Ten More Years of High School

2011 September 5

I just realized my oldest will be a freshman this year.

In HIGH SCHOOL people!

Okay I’ve known for 156 months (13 years) this was coming.
I am SO not stressed for her in the least. Oh no.

I mean, let’s talk about ME blog-o-peeps.

I just realized…
I will spend the next TEN years of my life with at least.one.kid in High School!

Ten Years of:

  • I’m freaked out mom!
  • The School is huge mom!
  • How will I find my locker mom!?
  • Drive me here mom.
  • Not the MEAN English teacher mom!
  • Will I get asked (who should I ask) to the dance mom?
  • ZITS! Mom! Fix This! Now!
  • Drive me there mom.
  • Ew. No. I am not eating school lunch. Pleeease can you bring me Subway?
  • College Applications, Standardized Tests, Essay Questions. (I need a Xanax.)
  • Drive me everywhere mom.
  • Freshman Book Reviews, Sophomore Shakespeare Series, Junior Band Competitions, and Senior Year Project. (Didn’t I already attend High School?)

And my worst fear of all… (Mormons will understand the pain and angst of what I’m about to type…)

  • TEN YEARS of EARLY MORNING SEMINARY! (Que the bad B-movie horror music.)

In the past (Pre-economy-stinks, Pre-school-budget-in-the-toilet, Pre-our-school-still-has-options) our high school started at 8AM. The kids attended early morning off-site Mormon seminary at 6:45AM. (Shoot me now). Giving them time for 1 hour of groggy, teen, sleep-deprived, yet spiritual enlightenment. I was Terrified about that 6:45AM bit.

TEN YEARS of getting up WHEN?

Here’s the kicker: Oh yay, guess what? This year the high school has eliminated about 10 programs (including business courses—I am NOT even kidding). We are down to 6 classes per day. I think that includes lunch and ‘homeroom-pretend-to-do-homework-class’. So technically 4 classes, I mean who needs all that extra fluff like Geography?

(Sidenote: If any incoming freshman fails a single class he/she cannot get enough credits to graduate without summer school. Not one single slip up.)

And in addition they will now begin classes at 9AM.
Weird? Yes. Idiotic? Definitely.

Okay back to that early morning seminary mom stress.
(It’s all about me remember?)

If they still start at 6:45AM, for an hour, then they will have over an hour before school starts. (The seminary teacher has a job that starts at 8AM.) I ‘d have to go back to get her, or worry about what teens do with nothing to do before school. Neither makes me very happy.

We are waiting to hear the outcome.

A new teacher? A later seminary start time?
Earth shattering things here.
Can I really deal with all this for TEN MORE YEARS?

I refuse to think about the TEN straight years of college that will begin in 4 more years.

You can’t make me.
Dang! I just thought about it and now my left eye is twitching.

At least I won’t be driving them to college every day at 6AM will I?
Crap. Now my other eye is twitching.

Just heard they will be adding a second, later-starting seminary class.
All is saved.
Please go back to your oatmeal.

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4 Responses
  1. September 6, 2011

    It gets better. In a couple of years, she can drive herself! I know that can be scary, but it’s way better than me driving 🙂

    By the time my youngest graduate high school, I will have had at least one kid in high school for 16 straight years! I’m not even half way done.

    • September 6, 2011

      So stop my whining is that what you’re saying?? 🙂
      DANG 16 years!

  2. September 7, 2011

    Ugh – I’m right there with you! My oldest is a senior this year and my youngest will start High School next year. Not to add salt to the wound, but what’s worse is 8 (in your case 10) years of paying college tuition!

    Mamma Mia!
    Twitter: mrsstrick

  3. Marilyn Macdonald permalink
    September 17, 2011

    Hi Carissa…I’m Jeremy’s mom! Saw your post to him of fb then saw this sight and checked it out! I’m on the other end of the high school years and look back now and wonder how did they go by so fast! Had kids in high school for 18 consecutive years…21 years at the same grade school as well. I told them I deserved a dang award of some kind…ha ha!! Would go back and do it over in a minute! Enjoy every minute….it goes by way too fast!! p.s. I love Splenda too!!

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