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2014 July 22


I dare you to find a better Travel Purse!

Camera Bag*This black cross shoulder bucket style purse/bag was given to me to review from

I wasn’t immediately in love with it. I like that it’s black (comes in other colors). But the overall look of the bag is a bit… um… Functional? Stick with me… it grew on me in a big way I think you’ll agree.

I LOVE cross shoulder bags.
Ask my friends.
They make fun of me.

I am rarely without my small cross over the shoulder purse. I wear it in the car WHILE DRIVING most of the time. Just easier that way—I’m lazy?  I will lose everything if I don’t ‘wear’ my purse.

Cross Shoulder Bucket Bag Doubles as Camera Bag

Relic Crossbody Bag--About $30 on Amazon

Relic Crossbody Bag–About $30 on Amazon


My regular little purse is WAY too small to carry my big girl Nikon camera. Lately dragging my camera on airplanes especially has become a chore. I hate to pack it in my luggage so it’s always in my larger carry-on tote.

But I stress it might be getting knocked around in a big bag like that.
Here’s a side shot of my ‘Daily’ crossbody purse. It’s VERY thin. And it doesn’t work for travel and DEFINITELY doesn’t work as a camera bag! —>

Travelon bucket Bag is Perfect for airport travel plus safety from theftI tested the black Travelon Bucket Bag out heavily in the past 4 months. I used it as my everyday bag as well as put it through the traces on several air travel trips. I became very fond of it. At first I thought the $60 price tag was a bit high. But it has held up impressively and is especially well suited for travel. It cleans up easily. I will have this bag for years and years.

{NOTE: The Anti-Theft details of the Travelon bag are below and another reason I’ll have this bag for a long time!}

The Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Bucket Bag isn’t necessarily meant to be a camera bag, but wow it’s the PERFECT size and shape for exactly that. Plus, two expandable side pockets hold water bottles. And THAT came in super handy on our recent family vacation to Spain where we walked 2 and 3 miles every day. The front outer pocket is the perfect size for a cell phone (even my huge HTC One Max fit fine).


One Big Negative For Me Though…

I refuse to own a wallet. So my purses HAVE to have built in credit card and money slots. The interior main compartment has credit card slots, but something about them didn’t work for me, they weren’t snug enough maybe? Every time I reached into the bag I would knock the cards out of their slots. WAY too big of a stress that I would somehow not realize I had bumbled the cards and lose one! I finally had to put the cards in the money pocket, which was fine but not ideal.

In general the whole bag is very comfortable to wear even when packed with all of my day’s travel gear. There is a stretchy metal key chain attachment, which I never used, but if you like that it’s there. And I LOVED the tiny built in light just inside the main compartment. For those darkly lit times when you can’t find something on the bottom of the bag!

The whole point of this Travel bag is the ANTI THEFT features.

  •'s Anti Theft Bag cross body bag is my favorite travel bag doubles as a camera case! Slash-proof locking main and front compartments
  • Cut-proof shoulder strap attaches to chair or post
  • RFID blocking card slots
  • Front slash pocket and zip rear pocket
  • 2 mesh expansion pockets hold water bottle & umbrella
  • Removable LED light


I can’t say I ‘tested’ the anti-theft features out. NO THANKS! But I DID travel to Europe and back and walked and walked and WALKED around with this bag and I still have it… So?

Travelon over shoulder bucket bag goodncrazy trip to SpainIt really is VERY sturdy. I highly recommend this bag as a travel bag or a camera bag (or both!). And it would make a great gift for the travel lover on your birthday/holiday list.

—Here I am walking in Toledo, Spain with my Travelon Cross Shoulder Bucket Bag. Talk about functional meets it’s match. Camera bag, travel bag, easy to wear over shoulder bag… all there. Exactly what I needed in Spain!


Cost: $60
  900 D. Polyester
Size:  14 x 10 x 4 inches
Strap Drop Length:  13 – 25
Disclosure: I received the Travelon Classic Bucket Bag at no charge to test and share my honest opinion. I wore it on 4 air travel trips, several road trips and all over the Charlotte area. Travelon had no idea how much I was in need of a camera bag doubling as a travel bag.

UPDATE… my Travelon Bucket Cross Shoulder Purse wore out after FOUR YEARS.
I literally wore it to pieces. Mostly the inner liner ripped away from the bag.
That’s $60/4 = $22 per year.

My new Favorite Travelon Anti-Theft bag is this drool-worthy little guy in GREY!!



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9 Responses
  1. July 22, 2014

    I like this bag! I’m a cross shoulder bag girl too! When I don’t wear my bag that way the strap always falls off my shoulder and it drives me crazy!
    Twitter: mym0mmybrain

  2. July 23, 2014

    Great bag! But why no wallet? I must know!
    Twitter: mommybknowsbest

  3. July 23, 2014

    Ha! When I’ve had a wallet I end up just grabbing it and walking out the door then have no place to ‘hang’ the dang thing when I need to. And if I keep pulling a wallet out of my purse I tend to lose it. Also needing a place for a cell phone pretty much at all times I always have a purse with me so for years now I just skip the wallet. I ONLY use bags that have built in ‘wallet’ stuff already. 🙂
    In fact I buy the same bag over and over each Christmas for myself in different colors and use it all year long. It’s the one pictured, tan this year but was pink one year, red was last year’s color. OCD much?

  4. Valerie Irvin permalink
    December 17, 2014


  5. Alison permalink
    February 28, 2015

    Please tell us what equipment fits in this bag. I need a purse/camera bag that will fit a a dslr plus an extra lens or two. I’m sure hoping this bag can accomplish that. Thanks!

    • March 1, 2015

      Hi Alison!

      It definitely holds my DSLR with another lens.
      Not a lot ELSE will fit at that point so don’t expect it to be a diaper bag too ya know?!

      But YES my NIKON with kit lens plus another smaller lens fits fine.
      I LOVE over the shoulder bags and this is perfect for that.

      The ‘bucket’ bottom is why it’s perfect for a camera in my opinion.
      There is NOT a huge amount of padding on the bottom however, so I was always careful when I put it down otherwise I heard a clunk where my camera was touching the ground!

      Also I had no idea.. the little metal ‘clasp’ on the side of the strap is meant to basically attach it to something so it won’t get stolen when you are sitting at a restaurant for example. See the funny video on my more recent post here:
      (Watch the lady’s face sitting behind them… )

      Hope this helps!

    • March 1, 2015

      PS. The photo at the top shows everything the bag will fit PLUS my camera!

  6. Alison permalink
    March 2, 2015

    Thanks so much for this quick and thorough reply! I’m off to order this bag right now!

  7. June 20, 2015

    Travelon was the whole reason I opened a Travel Gear Website. My mother had been pick-pocketed in Mexico. Since she is retired now and travels a lot, I was on the hunt to find her a safer bag. Not even knowledgeable about Anti-theft bags, or that they even existed…I was quite happy when I found Travelon. I bought her an Anti-Theft Bag, (which she uses daily, not only for travel) …fast forward 2 years and I’m opening a website and has to decide on a niche. i went with something that I know can make a difference for people, Safe and comfortable Travel. I would love to offer your readers, FREE SHIPPING by using a shipping code at checkout. “Loyalty”

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