Cabbage & Vegetable Soup Week-long Diet

2010 June 3

Vegetable Soup Diet Week I’m three days into the Vegetable Soup diet.

What’s that you ask? Google it. You’ll get thousands of hits and ideas. I basically follow this version of a 7 day soup diet .

First you make a giant vat of veggie soup on Sunday and that’s all you eat for a week. With fruits and raw vegetables thrown in on the first days. Plus some totally wacky days later in the week. Like the Banana and Milk day. (I’m on that one right now and it’s SOOOO yummy!)

What? How is the banana/milk day yummy? I promise after eating such a low carb low fat low protein diet for 2 days, BANANAS taste like candy!

A few years ago my husband and I followed the 7 day soup diet to the letter. Including the banana/milk day, and the potato day and even the hamburger patty day (I know? I told you it’s weird). And we loved it. The perfect abrupt food change when you are ready to start eating healthier anyway.

I have no idea if it’s good for you, bad for you or just plain odd (well it IS odd). The first two days are super hard and definitely like a cleanse. First I start craving soda, and then RedVines, and then just plain giant hunks of bread, with extra butter. Even now on banana day my mouth starts watering at the thought of a really yummy Italian baguette!

After that first year we’ve tried the diet a couple times, and I’ve made changes. I guess I cheat, but it’s MY week long cleansing diet so whatever.

The soup I make is from GoodHousekeeping. I don’t really stray from the recipe (I added one can of kidney beans though, shhh don’t tell). They have a great week long soup diet they create from the basic soup, I’m going to try it that way next time….

I buy a ton of veggies and plenty of fruits, including 6-8 bananas per person, enough hamburger patties for two and a few bottles of a high nutrient juice like the V8 Splash blends.

GoodNCrazy Soup Diet

After I’ve made the giant batch of soup (serves two for almost 5 days, lunch and dinner) here’s the nearly weeklong menu plan.

Day 1

breakfast Amazing fruit smoothy -see my recipe
lunch – big bowl of soup with half cup cottage cheese
dinner – big bowl of soup with handful of nuts and one veggie meatless patty (or homemade lentil veggie ‘hamburger’ —RECIPE coming!)


Anyday, you can eat as much soup as you want, so if breakfast isn’t big enough.. eat soup.  Also any fruit or veggies are fine as well. (Except starchy things like bananas or potatoes).  And each day I eat a mid morning snack of one Larabar all natural bar. These are sweetened with nothing but nuts and dates and fruits. Plus each afternoon I eat one whole wheat Digestive cookie (the kind with chocolate) and usually an apple. Also I drink herbal tea at first sweetened with Stevia, but later in the week I have no problem drinking it straight. I don’t drink a ton of water during this week, pretty much I’m peeing the whole time anyway, so I don’t want more liquid.

Day 2

Similar (except add a potato to dinner)

breakfast – Kashi hot cereal with no milk and 1tsp preserves to barely sweeten
lunch – same as day 1
dinner – same as day 1…  Plus one small baked potato! (no butter, just salt and pepper) And oh my gosh it was sooooo yummy.  Weird how when you get rid of sugar, things like potatoes begin to taste sweet?

Yes, I Have No BananasDay 3

Banana and Milk Day

breakfast – banana smoothy (with milk as well as juice and fruit)
lunch– banana/milk smoothy (and this was tasting like the sweetest thing EVER)! then soon after a big bowl of soup with cottage cheese
dinner – banana/milk smoothy and small bowl of soup with veggie meatless patty

Day 4

The big meat and Tomatoes day.

Basically the same breakfast smoothy, then a total of 3 or 4 quarter pound burger patties (meat only) spread out over the day, each time with several slices of a big tomato on it.. No bananas or milk. Plus smaller bowls of soup for lunch and dinner.

And believe me those plain burgers are a little bit of nirvana. You start thinking about praying to them.

Day 5

I finish my ‘almost a week’ with the Brown Rice day.

I always have whole grains in my smoothy, and I considered adding cooked brown rice to it… ? And I add cooked brown rice directly to my soup for lunch and dinner. Along with the cottage cheese and a veggie patty at dinner.

After the near week is over. I’m all set to break the carb habit I’ve been in for a while. You know what I’m talking about… Ice cream before bed. Peanut M&Ms for afternoon snack. Too much Soda.

It’s a total treat to eat a sweet potato on the side of a fabulous salad. I promise, whole grain pasta with a can of diced tomatoes COLD no less… is making me drool right now.

Tell me if you’ve tried this or some other version of a vegetable diet cleanse? Did you like it?

I have no idea where this ‘diet’ came from and I don’t use it to lose weight. I use it to make a big change in what I’m eating, mentally getting myself out of some of the habits I tend to build up. I especially love eating this Veggie Soup Diet right before Summer break hits. I tend to eat a lot less meat in the summer anyway. And for a while I even go completely vegetarian.

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6 Responses
  1. June 3, 2010

    I have never of heard of this. Doesn’t sound too bad, actually.

  2. June 3, 2010

    I would never survive this! I like soup, but not bananas. So the banana/milk day would do me in!

  3. Lori permalink
    June 4, 2010

    Do you loose weight after the week is over? Or is it just to make a drastic diet change and kick off eating healthy? How do you feel? Do you have energy? -Lori Jensen

    • January 2, 2013

      energy wise, totally the same. but the cravings are awful at first. I never lose ANY weight with this. but I am mentally so ready to eat healthier after this week!

  4. Katie permalink
    January 31, 2013

    This sounds a little “good” and “crazy” to me! I would probably just make the huge vat of soup and eat it for lunch and dinner and stick to supplementing with my protein shakes between. No fruits for me at all. But I could do the burger patty with tomatoes! So there you have it, I’d do it, but tweak it quite a bit.

    • Katie permalink
      January 31, 2013

      Uh…no fruit for me…cuz it’s too much sugar. With all the running and marathons that I am training for I need as much protein as I can get.

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