Spain 2014 | A Family Travel Photo Journal

2014 June 30


I Dare You!

Spend 12 Days in Spain with family of 5.
Snap 1500 photos.
Fill up your big girl Nikon (16 GB) camera card by day 11!
Plus gather 4 cell phones of selfie and instagram photos.
Now figure out how to share THAT MANY photos?!

Cibeles building in Madrid Spain Carissa Rogers goodncrazy photography

Cibeles building in Madrid, currently a main post office for the city.

How do you choose ONLY the best photos for a photo diary of your family’s dream vacation to Madrid, Toledo and Barcelona? Good Luck!

First you start in Lightroom 4. Download all your camera raw images and as quick as you can scan through and delete (I know.. gasp right?) but you do it. You delete any images that are blurry or basically duplicates or over/under exposed.

Hooray right?
Wait, how did I only manage to remove 300 photos?! Still 1200 photos left… you can do this.

woman walking on street in Madrid carissa rogers goodncrazy photography

After a week of editing I was able to whittle the photos down to only 800. And all edited. I ended up creating several new GoodNCrazy presets specifically for the lighting in photos from Madrid, Toledo and a funky one in Barcelona I call Miró.

I hope this lady doesn’t mind that I captured her in the streets of Madrid. Note how tight the cars park and how they often leave no space on the sidewalks for walking, so you are forced to walk in the street!

ToLAYdo not ToLEEdo…
Toledo, Spain the most beautiful part of our whole trip!

Toledo Spain outside the wall carissa rogers goodncrazy

I took hundreds of photos of this little town (about 30 minutes from Madrid by train). The ancient walls surrounding Toledo were built by the Romans and the hilltop town has more than 2,000 years of history and wars. It was conquered and reconquered several times. The square building on the left was ‘finished’ by 4 different cultures. Called The Alcazar and it has 4 different types of architecture on its sides to prove it!

{WARNING: I’m saving the best shots of our day in Toledo for a future post.}

Madrid archetecture photography carissa rogers goodncrazy

Oh how I love the buildings in Madrid. The COLORS! Clockwise from top left: A grand hotel on the Grand Via. The front steps of the San Geronimo Catedral, I think the red carpeted steps were there for a wedding? I couldn’t get enough of the bright colors on the apartment buildings. I have WAY too many photos of tall windows with shutters. And the old world majesty of the Atocha Train Station.


Retiro Park rowboats Madrid, Spain Carissa Rogers GoodnCrazy photogrpahy

Retiro Park rowboats in Madrid. My husband and kiddo were in one boat and the girls were in another boat. Except for the cell phone selfies you could convince yourself you were back in another age.

Spain Edited-1236

On our way to the best Chocolate Y Churros in the world!
Chocolateria San Gines near Plaza Mayor in the center of Madrid. Trust me. When in Spain… FIND THIS PLACE!

LDS Mormon Temple in Madrid Spain Carissa Rogers goodncrazy photography

The plaza outside the Mormon Temple in Madrid.
We didn’t go inside on this trip, but the outside grounds were divine as the sun was low in the sky.

Rolls Royce in Spain Mexican President carissa rogers goodncrazy

The President of Mexico was in Madrid while we were there! We never really saw anyone special, but the crowd around this waiting Rolls Royce was fun. I played with the image a bit—I mean how often do you get to see a Rolls this close up?!

Leaving Madrid… European Style

Walking to the train station, luggage in tow.
Next stop: Barcelona!

family train travel suitcases luggage europe spain madrid carissa rogers photography goodncrazy

Barcelona transportation carissa rogers goodncrazy photographyThe streets of Barcelona are much different than Madrid’s older and much smaller streets. Transportation in Barcelona (and much of Europe) includes phalanxes of scooters, vivid red rental bikes, underground train options and of course tour buses. You really can’t walk to the major sites in Barcelona (like you can in Madrid) and we used the Hop On Hop Off type tour bus to orient ourselves the first two days. And then we relied on the subway to get around. It was well marked and easy to use. About a 1.50 Euro per ride (over $2).

#RogersInSpain riding the Hop on Hop off bus touring around Barcelona carissa rogers goodncrazy photography

Riding on the top of the tour bus is perfect in the morning… but later when it got hot, we opted to sit in the air conditioned lower level of the bus! It was still pretty hot below. Don’t expect extreme air conditioning anywhere in Spain — well except for McDonald’s. They happily turn up the A/C for your dining McPleasure.

a walk to mount tibidabo barcelona

Mount Tibidabo Barcelona Spain church and amusement park carissa rogers goodncrazyMount Tibidabo!

One of the best ‘Family Friendly’ spots in Barcelona is the top of Mount Tibidabo. (Say it again… Tibidabo… so fun!) We rode the tour bus to the bottom and walked up the winding hill past amazing stand-alone turn of the century homes and walled gardens. The guide books say a 10 minute walk. But I seriously beg to differ. It took us closer to a half hour… and in the heat I had complaining teens on my hands! There is a ‘Tram Blau’ you can take for a fee but the wait was kind of long. Which is why we decided to walk it.

After the 30 minute walk you get to the Tibidabo Funicular. Again… BEST word! The Funicular is a train-like tram that heads straight up the rest of the hill. The cost for the Funicular was nearly 8 Euros per person round trip. And we certainly weren’t walking any further! Times 5 ppl though that was nearly $60 just to get to the top. (And that doesn’t include the Blue Trolley before the Funicular.)

At the top there is an amusement park and a beautiful church. The two mesh together in a strangely beautiful setting. Plus views of the city and Mediterranean Port below you are worth the outing. We were feeling a little cash strapped and exhausted at this point so we opted to grab a few hot dogs for lunch and head back down for an afternoon siesta. Hot Dog stands were surprisingly plentiful in both Madrid and Barcelona?

amusement park at top of mount tibidabo barcelona spain funicular carissa rogers goodncrazy

I fell in love with this rainbow colored Ferris Wheel.

The post editing might have gotten a little bit out of control. Ultra saturating the blue sky and intense gondolas in the upper collage and here in this shot desaturating a bit with a slight aged look made me smile.


Spain Edited-2305

A few more photos of Barcelona to close this very long photo diary. 
The street signs in Spain intrigued me, so different than the US?


Modern Selfie in Vintage Door in Spain Carissa Rogers goodncrazy photography


A modern Selfie in the Vintage door of our Barcelona apartment exterior door.


streets of barcelona with cataluna flag and spain flag carissa rogers goodncrazy photography

Near the port and beach area of Barcelona. Note the Catalan/Catalunya flag red and yellow stripes. In Barcelona they speak a slightly different version of Spanish than in Madrid and the street signs and other markings could be hard to decipher at times even if you know Spanish really well!

There are several areas of Spain that threaten to secede including Catalunya.
Their local pride is evident and kind of interesting?


#RogersinSpain selfie

One last group selfie because I can’t help myself.

From 1500 photos down to under 30 in one blog post.

Bet you can’t do THAT?!

Read all the #RogersInSpain posts… and MORE photos over on my Flickr stream.

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  1. July 1, 2014

    GORGEOUS trip! I take too many photos when I go on trips as well! I can’t wait to see the next trip post!

  2. July 1, 2014

    Looks like a lovely trip, great photos!
    I had the same problem when we went to London & Paris last summer. So. Many. Pictures.

  3. July 1, 2014

    What a great experience and, as always, love the photos! So jealous! Spain is definitely on my list!
    Twitter: mym0mmybrain

  4. July 1, 2014

    AMAZING. What an experience to take with your entire family!
    Twitter: mommy_wins

  5. July 1, 2014

    Gorgeous, Carissa! So jealous of all the beautiful things you got to see! I always over photograph and can never really make myself delete any of them.
    Twitter: mamamommymom

  6. July 2, 2014

    Beautiful! I did gasp when you said delete. Ha! Now I have added Spain to our growing list of countries I want to visit/live in. One day. One day.
    Twitter: wcornelison

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