Still testing

2008 January 30
by Carissa

I’m still not sure how I want this blog to work? Do you really write up a daily diary of all your crap for everyone in the world to view? What’s the real point of that? Some sort of Ego vs Id issue to work out? I think I just want to remember little snippets of my life–big and small, funny and awful. Then again, I have a hard time imagining my grandkids reading an ancient blog. ‘Come on Gram–don’t make me sit at that awful computer one more time! I would so much rather be jetting off on my personal flying craft to my virtual prom, thank you very much.’

I’m curious about what to do with all the old posts–I’m sure they will start piling up after only a few short months, much less years? I’ll have rows and rows of burned CDs, and then I’ll have to start worrying about how to back those up and keep them safe and what if computers go out of style, I’ll have to sell one of my children to pay to have all the CDs re-copied onto some new fancy-pantsy better than digital…thingy. And sheesh, saving all this stuff was supposed to be all about the kids wasn’t it?

This blogging stuff is harder than I thought. And this is only the second post in two months!

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