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2013 June 6

I know. You’re Tired of Hearing It.

We’re moving.
(I might have mentioned this once or twice before…? Or twenty—I forget?)

It’s like when your friend is pregnant for the first time and all she can talk about is BEING PREGNANT.
For Nine Months. Right?

That’s what it’s like over in GoodNCrazy Land. Only, we’re pregnant with the stress of moving. –My apologies— But we move in 6 WEEKS!

  • We found buyers for our house! YAY!
  • We can’t find a house in the Charlotte area… Boo.
  • We just found out there’s dry rot in our current house?! Shoot me.
  • Wait, it’s fixable and the new buyers aren’t scared away… Yay!
  • We just found out we’re having a GIRL! (Just kidding.)
  • We found the perfect house for us near Charlotte! Yay!
  • Wait, we were outbid in a bidding war à la pre-2008. Shoot me.


The good news is we are traveling out there next week to FIND A HOUSE!

We have 4 days.
To see them all, fall in love with one, make an offer, wait for a counter-offer and GET A DANG QUESADILLA-HOUSE.
Can we do it?
YES WE CAN! I hope.

The bad news is there’s so much to coordinate for this one small trip.

Grandma is flying here to watch my kids on Monday. We fly out the next morning. (Also happens to be the last day of school for kids so Grandma needs to know the end of school party schedule… poor woman.) There are 3 flight itineraries to keep track of (Husband will be flying elsewhere after our Charlotte trip for work.) Plus there’s Grandma’s hotel details the night before her flight. I need to know when to leave to fetch her 1.5 hours away after her flight—and then return her before her final flight. And we still have hotel and car rental confirmations for our Charlotte stay to keep track of.

Oh and did I mention I plan to see pretty much every. single. house. listed? YES. I do.

Please tell me how you keep track of 15-20 Realtor MLS listings, with the photos, data… and…
And just how many toilets are in that one house for pete’s sake?!

Insert a HUGE sigh of relief.
Office 365 Home Premium to the Rescue! ($99/year)

I was given a one year subscription to Office 365 Home Premium. And there is a free OneNote travel notebook created by the people at Travel + Leisure!

You can download it… for FREE!

Think of it as a ready-made travel template where you can input all your planning details (before the trip). Then access your travel notebook during your trip via the Office 365 upgraded SkyDrive (20GB people!)… it’s all in the CLOUD!! Add notes, updates etc. during your trip and access all of your saved data AFTER your trip to use like a travel journal, and if anything went wrong during your trip you have everything at your fingertips… er… I mean right there on your PC, mobile phone, tablet!

I’ve already loaded all our travel schedule details to my new fancy OneNote Travel + Leisure notebook. And if you haven’t used OneNote before YOU SHOULD! When you want to save a website you can either highlight the data you want to save and paste into a new page in your OneNote folder. It will automatically bring in the link, ready to click back to the page if you need to. OR there is a new tool that comes with the Office 365 Subscription and now you can click a send to OneNote button and magically the page or screen shot is saved to your OneNote. (See my house listing above!)

Cloud Storage via Office 365 Means Never Losing a Doc While Traveling!

Simply share your new Travel OneNote notebook to your SkyDrive (did I mention 20 GB of storage? Oh. I did? WELL it’s 20 GB!!!) and download the SkyDrive app to your phone, tablet or log on to the hotel’s computer and it’s ALL THERE!


Now can we talk about the coast to coast road trip my family will be taking to GET to Charlotte Mid-July? Two cars, 3 kids, all the luggage we can pack, 6-7 days of driving (my teen just got her driver’s permit, oh joy!) hotels for that many nights and of course all the goofy largest balls of twine we can find to stop and relieve the legs and sanity of the adults!!

HOW do you plan THAT trip? Oh that’s right…
OneNote is already on the job.
You know what to do.

Go do it!

Details about OneNote and the new Office 365 Home Premium

Here are just some of the ways OneNote can be a lifesaver when you’re on the road, plane, or boat:

1. Reference Your Notes: Once all your research and planning details are in OneNote, it’s easy to recall a particular detail at any given moment. Use Instant Search in the bar on the top right to recall anything you’ve ever put in OneNote.

2. Turn Online Research into Plans: Clip and save information from the web with the “Send to OneNote” tool. As you make reservations, clip screenshots and send web pages or entire documents directly to sections of your notebook, no printer needed! You can also scan into OneNote critical information that you might need on your trip, such as passports, medication labels or immunization records. This will ensure they are available even if the originals are lost or stolen.

3. Move With Your Notes On-the-Go: Save your notebook to SkyDrive , and access it on your mobile phone or in the browser with the OneNote Web App. Once in the cloud, you’ll be able to access your information across your favorite devices — including your Windows PC or Windows Phone.

4. Let Excel & OneNote Work Together for You: With OneNote 2013, you can create and import an Excel vacation budget spreadsheet right into your notebook. What’s better is that when you edit that spreadsheet in OneNote, it will update the original Excel spreadsheet at the same time.  It also supports formatting for data sorting, cell shading and header rows within table cells so you can make your information both beautiful and functional.

5. Collaborate with Family & Friends via SkyDrive: Give your friends and family access to your travel notebook on SkyDrive so they can add their own travel tips or advise, and keep track of your itinerary. You can even see where others make changes and revisions throughout your notebook with OneNote 2013 identity profiles. Each authors’ initials are marked next to their work for better collaboration!

About Office 365 Home Premium and for $99 per Year What it Includes:

  • The latest and most complete set of Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access.
  • One license for the entire household to use Office on up to five devices, including Windows tablets, PCs or Macs, and get Office on Demand from any Internet-connected PC.
  • An additional 20 GB of SkyDrive cloud storage, nearly three times the amount available with a free SkyDrive account.
  • 60 free Skype world calling minutes per month to call mobile phones, landlines or PCs around the world.
  • Future upgrades, so you always use the latest time-saving technology.
  • Automatic save to SkyDrive, so your documents — and even your personal settings — are always available from virtually anywhere and on your favorite devices


Disclosure: I am participating in a paid One2One campaign surrounding the Office 365 Home Premium subscription and the very cool features of the Travel + Leisure OneNote Notebook. I received a free one year subscription valued at $99 to Office 365 Home Premium (20GB!) and access to the new 2013 Office products!  My thoughts and dry rot are my own. 

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