo’s head on, or wrapped up in a circle was my son’s favorite way to use it.

Sneck Travel Pillow for Big Kids

{NOTE: Dogs will love the Sneck Pillow, we found out the hard way, as our puppy thought it was a yummy squirrel! We had to put it up high in the car if the dog joined us.}


There really aren’t any negatives with the travel pillow. I’ll point out it was tricky to set up as there were no instructions on the packaging—it just says: ‘attaches to headrest’. But we had fun experimenting with several different configurations to determine which was his favorite option.


From the Bubblebum Creators:

“The Sneck by Bubblebum is a portable pillow system for cool kids on the go. This comfy travel pillow’s micro-bead filled pillow pods and cozy material allow your child to sleep in total comfort, while providing head and neck support. Perfect for car rides, bus trips or fly-in’s, the Sneck easily attaches to the headrest with a Velcro strap so it stays in place and the kids can snooze comfortably. This cool pillow system also comes with a stash pocket so your child can store their mp3 player or mobile device while not in use. Another cool feature is that it folds into itself to make one larger pillow for snoozing too. Versatility and coziness all in one.”

Find out more about the Sneck Pillow and other innovative roadtrip ideas from the @BubbleBumUKltd Twitter account!


Disclaimer: GoodNCrazy was provided a Sneck Pillow to test and share our opinions. We were not required to write a review, we only write when we are truly impressed with a product. The $14.99 price for the Sneck Pillow is a good value we believe especially if you can find free shipping. Amazon Aff. Link Included.

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  1. September 8, 2015

    The Sneck pillow looks like a great idea for adults as well.

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